My first pokemon fanfic. Ill probably only do chesshipping. Never yaoi or anything else. Be aware that this is a Black X White fanfic and will end that way. Now that my beta reader has fixed everything, it looks so much better!

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*/Who I Truly Desire\*

Chapter 1: Stuck In A Cave

"Oh sweet mother of Arceus! Not another one!" I yelled as I saw another woobat came flying at us. I immediately dove to the ground taking Black with me. We stayed on the ground as a whole group of woobats came flying at us. When they passed, me and Black rose from the ground shaking in disgust.

"I'll never look at a woobat the same way again," Black mumbled looking at the ground, "my sister somehow thinks those things are cute..."

"then she must have a psychological disorder or something," I mumbled right back at him.

Well, I guess now would be a good time for introductions. Hi, I'm White Tajiri and I'm stuck in Chargestone Cave with my best friend, Black Fujisaki.

"Lemme try my extranceiver again to check if there's any service left here.."

I grabbed the device out of my bag and switched it on. I tried calling Cheren then Bianca. I called just about everyone I knew but still no answer! I turned it off and sighed. Black looked at me hopefully but I shook my head sadly.

With help from my watch I could tell it was the middle of the night and no one was in the cave right now. Not even those retarded scientists researching about klink or whatever that pokemon was called.

"I'm going to call out my stoutland again and hope that he can pick up a scent," Black said to me. He picked a specifically sharpie marked pokèball and threw it. An exhausted stoutland appeared. We've been through so many Pokemon battles that almost all of our Pokemon were drained. I sprayed my super potion on Stoutland and he began to recover. Patting his head, I backed away and hoped that this guys nose would lead us to the end.

We followed the Pokemon for a few hours passing a bunch of floating stones with electricity until we reached another tunnel. Black and I were exhausted by then and decided to take a break so we set up a small camp in front of the tunnel. I sent out my servine who had the move flash so I could light up the place a little. I only had a lemonade, a few soda pops and two apples left from the Pokemon center that I had visited this morning before we entered the cave. Oh how I wish that we prepared more! I gave an apple to Black, saving one for myself. I was lonely so I kept out my Servine and Black sent out his Dewott as well. I rubbed my Servine's head gently and let go as I watched the two play. The two of us sat as we watched the two. I sighed in boredom as I began to nod off.

"White," Black suddenly said aloud.

"what is it Black?"I asked sleepily.

"um... when do you think we're going to get out of this cave? I mean we have limited supplies and such," he said blandly.

"I'm guessing by tomorrow morning or afternoon so I think we should save some of our apples and drinks. Let's just stay on the bright side of this okay?" I said with a weak smile. Black smiled back at me but with a worried look.

I felt really tired and tried to stay awake as the minutes passed by. Black was still awake but I found myself nodding off again. I leaned against Black's shoulder and sighed. He was so warm...

"Y-you can lie on my lap if you want." he whispered with a blush. I looked at him thoughtfully then nodded with a sleepy smile as I lay on his lap. He began to stroke my hair gently. I found this comforting and began to drift onwards to the inner parts of my mind.

The last thing I felt was Black's hand stroking my hair as I slipped unto the world of unconsciousness.

I dreamed...

It was of a dream that I have had many times over.

I was playing as a small kid in a small grove with a small stream and trees. I've played in here before with Cheren and Bianca but this time, I was only with Black and some other kid. The other kid had long grassy green hair tied up and had a necklace with a planet. He was always chasing me in the dream and played tag with me and Black. The boy had glassy blue eyes that always seemed to have a cold feature to it. The three of us were endlessly playing in the sunlight until...

Darkness covered the grove and we stopped playing. Dark faced men came into the grove with guns and pointed them at Black and the boy. None of them showed any signs of struggling.

"you can only save one of us..." they both whispered to me.

I instantly woke up from the nightmare breathing heavily. I was still on
Black's lap but he was sleeping now. I got up and took my bag and flashlight with me for a little walk to clear my mind leaving a note for Black just in case he woke up and noticed that I left.

After walking for an hour or so, I sat down beside a rock and sighed. I closed my eyes and tried remembering the dream. I wondered who the green haired boy was.

"who are you?"I whispered saying my thoughts aloud.

"I'm N," a voice slyly replied back.

I immediately rose from the ground and saw standing in the distance the same exact green haired boy from my dream.

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