AN/ This is going to be a series of one-shots that should serve as a character piece on Robin, written because she'd my favorite and I don't think she gets enough love. I'm really using this to get out my writer's block for another story (being funny is freaking hard), and to prove that I can write a decent One Piece story. Third time's the charm, right?

If you're looking for romance, you won't find it here.

Joining the Straw Hat crew had been too easy.

The rubber-boy - who was now Robin's captain - proved himself to be perfectly accepting, but from what she knew about his character, it didn't surprise her overly much. He did owe her gratitude, after all, given the times she had saved his life. She dismissed the time he saved her in the tomb as the help hadn't been wanted, which left him firmly in her debt.

Once he had allowed her to join his crew, there all signs of suspicion disappeared. He became amiable and treated her no differently than any of the other members of the pirates under his command. His behavior around her actually made Robin unnerved at times. Where were the dirty looks, the feeling that her captain could and would betray her at any moment? Robin had come to expect these things over the years, and the absence of them overturned how she dealt with authority, in turn making her far too comfortable in his presence.

The rest of the crew came across almost as accommodating as their captain, which was even more disorienting. Her previous spying on the Straw Hats came in handy, but she hadn't expected it to be so easy. Being female placed her in the favor of the cook automatically, and she'd had her wits about her enough to pilfer some of Crocodile's wealth, giving her an in to the good graces of the navigator. Within fifteen minutes, she already had half of the crew accepting her place among them.

Although the strangely fascinating long-nose and the sweet reindeer were skittish towards Robin, neither of them had any real reservations around her. The endearing attempt at interrogating her that the sniper had put on was the closest thing to misgivings that he'd shown. Despite his posturing, she could tell that the doctor was warming up to her quickly as well. It was a pity that Robin couldn't afford to show genuine feelings, because she felt that she could easily form an attachment to him. They would get used to her soon enough.

None of them had the proper fear around her, not even the wily navigator. Robin was the Devil's Child, with a 79,000,000 beli bounty, and they were perfectly relaxed around her as if she hadn't been their enemy only a few weeks before. Fools. They were naïve, trusting, pitiable fools. She found herself almost wishing they were like the usual pirates, plotting her demise under the smiles. In fact, a part of her remained sure of it.

The swordsman came as a welcome change, if only because she knew were she stood with him. Although naïve was much easier to manipulate than worldly, this crew's behavior was still something to adjust to, and, if she was honest with herself, made her feel a bit guilty. But the swordsman was suspicious of her every movement and didn't trust her in the least. She found his behavior comforting in its normality. But even he was not cruel or spiteful towards her. Upon more observation, she realized that the swordsman's hostility sprung from protective instincts: he saw her as a danger to his friends. This side to his character surprised her further.

It was sweet really, but equally frustrating. These pirates shouldn't be able to threaten her carefully formed view of the world and the sick people who populated it.