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The title means 'I love onii-chan' in case you guys don't know the meaning.

It was an ordinary day at Yuuki residence. Well, not normal actually for one particular boy named Yuuki Rito. Ever since Lala had come to his life, his life just get more troublesome as it ever be, but today he can feel relaxed a bit because Lala and her twin sisters are currently went to their planet for some duty. They also invited Celine as well, leaving Rito and his sister Mikan behind.

However, that doesn't mean Rito will have normal day as he's now in Mikan's room, checking down her condition. Apparently, she had high fever as she was panting heavily, but luckily it wasn't dangerous to her life. Nevertheless, she's now had no choice but to stay on her bed.

"Hmm…" Rito mumbled as he looked down on the temperature. "It's not too high, but I think you shouldn't do anything for today, Mikan." He said while looking at poor sister.

"I'm sorry, Rito…" Mikan replied while coughing a little.

"I'll bring you a porridge and medicine. Just stay on the bed alright?" Rito stands up from his feet and began to leave the room in manner.

A few minutes later, Rito brought some porridge and a medicine to ease her fever. "Here Mikan, I make you some porridge. Hope this will get you better." Rito said as he set down the tray beside his sister's bed.

"A-arigatou, Rito…" Mikan replied in weak tone as she began eat the porridge that her brother made. "I'm…sorry for making you doing this."

"What are you talking about Mikan?" Rito asked. "You're my sister, and you don't need to ask about this thing." His answer causes Mikan to have a blush. She never thought that Rito can be thoughtful sometimes, although she realized that her brother always care deeply of her well-being.

After Mikan finish the porridge and took the medicine, Rito took the tray and went downstairs, before saying to his sister that she should take a rest and not pushing too hard. Mikan nodded her head and began to sleep.

The rest of the day saw Rito doing the house chores instead of Mikan. He never thought that he will be doing this, but because he cares deeply of his sister, he's willing to replace her even thought it was tough for him.

At the night, he began to recheck Mikan's condition and saw the temperature began to decrease. "Well Mikan, it looks like your fever is going down now. At this rate, you can go to school tomorrow."

"Ah really? Thank goodness…" Mikan responded with weak smile on her face.

"Well, it's night already, so you should take a rest then," Rito decided to leave the room, but before it happen, he was suddenly being grab by Mikan's hand. "Mikan…? What's wrong?"

"Please…stay with me…onii-chan…I don't want to be alone," Mikan pleaded. Now this makes Rito blush and surprised as well because his sister never called him like that unless something trigger her. He gulped for a second try to calm himself before began to speak.

"Y-you sure about this Mikan?" Rito asked nervously, His reply was a weak nod from his sister. "O-okay then. Let me get change first."

So today might not be normal after all for Yuuki Rito, as he's now sleeping beside Mikan in her room. As he began to drift into his sleep after so many thought regarding of him sleeping with his sister, Mikan sneakily hugging her brother's body and began to whispering something that is very unlikely.

"Arigatou, onii-chan. I love you," Mikan whisper while smiling before she joined Rito as well.

The End

A/N: This is my first one-shot and it's Rito x Mikan. I just feel doing this because I find them cute as brother-sister. Please give me your opinion since this is my first time writing something like this.


02 March 2012

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