This is a new story that may very short but quick info.

wally is a girl named Boudicca nicked named Brodie

2. The Rogues know Kid Flash's read identity but keep it secret.

Warnings: mentions of rape.

Chapter 1

Len Snart or as he was also known as Captain Cold was not having a very good day as he waited in the Hospital waiting room with Mark Mardon or Weather Wizard by the Flash.

The ice and cold themed villain thought back to what had brought him and Mark to the Hospital.

The two Rogues were just walking down the street just enjoying the day when they heard soft crying coming from one of the side streets. Even though they were considered Villains they would help out the people Central City from time to time. Cold even was known to help the Fire Department with fires sometimes.

So the two Rogues decided to check out what was going on and see who was in trouble. Imagine their surprise when they turned the corner to see a young girl of about 15 or 16 with bright red hair and green eyes with her knees up to her chest with torn clothes and blood everywhere. It took less than a second for Len to realize what had happened to the young teen and even less for him to know just who this girl was.

The girl was non other than Kid Flash in her civilian form or as she was known affectingly by the Rogues as Baby Flash.

Mark wasted no time in taking of his jacket and wrapped it around the red haired girl and carefully picking her up.

"You're going to be okay Baby Flash you hear me." Mark whispered to the young girl who curled up into the man's chest shaking. "Len let's go. Brodie needs a hospital now."

The two Rogues wasted no time in getting to a hospital and threatened the staff with great bodily harm if they didn't help the teen that they brought in.

That had been over an hour ago and several Questions from the police. Mark and Len still hadn't heard any news about Kid Flash. They knew that they would have to leave soon as Flash was going to come to the Hospital in his civilian form and that was one thing that the Rogues respected about their foe was his need for a secret identity.

Suddenly a nurse came towards them."Excuse me but are you here for Boudicca West?"

Mark's head shot up at the question. "Yes. We are friends of her family. Is she okay?" Mark asked worrily and praying that Baby Flash hadn't had what he thought had happened to her.

"Other than some nasty bruises she is okay other than that I can't really say much since you are not blood realated. However I do believe that you do have a right to know what happened since you are the ones who found her." The nurse told the two men before sucking in a breath. "I am afraid to say that the young lady was brutally raped. We have given her the day after pills to prevent pregnancy. She is asleep right now and most likely will be for some time. Please remember that you didn't hear this information from me."

Mark and Len nodded their heads and thanked the nurse before leaving the hospital just as they saw a blur of red disappear in to a side alley.

Barry Allen AKA Flash was freaking out as he raced to the hospital. All he knew was that his niece was taken there by two men who found her hurt in alley. Normally he didn't believe in God but he was praying that his beloved niece was alright.

Quickly changing out of his Flash outfit and into his civvies Barry headed into the hospital and demanded to see his niece.

"Are you the young lady's father?" One of the Doctors a young man who looked tired asked.

"I'm her uncle and legal guardian." Barry told the Doctor who nodded and asked him to follow him to the room that held Boudicca.

"Can you tell me what happened?" The Blond asked worryingly.

"She was found by a Len Snark and a Mark Mardon in a side alley and was brought here soon after being found. Now from what they told me was that they were friends of yours." The Doctor said.

"Sorta. They help my niece with her homework sometimes and watch out for her too." Barry told the Doctor.

The man just nodded and took a deep breath not really wanting to tell the young blond man in front of him who he could tell was very protective of his niece what he had to say.

"I'm sorry to say this Mr. Allen but your niece has been brutally rape. We've given her the day after pills and her other injuries are minor but I have seen this happen before. It is not the physical but the mental trauma that is going to be hard to deal with. Now I have have the names of some Trauma therapists that will help her deal with this but if you know someone else that would work as well. But I must insist that when she is healed that she see a therapist as soon as possible." The Doctor told Barry who nodded his head and asked if he could see Boudicca. "I ask you to please be gentle with her as she has done through a very traumatizing ordeal."

"I'm a forensic scientist and have dealt with situation like this. Although I never thought I would have to deal with something like this with my own family." Barry told the Doctor before entering the room that held his niece.

Barry looked at his niece and sidekick as she slept. She had several bandages all over her body. He dealt with rape cases but never thought that he would have to deal with something like that concerning his own niece who had been raising as his own daughter.

Barry blamed himself as he should have been there for Brodie when she needed him. Barry made a promise to himself that he would find out who hurt his niece and make them pay although he had a feeling that the Rogues would be doing the same thing considering the way the Rogues treated the younger speedster like a daughter and little sister at times.

The one thing that Barry knew he was not looking forward to was telling Batman why Kid Flash would not be joining Young Justice for missions for a while but the older speedster knew that he was have to tell his friend and coworker the truth as Batman would not rest until he found out why something was going on.

Barry just hoped that Brodie would be okay and recover and that her teammates would understand about what happened and not smother her especially M'gann.

With a sigh Barry walked out of his niece's room and out of the hospital to contact Batman and tell him what was up.

Batman answered the phone that he carried with him that had the numbers to all the League members when they were in civilian form.

"What do you want Flash?" The Dark Knight growled into his phone but grew concerned when he heard too reply and knew that something was up with the normally happy speedster. "What is going on Barry?"

"I don't know how to tell you this but I need your help." Barry said trying not to cry.

"What happened?" Batman asked knowing he had to keep Barry calm or he was freak out.

"It's my niece. Something bad happened to her." Barry said as he tried to stay calm.

Batman's eyes narrowed behind his cowl. Something really bad must have happened to Brodie for Barry to call him. The last time the blond speedster called him about his niece was when she first got her powers by almost blowing up the house four years ago.

"What happened?" Batman asked again hoping to get an answer.

Barry took a breath and started to tell Batman what he knew. The blond could hear growling over the phone.

"Don't worry about the legal issues as I have a friend that will help you in that matter and as for the therapy I think that Dinah will be perfect for her." Batman told his coworker and paused for a few moments before he spoke. "Barry you do need to tell her friends about the attack. I know that's not what you want to do but they have a right to know."

"I know but it's going to be hard explaining to M'gann and Conner what happened." Barry replied knowing that he could count of the Caped Crusader to help him.

"J'onn told me that M'gann has already asked him about that and he explained it to Superboy when they started dating." Batman replied.

Barry let out a sigh knowing what he had to do. It was nice to know that he didn't have to explain anything about human sex to two teens that he thought knew nothing about it.

"Alright I'll talk to the team when Brodie is out of the hospital and ready to go to Mount Justice and not before. She needs to heal from this."

"I agree with you on that. But you can't wait to long to do that. The team will wonder where Brodie is and start snooping around."

"Alright. Look I got to go and check up on her." Barry said as he closed his cell and went back into the hospital to check up on his niece dreading having to tell her team what happened to her.

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