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Callum O

(30 minutes after Callum & Jack split up to search for Sephy)

The carnival ground was absolutely packed with Noughts. Getting around was easier said than done and the worse thing that the crowds keep getting bigger and bigger. I decided to start off with the most obvious place she would be since she had a pair of children, Our children. God thinking about it made me swell with such joy and love inside. Thinking of Sephy having a baby. Our baby was an orchestra of feelings I can describe.

The carnival ground was set around an area where a play park was so the children could play and have fun while there parents sat at the benches and chatted away. I made my across but kept at least a few metres from the fence so I didn t seem like a stray paedophile on a horny rampage. I followed the crowds around the paths around the park keeping a eye out for Sephy or a child that looked here. I even passed the caf stands and stalls but no look. Something in my gut was telling me Sephy wasn t here and thought of not being with her was eating me away.

Frustrated with the search after an hour and a half I gave up and decided to take a break and get something to drink at one of the conveniently placed drinks stands and sat myself on one of the greasy looking patio chairs laid outside the burger bar. It was a hot August afternoon and a heatwave has been In meadow view for a good three weeks. I don t mind to heat myself now since the I spent my time sweating away in prison it doesn t bother me as much as it used to. The costume armour wasn t any help being heavy and made of a cheap prop plastic to resemble metal. I feel like I'm being backed In this costume.

Looking around I realised not much was going on that was out of the ordinary. Just people enjoying themselves. Why do I feel so out of place here. Like I don t belong anywhere any more being a former criminal. I m a reject now even to my own race. I m nothing but a criminal. Shaking my head in doubt. No that cant be true. I am a good person..well I was until Jude convinced me to join the LM. I sold my soul to them and became a heartless machine. Its his fault for making me a criminal. My body now shaking with rage thinking of Jude. Why was I locked away and not him.

My line of concentration was broken on the sudden sound of a gun shot and something stabbing me in the neck. My body just went numb and dropped itself to the ground like a stone in water. Civilians screamed and panicked at the sound of the gunshot. Anarchy broke loose. My body numb from the shock of narrowly dodging the bullet literally. Move god dammit why wont you move My body unresponsive to my command. The dart sticking out of my neck as clear as day injecting something into my system, My consciousness was fading before all the lights on the world went out again as I tried to regain conscious. The last thing I saw was a dark silhouette towering over me before I finally lost consciousness

Jack 0

Now my plan was in motion. I put two tiny tracking devices in the charms I gave the twins so I can keep an eye Sephy's movements. The closest I ll get to Kamal Hadley for my revenge after waiting for so long. I felt bad for doing this. The wrenching conscious in my stomach isn t letting me hear to the end of this. I feel like I want to be with Sephy but I cant until I finished off Kamal once and for all for what he did 10 years ago

But what I cant believe is I Jack Grey drinking coffee with Persephone Hadley. Former daughter of Kamal Hadley. This was a dream come true for me even though the dream started 10 minutes ago at the carnival. For the first 10 minutes we just sat there quietly drinking coffee before I obtained the courage to say something.
Jack: So..have you lived in meadowveiw long Miss Hadley I started.

Sephy: Well sort of.. I spent my childhood here but I lived in the really side with my mother before I left home She replied with a sort of smile. Sephy: can I ask you something Mr Grey her smile turning to look of curiosity

Jack: Of course I smiled as I sipped my coffee Ask away .

Sephy: Why were you so surprised when you heard my name before she said staring at me intently as I took a long sip off my coffee.

Placing my cup down I place my hands together on the table. Jack: Well I heard about you on the news. The reporter man said you returned after seven years I replied before sipping my coffee.

Sephy: That was my sister Minerva's fault really. I shouldn t have told her I was coming back. She cant keep a secret She sighed in response, looking down at her hands on the table.

Jack: Seven years is a long time, where could you possible go for sutch a long space of time

Sephy looked back at me so our eyes met. Regarding each other even though we already knew each other were here now giving me her full undivided attention as she spoke.

Sephy: I went to stay with some friends in Germany. I had no where to live so I moved across country and stayed out of trouble for a bit A frown crossed her face

Placing my hand over hers in a comforting way. Her skin felt softer than silk being caressed by my hand. She looked up at me and smiled.

Jack: You ran away before your abortion right. So are your kids..Callum's my voice going low as I mention his name to avoid attracting attention to Callum's name

Sephy looked at me with a shocked face. Her expression being between shock and anger at me mentioning her old lovers name. Moving her hands from under mine picks up her coffee cup and takes a sip. Averting her gaze from mine before giving me an answer.

Sephy: Callum died... a long time ago. He was hung because I was selfish and ran away..I couldn t go through with the abortion and I thought it was what Callum wanted . Her eyes welled up with tears and her speech eyes were choked

Wait does that mean... She doesn t know about Callum's release. She thinks her father hung him after she ran off for seven years. If she doesn t know about Callum being released then I wont need to tell her my part in getting him out.

Sephy: So what about you. Do you have kids she asked in a soft voice titling her head. He mood seemed to change to neutral in the second I was in deep thought.

Jack: Me, No I'm a single Man into his career. I would like to have kids of my own someday but not now, not in a world were noughts are treated like crap. The children of the future deserve a better, fairer world of equality.

Sephy smiled at my words. Her eyes had a glint of admiration. Placing her hand on mine like I did with hers before. Her finger stroking the back of hand. It felt warm and comforting. Motherly even

Sephy: I would like to see you more

Jack: Of course Smiling at her brightly

After that I continued to see Sephy for the next couple of week doing stuff as friends. I spent some time with her children as well becoming close like an older brother but it felt wrong. This was Callum's family and I knew her heart belonged to Callum and I could never change that. Callum However didn t meet me at the rendezvous point in fact the whole carnival ground had been closed due to a so called terrorist attack earlier on the same day. Callum didn t return that night either. I became worried after he didn t return for 24 hours. I couldn t call the Police because of his Former criminal record so I called in some favours.

..god dammit I hate it when I'm right...Callum where are you