This story is to make up for retiring 3rd Generation Justice. Yet another spitfire one. And yes Wally and Artemis still deny their feelings for each other.

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"WHAT!" The sound of eight shocked teenage voices resounded through the mountain.

"Yes, we are gong to do an one year anniversary dance for the YJ team. It IS formal. And your mentors WILL be there. In fact, the entire JLA will be there. It is tomorrow night, so you might want to hurry up on the shopping." Black Canary walked out heels clicking. The team stood shell shocked for about a minute when...

"Oh and you HAVE to bring dates. Ta ta!" Recognized Black Canary 09.

"The cherry on top," muttered Artemis. The teens looked at each other, blushing profusely.

"Well," Megann said in her chirpy voice," the girls and I will go shopping now, bye!" The girls ran out with a bunch of nervous waves and some cussing on our dear archer's part. All the boys looked pale and skittish. They walked in a daze to the living room and sat down. Robin asked, voice cracking,

"Well-*cough* Well, who are we going to ask out?" Wally looked at him incredulously.

"Gee, I don't know. Maybe THE GIRLS ON OUR TEAM?" Robin smiled at him.

"Never would have thought of that! Maybe you aren't that stupid after all!" Wally smirked.

"Thank- wait a second! Are you calling me stu-?" He was cut off by Kaldur.

"Maybe we should say who we are thinking about asking? That way we all don't ask the same girl." Everyone shrugged.

"Okay, so I want to ask Artemis," Robin said. Wally's mouth dropped open and he started to protest.

"She is way too old for you and I saw her first!" Robin smiled a smile worth of the Cheshire cat.

"Do you realize that you just said that you like Arty?" Wally turned redder than his hair and sputtered indignantly.

"Well- I- um- I don't- what I mean is- ARGH! I hate you Robin!" Robin cackled. Conner looked at them, puzzled.

"Wait, Robin, I thought you liked Zatanna?" Robin stopped laughing instantly. Everyone looked at Conner with a dead pan expression on their face. He looked uncomfortable under their stares, squirming.

"Sometimes you amaze me. Yes, Conner, I like Zatanna. I only said that so Kid Idiot over here would confess his undying love for our dear Artemis."

"I do not love Artemis! That much anyways." Wally muttered the last part. Robin smirked.

"So, Kal, you gonna ask Rocket?" Robin grew evil horns and a tail at that moment. Kaldur turned bright pink.

"Yes." Conner said,

"Which leaves Megann to me. But before we go ( for people were starting to get up) we need to sign a contract that says we won't chicken out. Deal?" Everyone nodded a little fearfully. Conner tore out a piece of paper from a notebook lying on the coffee table. He wrote,

'We, as the men of Young Justice, in order to please Black Canary, establish honor and bravery, insure that we will ask out a girl, promise to not chicken out, provide moral support for each other, promote the union of the pair, and secure the blessing of nonsingleism, for ourselves and our dates, do ordain and establish this agreement for the Young Justice team.'

"Dude, are you obsessed with the constitution or something?" asked Robin, signing and worried about the super clone. Conner answered,

"Or something. Do we have tuxedos?" Robin looked at him side ways.

"I'm sure Agent A will have something up his sleeve."