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Nico's POV

It was no surprise that he lost. Nico decided to not think about it. After Felix returned to Camp Half Blood (nobody knows quite how he travels), Nico went to the dorm to pack his stuff. He didn't think he would be coming back to the castle anytime soon.

He was right. Harry burst into the common room just as Nico packed all his stuff into a black bag, followed by Ron, Hermione, and Rachel.

"Rachel!" Nico was shocked, "What are you doing here?"

"It's really important!" She said urgently, then suddenly doubled over. Her eyes glowed green as a light green-colored mist began to seep out of her mouth.

Four Half Bloods must banish the cheater of Death

When one draws a last breath

To seek for the five to destroy

The final done by the boy

Half blood and wizard

Must unite for the blizzard

The mist cleared slowly Rachel's eyes returned to their normal color. Exhausted, she collapsed, and Nico caught her just before she can hit the ground.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were shocked, not for the first time that day. What was that about?

"That…didn't sound too good," Harry said at last.

"Prophecies usually have double meanings," Nico explained, "Rachel is the Oracle of Delphi. The spirit of the Oracle possesses her from time to time to speak a prophecy."

"What double meaning could be in 'when one draws a last breath'?" Hermione demanded.

"They usually have double meanings," he avoided answering the question.

"Did the…Oracle say half bloods and wizards must unite?" Harry asked, "So we should go to look for horcruxes together?"

Rachel groaned and opened her eyes. She stood up and looked at the occupants of the room. "What did I say?" She asked curiously.

"This is still much better than Trelawney. I don't think our Professor is an actual seer at all." Ron muttered.

"I should analyze the prophecy," Nico said as he pulled out a quill and a piece of paper.

"I'll help. I think I remembered all of it." Hermione offered.

"This is…weird. Greek gods? Son of Hades? Underworld?" Even after all the things that happened, Harry still found it hard to believe everything from Greek Mythology was real. Thunder rumbled outside.

"Careful," Nico looked up, "names have power, so it's best not to speak them."

"I need to see Professor Dumbledore," Harry was getting a headache. He walked out the Gryffindor common room, followed by Ron.

"I remember the first line of the prophecy was, 'Four Half Bloods must banish the cheater of Death, when one draws a last breath'," Hermione thought hard.

"Did I really look that creepy?" Rachel wanted to know.

"A bit. If the green mist and glowing eyes counted." Nico cut in helpfully.

Rachel shook her head. "Thanks a lot. Now, if you don't mind, I better get back to camp."

"Of course we mind! The world of wizards is about to end if we don't stop a snake dude from siding with Kampe and taking it over with pathetic followers called 'Death' Eaters!" At that, Nico made air quotes with his fingers. Then he rolled his eyes. "Just kidding. Typical day for me."

"I didn't know you can be so sarcastic, Mr. Pessimism." Rachel said mockingly as she went to look for Mrs. O' Leary.

Nico guessed what she was doing. "Did you take Percy's pet hellhound here?" He demanded.

"Well, yeah. It's not like I can take Blackjack all the way here." Rachel replied as though the answer was obvious.

"She won't be going anywhere for a while," he said firmly. "Shadow traveling drains her energy too much."

"Fine." Rachel relented. "I'll take her after a couple hours. In the meantime, I'll go explore the school. Oh, I'll be fine," she added at the look he gave her, "it's not like I'm helpless."

Turning back to his piece of paper, Nico wrote the first line down. "I think it meant four demigods, not four people in total. As for the cheater of Death, that's easy. The cheater of Thanatos is Tom Riddle, and I don't need to explain the last part."

"That's what you meant by Thanatos Eater!" Hermione laughed, "It's quite funny if you think about it that way! Oh, all right," she said at the look Nico was giving her. "The third line is, 'To seek for the five to destroy, the final done by the boy."

"The 'last one' is probably his horcrux. I'm told Voldemort has so many of those," Hermione flinched. "Seriously," Nico sighed, "if you flinch every time you hear his name, then what are you going to when you meet him in battle? Get used to it now."

"I'm trying; it's not that easy," she said crossly. "As for the second part, who would the boy be?"

"We'll figure it out…eventually."

"And the last line: Half-Blood and Wizard, must unite for the blizzard."

"That one's simple. Half bloods and wizard work together to defeat the Riddle guy. I've already asked Percy for reinforcements." Nico stated.

Hermione nodded absently. "I'll go get Harry and Ron." She stood up and walked away.

"Hey, I found Luna!" Rachel was excited when she returned with, much to the Gryffindors' horror, Luna Lovegood. "I didn't know you went here before!" She added.

"Yeah, well, my dad was a wizard." Luna was all serious now. There was no trace of her usual daydreaming self. Then, addressing Nico, she asked, "Can I come with you on the quest?"

"Sure," he was turned away from Rachel and Luna, which was probably why they didn't see Nico blushing.

"Great!" Luna said happily, "I'll get ready. Meet you at lunch." She skip-walked toward the Ravenclaw common room.

Rachel raised an eyebrow at him. "I'll just go back to Camp now and see what Percy's doing." She ran out, calling to Mrs. O' Leary.

Nico took his bag and went down the flight of stairs, past the portrait of the Fat Lady, and entered the Great Hall. All whispers immediately hushed as he entered. Word of the hydra incident had spread like wildfire. He found Hermione, Ron, and Harry already waiting for him at the Gryffindor table. Ignoring all the stares, something the Ghost King was used to at Camp. Even after the Titan War, still not everybody accepted him.

"Hi," Harry greeted Nico, and he replied a "hi" back before burning a large portion of his food to Hades and Hecate. And a little to Hestia, for reasons he couldn't understand.

Just then, the students at Hogwarts witnessed a moment as bizarre as the hydra attack: a glowing symbol of a crossroad with the word "μαγεία" [magic] over it, surrounded by a glowing light green circle over the head of none other than Blair Dilholm, who was looking at the sign in awe and fear. Then a woman with shimmery blue robes and wavy black hair walked into the room and snapped her fingers. The occupants of the Great Hall all froze except for Blair, Luna, Nico, and the trio.

"Hello, demigods, wizards, ad witches," she announced. Then, turning to Blair, she said, "I am Hecate, Greek goddess of crossroads, magic, necromancy, and witchcraft."

"You…the symbol…my…mother?" Blair was incredulous. Her mother had been gone for 13 years. Why should she believe it that this woman…is her mother? Blair's father had always told her that her mother, well, was dead. Why stop believing it now?

Hecate sighed. "You were always bright. Yes, I am your real mother. You were perfectly safe from monsters when you didn't know your identity. I'm sorry, but…Blair…I really do love you…All those years…you're going to be a very powerful witch."

"I…" tears began to trace its way down Blair's cheeks. The others wisely chose to remain silent. "Why didn't you see me all those years? You have no idea how many times I wished you were actually here! How many times I wished I could see you! Why tell me now?"

"It's always like this," Hecate's eyes were full of sadness and regret. "Zeus has deemed the ancient law that Olympians cannot directly help their children. We minor gods/goddesses can, but they are frowned upon by the Olympians. Besides, if you didn't know who you are, then monsters wouldn't attack."

"Monsters? Like the ones that attacked Nico?" Blair asked, wiping away the tears. "I'll kill them!"

Nico wanted to say that their essence returns to Tartarus, but it didn't seem like a good time to say that.

Hecate smiled. "You'll need training to do that. In the meantime, you are a more than capable witch, and very good at using magic. For now, you can maybe try to channel your magic without a wand. See if it works."

Blair shook her head. "This…it's all too much to take in."

"I know, dear, which is why we're doing it now. You have to be ready for the war ahead."

"Of course," she said, and closed her eyes. Without bothering to take out her wand at all, she concentrated on shooting a simple spell, channeling her magic into her fingertips.

"Stupedfy!" A bolt of red light shot from Blair's fingertips and hit a fountain. The unfortunate thing exploded into pieces. She looked at her hands in wonder. "I don't have to use a wand anymore!"

"And it's much more powerful," Hecate told her, "but be careful with it. Don't drain your magical reserves too much, or else you could pass out."

She nodded. "I won't." then, turning to Nico, "Can I go help you guys end the war?"

"You must be the third half blood!" Nico muttered to himself. In the silent Great Hall, everybody that wasn't frozen heard.

"She is," Hecate agreed.

"Wait, third what?"

"Third half blood, half mortal and half god." Hecate explained. "There was a prophecy that said four half bloods shall banish the cheater of Death. You are the third."

"Wow, I am? Of course I'll go. I just need to get ready." With that, she dashed off to the Ravenclaw common room.

Dumbledore walked in. "What?..." he glanced at all the frozen and unfrozen students. Lady Hecate," he bowed respectively.

"You of all people don't have to bow to me," Hecate was amused.

"Right. Are those the half bloods to go on the quest?" he studied each of them.

"We're still missing one," Nico said, "but we don't know who the last one is."

"Arooof!" A giant black hellhound bounded out of the shadows. Then she staggered, exhausted, and collapsed instantly.

Percy stumbled off.

"Why did you do this to Mrs. O' Leary?" Nico demanded. "She already shadow traveled Rachel, twice. She needs to rest for at least a day!"

Percy looked guilty. "I know, but I thought you needed help," he said, "so I came here as fast as possible."

Nico wanted to be angry with him, but he couldn't. Not after realizing that Percy only cared about his younger cousin. "I guess you're the fourth half blood, then."

Percy frowned. "There was a prophecy? Right, of course there was. That's why Rachel went here." He hastily added at the eye roll from Nico.

"Four is not…a good number in Greek mythology," Luna, who'd been quiet for a long time, finally spoke.

"I went with four people. Came out…okay."

"The prophecy said there has to be four. I don't think we can change that." Nico thought aloud.

"He's right," Hecate said. Turning to the trio, who'd been even quieter than Luna, she said, "Dumbledore, tell them."

"So soon?" he sounded dubious.

"Things are moving ahead…a little faster than normal." Hecate said. "Now, good luck, and close your eyes." She added the last part just before the Goddess of Magic reverted to her true form and flashed out.

"Very well," he turned to Harry, Ron, and Hermione, who couldn't contain their curiosity.

"What is it, Professor Dumbledore?" Harry asked.

"You all heard of the horcruxes, I assume?"

They nodded. "It's pieces of souls locked into objects so the person cannot die. If the person makes too many, then his/her soul would become unstable." Hermione said.

"Correct. You seem to know a lot about this, Ms. Granger," Dumbledore's eyes sparkled.

Hermione blushed, "Well, I did some research on it for the, you know, upcoming war."

"So, horcruxes, and You-Know-Who has them. What does that have to do with anything?" Ron cut in.

"Ah, but that is the point, is it not?" Dumbledore beamed at them like they won the tri-wizard tournament (which Harry did).

"We don't know the locations of any of them; how would knowing what horcruxes are help us?"

"You do know where the locations are. He hid it in the three symbols of the other three founders besides Gryffindor. The fourth one…" Dumbledore turned to Nico. "You will sense it when you meet him. And the fifth one…well, you alone know where it is…As for how to destroy it…What fun would it be if you guys have all the answers?" With that, he was gone.

Hermione's eyes widened. "No appariating inside Hogwarts! How did he do that?"

"He'll always be mysterious." Luna said. "Now, when he let, I think the rest of the students…unfroze."

"I'm all ready!" Blair came into the Great Hall, only to find people still staring at the space over her head, waiting for the sign to appear again. It didn't.

"We better go," Nico told them, and they all nodded in agreement.

"You can't just leave Hogwarts!" Malfoy shouted, "Professor Umbridge!"

"Of course not!" she said sweetly. "Now, all of you should come with me for a trip to the Ministry."

"I don't think so; we have a person to get rid of for the better." Nico faced Umbridge calmly. The students had quieted down by now and are staring at the argument between Nico and Umbridge.

"No?" She took out her wand, "Then…yes…They were disrespectful to me…has to be this way…none other…sure the Ministry will understand…Cruciatus!"

The bolt hit nothing, for Nico's ADHD reflexes were already making him dodge to one side.

Before he could say something, a bolt of green light shot out from Blair's fingertips and hit Umbridge. The pink toad crumpled.

"I've always wanted to do that!" She said excitedly. Then, "Lady Hecate's right. This is tiring." Blair staggered.

Malfoy, who recovered the first, yelled, "What did you do to her, you filthy mudblood?"

"First of all, I'm a half blood, in a different kind of way, and second of all, she really did deserve it."

Professor McGonagall stood up. "Blair is right. Dumbledore would never allow this." Umbridge groaned, not sweetly, for the first time ever, and slowly got up.

"You little..little…filthy half breed!" She shrieked. "Dumbledore is not here now! As a high up Ministry official, I have the right to punish inferior halfbloods who are insulting to any pureblood! You three," she pointed at Nico, Luna, and Blair, "come with me. And you too," she pointed at Percy. "I think we'll all have a nice talk when you all get to Azkaban."

"Aroof!" Mrs. O'Leary bounded up, probably looking for Percy. She found him and happily licked his face, avoiding the laughing students.

"A poodle?"

"What's a poodle?"

"It's a kind of muggle dog."

"Why would he keep that?"


At the teacher's table, McGonagall was talking to all the teachers. Then she stood up. "You three will be allowed to leave school for the mission. Harry, Ron, and Hermione, you three go with them. You too," she said to Percy, "Dumbledore's orders."

"REBELLION! TELL ME WHERE THEY ARE GOING NOW!" Umbridge was going crazy now, trying to shoot spells at the Professor.

"It's not a rebellion. In fact, it's even for the better." McGonagall said, calmly making a shield wall with her wand. "Now, I'm afraid I cannot have you hurt any Hogwarts student, so…Petrificus Totalus and Muffliato! Ah, that is better. Now, once again, as much as I'd like to choose a different leader for the Ministry, I cannot. This is not an act of war against the Ministry or any other way you might put it; we simply cannot afford a war between wizards right now. You'll just be kept guarded until, well, until the problem is solved." Raising her voice, she called, "Students! Lunch is over! Proceed to classes as normal. The classroom damaged by the, er, trolls will be canceled for now, and all students taking DADA will have an extra period of study hall. You may now leave." Not even Draco wanted to oppose the Professor, so everybody left. With some grumbling, fainting, whispering, and, of course, gossiping.

"We should really go now." Nico said.

Harry frowned. "You do know we cannot appariate inside Hogwarts, right?"

"Who said we were going to appariate?" Luna smiled. She whistled, and a silvery owl arrived.

"I thought you didn't have an owl!" Hermione gasped.

"My mother's gift." Luna said after she finished whispering something into the owl's ear.

The owl nodded and disappeared, moments later appearing with chariots drawn by threstrals.

"How can you summon threstrals? They're technically creatures of the Underworld." Nico, of course, stated the obvious.

"It's my mom's birthday gift to me. A mean of transportation." Luna said, her tone of voice indicating a topic she didn't want to talk about.

"Well, that's really useful," Percy said. "So can we go on the quest now?"

"Yes, everybody get in," Luna said, ushering Blair, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Percy, and Nico into the 3 chariots.

"Where do we go?" Harry asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Hermione rolled her eyes. "The Malfoy Manor, of course. It would give us a clue."

"The Malfoy Manor?" Ron squeaked, "Are we committing suicide?"

"Of course not!" Luna said hotly. "We'll eavesdrop on Voldemort!"

Hermione nodded. "This will be dangerous."

"And welcome to the life of a Half Blood." Luna smiled. Dangerously.

"You know, I liked you better as the dreamy Loony," Harry said after a while.

Luna laughed, "She's not that dreamy, and it was only to keep you guys from suspecting anything wrong."

Harry shook his head. "Never suspected anything wrong."

"So much sarcasm." With that, the seven people flew off to Malfoy Manor, shrouded by the Mist.

Voldemort's POV

The allegiance with Kampe wasn't going great, but what nobody knew, not even his most loyal Death Eaters, was that the Dark Lord had a plan. He always did. That son of Hades wouldn't even stand a chance. For Tom Marvolo Riddle was a legacy of Hades. Of course, he found out the hard way, through the ghost of Salazar Slytherin, but it had been worth it. Unlike what Kampe and her monster friends think, he can hurt them using a wand, and he would not give them any mercy. He is the powerful Dark Lord, after all, and Harry Potter will not defeat him this time.

Now time for the diary…He kept one when he was young. Why not now? Of course, if anyone read it, then the unfortunate person would be condemned to the cruciatus curse. Fingering the pitch black wand with his fingers, he slowly drew out a silver memory and waved his wand. Immediately, the silver mist formed itself into silver letters, which then turned black and embedded themselves onto the 67th page of the book that magically appeared in the center of the coiling snake, Nagini, who wasn't surprised at all. Bounding the diary to the horcrux inside the snake, it would be well protected, and nobody besides himself can reach it. Then the book disappeared, and everything, once again, was silent. Just as it should be. He laughed. A soft, evil, and frightening one. The time for his complete domination would come, though not today…

Voldemort's diary


Those fools, as usual, bought it that I was just a simple mortal blessed by that insufferable goddess Hecate. They will pay for their mistakes, I'll make sure. Master Slytherin taught me well…and I will honor him by making his House the one and only in Hogwarts. Once the mudbloods have been wiped out and the son of Hades have been sent back to his father. Serverus reports he has now been joined by 3 others, as well as the oh-so-famous Potter and his two friends, but he couldn't get the information on where they are headed. No matter. I will be ready for them, wherever they choose to go. A failed quest…

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