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Nico's Point of View

"Just one more ghost to track down…for today," I murmured to myself as I walked toward the place where could I sense the ghost's aura – Rite Aid. It's wintertime after the Titan War, and I'm still in the underworld tracking down ghosts for my father. I had already gotten four others to the Underworld today, and Alex would be the last one I have to guide. Not all souls want to go and wait for thousands of years at Charon's office. I can't blame them. It's the most boring thing ever (doing nothing, shivers, horrible!). As I got closer, I could actually see him trying to get his parents' attention. They continued shopping, totally unaware of their deceased son jumping up and down in front of them. Gently, I went up to Alex, who was now sitting on the floor in defeat, and said, "They can't see you." (Now that I think about it, way to state the obvious).

Alex's Point of View

I did everything I can think of to get their attention. I jumped, waved, and shouted in front of them, but my parents didn't even seem to notice at all. Then, as I slumped onto the floor in defeat, a boy wearing black aviator's jacket and jeans with a skull ring on his finger went up to me and said that my parents can't see me. So far, nobody else besides the creepy guy whose name tag said "Charon" had been able to see me. I was very surprised.

Nico's Point of View

His eyes widened, "so how come you can?" he asked.

"It's my job, sort of," I replied, "don't worry, you'll probably go to Elysium, so there's nothing to fear, come with me."

He looked at me suspiciously before mumbling an "okay" hesitantly and casting one last regretful glance at his parents before he took my hand and we shadow traveled to the Underworld.

After I dropped him off at Elysium, I went to my father's palace. Mission for today accomplished.

"Very good," Hades said with satisfaction, "but tomorrow you will have a much harder assignment that should take at least two months to do."

"What would be, my lord?," I asked.

His expression immediately turned into one of extreme distaste, "This…mortal, Tom Riddle, has insulted me by splitting his soul into horcruxes just to escape death! Seven of them! "

I knew he must have murdered at least 7 people to do that, though I guess he killed more. "How did this Tom person know about horcruxes?" I asked incredulously.

Hades shrugged, "He is what the wizarding world calls the Dark Lord."

Somehow that didn't surprise me one bit. There's a Roman camp. Why can't there be a wizarding world?

Hades spent the rest of the day telling me about its history. Even though I zoned out on most of it, I still got the main idea.

"You'll go as an American exchange student, and the supplies are already prepared," he waved at the heap of stuff lying beside the throne, "and Lady Hecate should be here soon…"

Right on cue, a strikingly beautiful woman with magical blue eyes and black hair walked into the throne room. "Tom, or as he calls himself, Voldemort, is a dark wizard, part of a group of people blessed by me. For the trip temporarily, I shall bless you with magic and give you a wand." Taking out a dark black wand, she gave it to me. It looked awesome. A delicate carving of a skull can be seen at the bottom of the wand. "The mission of the trip," she continued, "is to kill all seven horcruxes, but I believe two may already have been taken care of for you." Hecate winked at me.

"Now that you know what to do," Hades said, "go get some sleep and board the train at platform 9 3/4 tomorrow."

"Yes, father," I said as I bowed to him and shadow traveled to my room. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.

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