By the light of a million stars

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There is something incredibly soothing about simply driving.

Barnaby can only hope it is just as calming, just as mind-settling to ride along beside him, and a brief, sideways glance to Kotetsu at least half-way confirms that. The man's feet are kicked up, arms folded behind his head, his eyes shut, and Barnaby focuses on the road again with a smile, satisfied.

Their drives usually take them to the outskirts of Sternbild, to hills that overlook the city and grant them as much a full view of the city lights as the sky above, dark and glittering with the stark, sparkling beauty of stars and nebulas, all a smattering of different colors and constellations. Barnaby likes to simply shut the bike off and lean back, attempting to pick out some of said constellations that he knows by heart, and finds some sort of amusing pleasure in teaching Kotetsu about them, even though it is the same thing taught, night after night – mostly, Barnaby suspects, because Kotetsu just likes listening him to talk and explain them again and again, not because Kotetsu can't actually remember.

Sometimes, like tonight, they simply can't help but appreciate that they are alone – wrapped in little but the sounds of the city beyond, the night sky, and each other's presence. Kotetsu's literal mask is peeled away as quickly as Barnaby's figurative one with eager hands, soft lips and gently nipping teeth that pull upon a full lower lip as Kotetsu kisses him, as open and loving and warm as the man always is.

When would Barnaby ever enjoy rolling around in the grass except for now? He can't even bring himself to complain of grass stains that will smear over his flesh when they hit the ground and simply remain close, fingers wound through one another's hair, legs a tangle as they slide together as one and Barnaby not only clings to Kotetsu, but Kotetsu to him, this simple moment of solace in one another melting away every worry, every care that engulfs them throughout each and every day.

I love you isn't even a phrase that need be spoken – no, it's simply known. Nothing at all need be said.