-Back to Klea POV-

I try to close the door gently behind me, but hopelessly fail as it slams and echos throughout the house. I tense up my shoulders, slowly turning to glare at the stupid thing which betrays my sneakiness. I hold my breath for several seconds, deciding to tiptoe towards the stairs to try to get to Shigure's study. But the second I hear a door open, I freeze mid-step.

I look up to see Kyo take a massive step out into the hall, looking down it, "Who the hell is th - ...Klea? What are you doing?" His voice transforms from a yell, to a loud whisper as he realizes it's me. I raise my hand to wave, and my mouth quirks into a forced smile.

"Uh, going to bed?" I explain as I drop my hand.

"You said the same thing twenty minutes ago." He points out, not missing a beat.

"Late night snack? I got hungry." I lied lamely.

"What about the slam? And why are you upstairs if your getting a snack?"

"Why are you so concerned?" I shot back, not appreciating being interrogated. I don't belong under a microscope, he needs to stop analyzing me.

"I'm not concerned, damn it! I heard the slam and thought maybe the house got broken into! Geez!" He answered, his voice rising in pitch and volume, "I don't even care. Just go to bed. And try not to be so loud next time you decide to sneak around at night. What, are you trying to wake the whole damn house up or something?"

I narrow my eyes dangerously at the cat, "Yes, waking you up was my absolute full intention! Gosh, calm down!" I'm not sure why I was letting him irritate me so much, but being able to let out some bottled up anger slightly felt better than I would ever admit out loud. Something in the back of my mind knew that if I kept this going, we'd fight to the point of no return.

"I'm going to bed." I deadpanned as I walked down the stairs, to Shigures' study to intentionally slam the door as loudly as I could manage with my weighed down limbs. I suddenly felt very heavy and tired, and I walked straight towards the bedmat propped against the wall. Setting it on the ground horizontally, I reached for the pillow and folded blanket that was previously set next to the mat.

I lay down, sleep nearly overtaking me as soon as my head hit the pillow, "Even with the fight at least you got something done today. You may have been knocked out for most of the day, and you may have earned a nightmare, but at least you and Yuki are a bit closer. Not by all that much, but a little is better than nothing."

"Why all of a sudden are you trying so hard to be close to Yuki?" I suddenly asked myself in my dazed state of mind.

My next thought horrified me, and I knew immediately that the consequence would come alive in my dreams, just as they had when Tohru woke me up earlier that night...

"Klea, you're starting to like Yuki..."

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