A Four Leaf Clover

[500 Themes: 242]

Barnaby was less than thrilled about having a puppy shoved into his face.

It was a wriggly thing, tan and white and sporting four stubby legs. In fact, everything about it was stubby and fat and round. All in all, it was a ridiculous looking creature, and when paired with imploring brown eyes, he sort of wanted to – to –

No. He didn't want to cuddle it.

"Absolutely not."

"But – "

And now the person thrusting it into his face – Kaede – was pouting. He grimaced and looked to the side. He did not deal well with these sorts of things. He couldn't say no do her.

"It was raining, and she was cold and wet and so…"

Barnaby's hand lifted, a pair of fingers pressed to the bridge of his nose as he exhaled slowly. There was a large amount of Kotetsu in this girl after all – when could Kotetsu ever say no to something suffering? "Fine. All right. Then just – we'll dry her off and keep her until tomorrow morning. Then we can take her some-"

"Thank you, Barnaby!"

Suddenly, his arms were full of little girl and wet puppy, all squished into one, firmly against his chest. The latter was disconcerting, the former enough to make his heart ache with how perfect this sweet child was and how he really wasn't worthy of being anything like a parent to her, but he couldn't even focus on that what with how sweet she was.

Yes, this was definitely Kotetsu's child – and now, his child.

"A-all right, all right – let's get her dried off…"

Somehow, Barnaby ended up taking on the bulk of the task – and by that, he meant curled up on the couch with the bratty little thing that seemed intent on chewing on a curl of his hair and licking his cheek repeatedly.


Barnaby supposed there were worse fates to be had on a rainy day.