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"And now to slow things down a bit, Just the way you are by Bruno Mars." The slow melody played through the dance floor, inviting the couples to get closer. Robin and Zatanna got closer and revolved on the spot, looking everywhere but each other. Robin's stomach knotted up as did Zatanna's.

"Sooooooo, Zee, um how do you like being on the team?" Robin asked. Wrong question. Her face fell immediately.

"Yeah, it's fun," she replied crisply. Robin inwardly winced at her tone.

"Zee, I didn't mean-What I meant-"

"I know what you were trying to say. It's okay. But sometimes I miss him so much, and I wonder what would have happened if he was still here." Robin pulled her into a hug and whispered,

"As Dick Grayson, sometimes I miss my parents." Her eyes went wide with shock, and she hugged him back.

"Thanks, Dick." They went back to revolving, but Zatanna's head was in the crook of Dick's neck, and his hands were entirely around her.

"Wanna get out of here?" he whispered spontaneously. She nodded. Smirking, he grabbed her waist, and they flew into the rafters.

At the same time but a little after...

"Well, Raquel, do you wish to dance?" She looked at him, and smirked.

"How about we ditch this party? I hate dances. Too stuffy." He looked at her, unsure.

"Should we?" She laughed and said,

"Would you rather sit around here and be bored or go back to the cave and watch a movie and curse Sponge Bob?" Kaldur considered his options.

"Let us go." They weaved through the crowd, noticing the absence of the bird and the magician. They got to the Zeta tubes and disappeared in a flash of light that went unnoticed in the commotion created by a certain speedster and archer.

At the same time kinda...

Megann and Conner stood on the edge. Neither of them knew how to dance. Megann looked at Conner.

"I could teach you a traditional Martian dance," she suggested. He shrugged. She led him onto the floor.

"Okay, so put one of your hands on my left arm and the other on my hip. I'll place my free hand on your chest. Now go forward, backward, left, right, fly ( she levitated him), land-" The pair 'accidentally' landed on top of Superman. The three Metas fell to the ground. Superman and Conner glared at each other.

"Watch where you are landing, Martian," Superman spat. Conner pushed him to the ground.

"Don't speak to her like that!" He yelled. Megann shrank away from the two kryptonians. Clark got up and punched Conner. The punch sent him flying back. Megann stepped in front of the Big Blue Boy scout.

"Stop it!" She yelled. Clark pushed her aside. Making her fall into the spitfire couple. Artemis helped her up and started to yell at the man.

Before this moment...

"So, Arty, um do you wanna dance?" She shrugged and walked onto the dance floor. Looping her hands around Wally's neck she said,

"A year ago, if you told me that I would like Wally West, I would have sent you to a doctor." He laughed, but abruptly stopped.

"You said you like me." Artemis blushed as red as his hair and looked to the ground. He smiled and tilted her face up.

"I like you too. I liked you from the moment I saw you. I just didn't know how to express my feelings. You seemed to hate me."

"I never hated you. Before I met you, I wanted to be like you. A hero. You were the reason I stood up to my dad every day. When I met you, I didn't know what to do. So I took the rough approach. Sorry if I mislead you." Wally looked at her gently.

"I'm glad you did. Otherwise, I might not be doing this." He drew her closer and sealed their lips in a kiss.


"Superman! You are supposed to help people, not hurt them!" Artemis yelled. All the league members turned their heads to see the feud.

"They landed on me!" He yelled, indignant. Artemis glared at him.
"Mistakes happen, like your face." Wally snickered at his spitfire. Superman tried to punch her, but she dodged. She, then, flipped him over. He landed on the ground. She smirked, until he got up and flew into the air, holding her. He dropped her. She screamed, as did Dick, who had momentarily returned for Zatanna's corsage. He saw his parents fall again as his friend almost hit the earth.

Wally caught her before she fit the ground. GA and the Flash stood behind their proteges. Both Flashes started to vibrate in anger. Wally ran over with his uncle next to him. They both punched SM simultaneously, and sent him flying.

"Wally, take Artemis and get out. Megann and Conner, leave as well." Canary yelled. Wally picked Artemis up bridal style and rushed them to the zeta tubes. Conner punched tables and chair out of his way, creating a path to the tubes. Both aliens disappeared. Robin flashed away right after them.

At the cave...

"Conner, stop squirming. I need to put ice on your eye." Megann carefully held an ice pack to his eye. Robin was hugging Artemis, crying. Zatanna came up and hugged them both.

"Dick, I'm okay. I promise. It's okay." He nodded and detached himself from her.

"I thought you were going to die, like them." Wally sped up beside Artemis.

"I'd never let that happen. I love her too much," he said. Artemis smiled and pecked him on the cheek. Kaldur and Raquel turned on the movie 'The Lord of the Rings'. BC came in about halfway through the movie. Robin and Zatanna were asleep next to each other, Wally was holding Artemis close, Megann was in Conner's lap, and Kaldur was holding Raquel's hand. She informed the team,

"That is the last dance we are ever having. Period." Everyone awake laughed.

The end. I hope you liked it!