I don't deserve to live anymore

Chapter 5: Aftermath

We eventually recovered from the drama in Skyla's gym.

And after we were done congratulating ourselves and our pokemon, we decided to buy a bit to eat again since the battle drained us out a little. Well, you could say a lot if you include all of the bruises we got. But we were sure to take care of our pokemon beforehand.

The sun was beginning to set in the misty sky of Mistralton City and we could see the final cargo planes doing their final flights for the night.

A nice cool breeze began to flow over the town and everyone was beginning to become accustomed to the night. Black and I especially did so as we searched frantically over the town searching for a inn or hotel that would house us for the night. I was just too exhausted to camp out for the…which one was it? The 179th time.

We found a place, thank Arceus, but it wasn't that great of a motel. But no matter, the two of us got over the discomforts and settled down nicely.

It was about eight o' clock by the time we flopped on our beds in the small motel room. It was one of the only 3 places to stay in the whole city.

"White…" Black mumbled from his bed while he was lying face down.


He turned to me and said, "You said that we would talk about your problem tonight."

I cursed silently into the sheets. I forgot that my friend had the memory of an elephant. My breath quickened in its pace and I sat up on the bed and faced the male trainer who had done the same.

"Y-yeah…so this…this…" My words began to falter.

Black chuckled gently like he always had and got up to sit beside me on my bed.

"You know that you can tell me anything. I won't share it with anyone. Not even for a free suicune."

I smiled a sad smile and bit my lip thinking myself as an idiot for not trusting Black for even a moment. "You see…"

My words drifted off again and I sighed. I looked up to stare at the window as the final rays of sunlight faded into the darkness. Things were serious. I hated when things get serious.

"You see…Black. You know when we were in Chargestone Cave?" I paused and looked at him. He nodded in acknowledgement. "Well I met someone then."

His eyes widened. Then his pupils dilated when all the sunlight disappeared. We had to pause and turn on the lights.

The only light from then on came from a small lamp on the night stand between our two beds which emitted a soft glow that gave the room a strange and comfortable warmth. I took off my cap and let all my hair cascade down like a waterfall. Black did the same.

"So…?" His questioning voice urged me to go on.

I had no idea why I was so uncomfortable talking to him about this. It wasn't all that important anyways…was it?

"I went to take a small walk to clear my mind. And then I met this guy. He had long, light green hair that was in some kind of pony tail. He had a black and white cap and had a necklace with a rubix cube and a weird planet thing," I blinked a couple of times surprised that I still remembered all of this detail.

My friend asked me to go on.

"He said his name was N. That's a weird name isn't it?" I laughed out loud for some strange reason.

Black smiled and said a few words himself. "Yeah. Funny at best."

I nodded and continued. "Well he came up to me r-really close," I blushed at the memory and felt it all unfold again. I could see Black start to frown beside me.

"What did he say?"

"He said…'You're cute'."

I could see that Black was stunned and he blinked a couple of times get the idea. Then he shook his head and shakily asked me to go on.

"And right after that, he just said that he had to go and then he disappeared. It was really weird…" I mumbled as the memory flashed before my eyes again.

"Tell me about it..." The male pokemon trainer mumbled something under his breath and spoke again. "Then what made you look so strange at the diner?"

"H-he was there. He was our first waiter."

The two of us blinked simultaneously with our mouths hanging slightly open. I let out a small giggle and he chuckled at our reaction to what I said.

"Stalker!" We shouted at the same time.

That only made us laugh even harder.

It was surprising how we progressed after that. We moved on to other subjects and by the time we were done, the moon was already shining high in the night sky. We shrugged at that and we moved on to go to bed.

"Good night!" I murmured cheerfully.

"You too," my friend said to me as he turned his head towards me.

We both smiled and then we slept soundly.

I dreamed again. It was about Black and N again. We were kids again like in the dream before but it wasn't a scary dream like back in the cave, it was happier. We ate a picnic in the clearing. And the three of us played tag. Black got me and then I got N after that… We had just a great time.

Come back here again soon okay? The little kid version of the green haired youth said me with an adorable smile on his face.

I smiled back at him and nodded. I will. I promise N.

The little kid version of Black grabbed my hand and squeezed it with that familiar childish grin on his face.

I'll always be waiting for you back here, White. No matter what, I'll wait for you to come back okay?

I couldn't help but hug my childhood friend and nodded my head.

I'll come back soon to play with you guys again. I promise.

A light appeared and blinded me. I looked to N. He stood there unfazed still looking at me. Black was doing the same. I had to hold my hand up to block the light.

"What's…going on…?" I uttered as the light got brighter.

It engulfed my whole body and in an instant I found myself awake in my bed in the hotel room. The sheets were tossed around and I felt myself tangled within them. I tried to get out but I couldn't break free.

"H-help…?!" I cried out and looked around for Black to help me out of this mess.

I heard the sound of running water and the bathroom door clicked open. My friend walked in the bedroom and was just drying his face with a towel.

"H-hey! Black!" I yelped as I motioned my hand for him to come over.

His eyes widened as he saw my helpless position and he hurried over to help me from my tangle.

"What happened? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?" He chuckled as he unraveled me from the sheets.

"You could say that I woke up on the wrong side of the sheets…" I mumbled as I kicked myself away from the blankets and sheets.

He laughed and he finally took away the last fold that trapped me. I was free. Black sighed again and crossed his arms.

"So how did that happen?" The boy's voice chuckled.

I sat up straight on the bed and shrugged with a slight blush. "I'm not that sure," I let out a strange laugh. "It's kind of weird. Like sleepwalking…"

The boy released his arms and shrugged. "It's what you want it to be."

He walked over to the window shades and pulled them away revealing a bright and sunny sky. "Another day, another badge!"

I let out a slight laugh. He always did that after waking up. Maybe it was his own little way of saying 'good morning' to the world.

"Heyl White, shouldn't we be going off to Icirrus City by now?"

Caught completely by surprise, I was put off guard for a slight second. Then I remembered that it was the next city.

"Don't tell me that you've forgotten to memorize your map again?"

"Well all I know that it's the next city. I don't really need to read tons of encyclopedias to learn every single detail of it like you do," I pouted as I got off of the bed.

Black shrugged once more and got all of our things together. "Well you better be getting off that bed right now. We've got another badge to earn! Then it's just one last badge 'till the league!"

Fujisaki. The boy was always so energetic to get to the league. Sometimes I wished that I had his enthusiasm.

The young male pokemon trainer was getting his things ready and packing up the rest of the things up. I changed my clothes and when I finally finished the rest of the things up, we quickly set off for Icirrus City.

But the moment we were off the motel property, Black slowed down his pace for a moment and his face was shaded from sight.

I was surprised by this sudden strange aura that was being emitted from my friend. I stood there before him for a second and walked closer to him.

"Wh-what's wrong?"

This time he completely stopped moving and we both stood in place without making a sound.

"I just remembered something..."

Only questions and curiosity entered my emotions.

"You know the Celestial tower?"

I nodded and looked up at him. He had a stiff expression on his face.

My voice trickled out in a questioning whisper. "Did you lose someone…?"

Silence only followed once more until he finally decided to answer.

"I want to ring the bell for a friend. It'll take a while so I don't think I'll be able to get to Icirrus tomorrow."

My eyebrows scrunched up in a frown. "What do you mean by 'I'll'? You mean you're going alone? I'm following you no matter what. No need to grieve by yourself. That's the stupidest thing I've heard of!"

He laughed softly and took off his trainer's cap and looked at me. "Yeah…that's stupid isn't it?"

I smiled and nodded, sliding my fingers around his. His cheeks reddened for some reason and I only grasped his hand tighter thinking that he was enjoying it.

Black decided not to say anything about the situation and the corners of his lips turned up in a small embarrassed smile. Still oblivious to this, I continued to grin and we continued down the road out of town.