[ I would like to note that I have changed my pen name to Audiokinesis. I formally published this story as PhilosophicalBanana but i took down the stories for a reason i cannot for the life of me remember. Just clearing that up. also I am Sorry if this story is similar to another story but i assure you that this story is of my own design and writing ability. Since this is an aternative world I have added a couple of new characters to the cast. Please enjoy and review]

Callum - O

"Callum get out of lala land and get back to work" My boss shouted at me as I lay under the car I m working on in deep thoughts. It has been over 15 years since my release from my long sentence in prison but it seems like eternity from Sephy. I miss her beautiful ocean blue eyes and the soft touch of her skin but something inside me was enraged at her for killing our unborn child to save scum like me, I'm a kidnapper and a rapist and not worthy of living at the cost of an innocent child's life.

I left the Liberation Militia after I got out of the joint and worked in a low budget garage outside of town, Keeping below the radar and out of trouble. My boss Ralf and I grew quite close and share a small apartment above the garage and spend out nights watching football on the old, beaten up TV. Keeping away from from my past as if I was running away from my demons. As I lay under the car in my daydreams the radio was blurring the news although the news and politics never really interested me.

"Hey Callum did you here what they said on the news. Persephone Hadley the daughter of Kamal Hadley has returned after running away fifteen years ago. Her parents Disowned her and she disappeared for Seven ears without a trace. Now she's living with a nought woman near the town centre now. You wanna know the best part It turns out she has 14 year old twins, a boy and a girl, who are half nought, half cross! It took me seconds to absorb that information before I began to place the piece's together. "Twins...Fifteen years ago...Sephy...9 months" My mind slowly and quite stupidly placed the pieces before I came to realise "Jesus Christ there mine" banging my head on the bottom of the car surprised by my deduction.

Without thinking about it, I walked over to the desk and grabbed my coat from behind the chair. " Hey man, where are you going? You can't go wandering off in the middle of the afternoon, just 'cause you feel like it. You have a job to finish," Alf protested standing up and leaning against the car. I quit," I said calmly and walked out of my job for the second time in 15 yearsb I was going home. Taking the Old motorcycle from the back I swiftly made my way back to Meadow-view.

The town felt like a maze after not being here for long. So much has changed in seven years it feels uncanny being in a town your born in and not knowing the way around. I started my search for Sephy using phone-books from phone booths, looking up all the Hadley's that live or work in the centre of town but not finding Sephy's.

Questions flooded through my head as I desperately search the pages "Did she remarry?, did she change her last?, where is she?" panic flooded through my mind at the realization that she may have already left town until my finger stopped down the page at a certain name "Meggy McGregor". My heart pounded as I saw my mums name listed in the phone-book

"Looking for someone" I jumped in surprise as I hear a voice behind me turning to see a nought in his late teens wearing a fine Men's Solid Black Suit with a red tie.

Dark blue & wavy hair with spiky layers, He was pale white and slim with handsome features and a 6 o'clock shadow ,probably well built for physical exercise

"Names Detective Grey, I can help you find who your looking for" Handing me one of his cards I scan it quickly before looking back to him "How can I know if your really a detective" becoming suspicious of his sudden convenient appearance.
"You can look me up in that phone-book your holding, I'm under crime stoppers" pointing to the phone book still in my hands. turning the pages to the business directory I scan down the page for a good minute finding his name listed as a private detective under the crime stoppers section as Jack Grey. My heart pounded at the opportunity and convenience of finding someone who could track Sephy "OK I guess who you say you are but are you good at what you do and how do I know your not working for that scum bag Kamal Hadley"

Jack scoffed at the sheer mention of Kamal's name "Believe it or not I have a score the settle with that douche bag. There's another guy I have a score to settle with with but mi not gunna get into that right now" he sighed as he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiping his brow before replacing it back in his pocket "I offer a top notch service and reasonable price with 100% quality or I wouldn't be one of the best in town" he smirked in a quirky persuasive manner "Il help you find your girl don't worry. Stick with me and we will track her down"

It felt undesirable to put all my hopes on the kid detective but the feeling of doubt is telling me to take a leap of faith. A lump formed in my stomach at the thought of being reunited with Sephy after fifteen years. I think its time I took another leap of faith " Al right I will go with you"
Jack smiled at me "Excellent. We will get started straight away" Gesturing me to follow we walked to begin the search for Sephy.