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Damon groaned slightly as the sunlight hit his face, his eyes opening slowly. He grunted, his head was aching along with his body, he looked around in confusion, as he didn't recognize the room he currently was in. Where am I?

Damon's confusion grew as he wasn't able to move his right hand. Looking to the side, his eyes widened. His hand was handcuffed to the unfamiliar bed. Damon struggled, trying to break through the hold. What's happening! What happened last night?

His head shot to the side as he felt the bed move from the other side. There lay a women, her hair a mess, as it stuck to her skin, the drops of sweat making her skin glisten in the sun. Damon couldn't make out the face of the women, but she was beautiful. The way her chest heaved with her breathing, as she clutched the blanket around her body...

He sighed in relief, It was probably just some one night stand... But I don't remember drinking...

Damon stiffened as the girl moved closer to him, resting her head on his chest, smiling softly.

Damon's eyes widened, practically popping out of his head, No. Shit. Shit. Shit.

There lay Caroline, holding on to Damon as she slept peacefully. Damon looked down at her, This is not happening...

Damon gulped hard as Caroline shifted next to him, moving her head slightly which still lay on his chest, her hand now on his stomach. He watched nervously as he could feel her waking up.

Caroline opened he eyes slowly, her mouth was dry and her head was aching. Her brows furrowed as she felt a hard surface underneath her, her hand caressing the skin underneath her. Her eyes widened suddenly, What-

Her head shot up, to meet familiar eyes staring back at her, just as frightened. Before she knew it Caroline was pouncing off the bed, taking the blanket that was around both of them with her.

"What the hell Caroline!" Damon exclaimed as he lay naked awkwardly.

Caroline held the blanket up towards her body tighter, anger rising, "What do you mean, what the hell! How dare you!"

"Hey! Don't blame me! It takes two to sleep together! And I'm guessing I wasn't the one to handcuff myself to the bed!" Damon yelled just as loudly.

"How'd this happen?" Caroline asked, a little softly, as she brought the blanket closer towards herself.

Damon tensed, "I don't know…"

"Is that all your brain has in store! Are you seriously clueless of everything!" Caroline shouted, as she paced through the room, biting on her nails on one hand, while the other held the blanket up.

"What about you! Your probably clueless too!" Damon snapped back, watching her pacing around the room.

Caroline ignored him, as she searched for her clothes around the room.

Damon watched Caroline wander around the room, as she looked for her clothes. Ignoring the blonde, he himself started to look for his clothes. Luckily his boxers weren't to far from him to reach. Damon managed to get his boxers on with difficulty though... Not much you can do with one hand...

Caroline groaned in frustration, "Where are my clothes!"

Damon smirked, "Blankets fine..."

Caroline rolled her eyes, ignoring him, as she kept looking around the room for her clothes.

Her brows furrowed, when she finally looked around her surroundings, "Where are we?"

Damon shrugged, "I don't know..."

Continuing the search for her clothes, Damon struggled with the handcuffs once again, "Why can't I break through these?"

Caroline looked up at Damon, she could feel the redness flowing up to her cheeks. Good thing she was a vampire though, she couldn't exactly blush.

Damon's brows furrowed as he stared at the red Caroline, a smirk slowly appearing on his face, "Are you... Blushing?"

Damon watched as Caroline's eyes widened, as she ran out the door, he stared after her in confusion.

"Where are you going?"

Damon rolled his eyes at her distant respond from the other side of the hallway, "Going to find a bathroom!"

"Nothing I haven't seen before!" Damon called after her, a look of disappointment on his face as he struggled with the handcuff once again. He pulled at his arm in frustration causing the handcuff to scrap his hand a bit, "Ow..."

Damon's eyes widened, as his brows rose in confusion. Why am I bleeding?

What's taking her so long!

Damon had heard the shower go on for about an hour now, he figured it was probably the fact that Blondie had finally found the bathroom.

Damon was getting irritated, he was still stuck to the bed because of the stupid handcuffs and Barbie wasn't getting out of the stupid shower. And here he lay, practically naked on a random bed, in a stupid random house or building or whatever and had no clue why or how this happened!

Damon heard the door to the bedroom open, and he huffed in relief, Halleluiah! Blondie's out of the shower!

"Barbie, why don't you help me out wi-" Damon stopped mid sentence as Caroline came into the room, drying her wet hair off with a towel.

Damon swallowed hard, as he eyed the blonde. She wore short jean shorts, her legs dancing around the room as they made their way closer to him. She was wearing his shirt, as it hung on her like a blanket. Her hair wet an damp, falling at her face. Her face that glowed brightly, skin looking soft to touch, as a teasing grin plastered on her lips. She looked beautiful...

Damon looked at Caroline dazed as she sat next to him on the bed, playing with the handcuff, that currently held him hostage.

Continuing to attack the handcuff, Caroline looked towards a gawking Damon, "Yeah, sorry, I couldn't find my shirt... Hope you don't mind...?"

Damon cleared his throat, as he looked away from the blonde, practically forcing himself to look away from her, as he too started to help her with trying to open the hand cuffs, "N-no... I mean it's a-lright..."

Caroline's brows furrowed at the fact of Damon spluttering, but she decided to shrug it off.

"Damon, your bleeding!" Caroline exclaimed as she grabbed hold of his hand that was captivated by the circular hold.

"Yeah..." Damon stated, trying to ignore the spark that went through his boy at her touch.

"How are you bleeding!" Caroline asked with concern, yet curiosity.

Damon shrugged, as he himself also started to get confused, "Forget it... Just get me out of this!"

Caroline nodded as she let go of his hand, pacing around the room once again, "There's got to be a key... Or something..."

Damon watched Caroline prance around, looking for the key. He admired her the whole time, just staring at her, eyes travelling up and down her constantly.

"So your saying we might have drank last night, and ended up here...?" Caroline asked, clearly not buying the idea.

Damn shrugged, "Yeah, what else could have happened... it's not like I would have ever slept with you if I were in my senses-"

Damon stopped in her sentence as he saw the hurt expression climb upon Caroline's face, his heart stung a bit at her frown.

Wait... Heart?

Damon and Caroline were now in the 'living room' of the unfamiliar house, and were trying to figure out what had happened last night. He was just glad he was away from the handcuffs.

"Right..." Caroline replied softly, turning away from Damon as she headed for the couch, sitting down slowly.

Damon sighed, "I didn't mean-"

"Sure you didn't..." Caroline stated as she laugh slightly, but neither one of them could avoid the pain in her voice.

An awkward silence fell upon the two, before Damon made his way towards the couch, sitting next to Caroline, looking at her blankly, before she finally broke the silence.

"What do you remember?" she asked softly, not looking at him, causing him to sigh, "all I remember is that Judgy called us over... Claiming that she found a spell to defeat Klaus... And then I woke up handcuffed to an unfamiliar bed, with a very familiar blonde cuddling at my side..."

Caroline smiled, but Damon knew he didn't mean it, she was upset over what he said, and surprisingly he felt bad. He was about to speak but was interrupted by a knock at the main door, causing both Damon and Caroline to look at each other confused.

Caroline got up from the couch slowly, going to the door, Damon hesitantly following her. Caroline opened the door to meet with a little girl. Caroline smiled, while Damon eyed the little girl in confusion, now standing next to Caroline.

She was tiny, her blonde hair in two pig tails at her side, as her blue eyes stared at them in happiness.

The girl looked up at them and smiled hugely, she ran in, wrapping her arms around Damon and Caroline's legs, causing Caroline and Damon's eyes to widen.

"Mommy! Daddy!" the girl exclaimed from their legs, looking up at the two shocked individuals, with a wide smile on her face.

Damon stared at the girl in pure shock, while Caroline stuttered, "Sweetie, I think you've got the wrong-"

Caroline was interrupted by a woman's voice, "So how was last night?"

Damon and Caroline looked up at the woman, her brown hair falling to her shoulders, her dark skin glowing flawlessly in the sun, a small smile on her lips. Caroline's eyes widened as she stated at the woman's swollen stomach.

"Bonnie?" Damon asked softly, clearly confused.

Since when was Judgy pregnant?

"You didn't answer my question..." Bonnie simply stated, as she made her way into the house, eyeing the two teasingly.

"What-" Caroline was interrupted by Bonnie once again.

Bonnie laughed, teasing them further, as she continued, practically singing in amusement, "How was last night, Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore?"

Caroline and Damon's eyes widened, as Bonnie just winked at them, "Come on honey, let's give mommy and daddy some time…"

The girl nodded, as she took hold of Bonnie's hand, both of them walking past two shocked individuals, walking down the hall of the house.

"Mrs… Mr…? Salvatore? Wha-what?" Damon asked stuttering, as he glanced towards Caroline's direction, who simply tensed.

"I guess it wasn't a one night stand after all…" Caroline stated softly, as she met Damon's gaze.

Damon sighed, "Caroline, I didn't mean what I said earlier…"

Caroline nodded slightly, as she looked towards Damon one last time, before walking the direction Bonnie had went, "Don't worry, I'll find a way out of this mess… wouldn't want you to be stuck with me for to long, now would we?"

Damon's eyes softened, "Car-"

Damon stopped calling for her as she simply walked away, Great…

"Where are we?" Damon asked softly to no one in particular.

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