Weyland-Yutani Maintenance Tunnel, San Francisco, Terra

Mission Time: 00:15:50 Local Time: 09:10:39 PM

Video Log: 2LT. Monnot, Alex Security Clearance: Red


The team was about half-way down the tunnel when they heard it. At first, it was a sort of low, barely audible clicking. That had made Dutch tense up as Coyote led the team down the tunnel. After they got to the three quarters of the way point, they all saw a flash of light at the end of the tunnel. Signaling them to move, Coyote sprinted off to the end of the tunnel, not wanting to be there when the xenos behind him and his troops caught up to them.

"Sir, how much further?" Thor asked as he continued to haul around his cannon. Coyote checked his TACPAD.

"Not far!" he responded. "Only three hundred more meters to go!" They all tried to run as fast as they could, trying to get to the blast door that was at the end of the tunnel. Upon reaching, Coyote stopped and turned around. Much to his horror, the boilers were rushing back down the tunnel, straight to their position. "MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!" he shouted, ushering the rest of his men inside. Taking a single grenade, Coyote armed the proximity detonation setting and threw it. Jumping behind the doorway, he all but demanded, "Iceman, get this door shut, NOW!"

Iceman did so, clipping a bypass module to the controls of the door. Twenty tense seconds later, the massive blast doors shut, sealing the tunnel off from the rest of the facility. Which was both a good thing, and a bad thing. A good thing, because the high explosive grenade Coyote threw earlier detonated just then, and bad because there were untold numbers of xenos in the facility proper.

"Alright, sound off," Coyote ordered as the team checked their immediate surroundings. "Thor?"

The assault armored trooper spoke up. "Ready to bring the pain sir!"


"Still here el-tee."


"Can't get rid of me that easily sir!" replied the medic cheekily. Coyote chuckled.

"Alright. Malloy, sound off."

"Here sir."


"Ready to kick some Weyland ass sir," Dutch said hotly, drawing out his shotgun. Hicks nodded.

"Yeah, he and I have some unfinished business," Hicks drawled venomously as he checked the ammo in his borrowed pulse rifle. Coyote nodded.

"Alright, here's the plan. We get to the main elevator, go up to the top floor where I am likely to bet my ridiculous salary that Weyland is there, drag him down to the main courtyard, and get the fuck out. With a city this big, I'm afraid that we might have to drop ATHENA to contain this damn outbreak," Coyote said to his team. "Any questions?"

"Sir, what do we do for ammunition? I don't Wey-Yu stocks twenty mills in their HQ sir," Thor said, lifting up his gatling cannon. Coyote nodded.

"You ghost as many as you can Thor. Get low, drop the gun, find something else to use. Hell, with that suit on, a Goddamn crowbar could be a tool of death and destruction for you," he said. "I know it's already the preferred melee weapon of quantum physicists everywhere. Anything else?"

Hicks nodded. "Yes sir. What about the Bioweapons Division?" The response from Coyote was short and to the point.

"We see it, we burn it. Understood?"

"Crystal sir," Hicks said, just as the motion trackers went off.

Thump, thump, DEET. Thump, DEET, thump, DEET, DEET, DEET…

"Contacts, right behind us!" Thor said. Iceman nodded.

"Contacts confirmed! Sir, orders!" the smaller soldier asked, aiming his pulse rifle at the shadows.

"Follow the signs! Move it, now!" Coyote yelled out as the first wave of warriors came out to attack. They were all quickly mowed down by the hailstorm of fire coming from the pulse rifles, and the slightly overkillable 20mm cannon carried around by Thor. The team slowly made its way to the elevators, trying to conserve ammunition as they went. They were all about twenty meters away when it happened.


"I'm dry!" Thor yelled, stopping to take off the gatling gun from his right arm. Iceman turned to see his friend struggle to get the gun, and saw the advancing line of xenos.

"THOR, GET THAT ASS MOVING!" he roared, firing a grenade from his rifle. It sailed through the air and detonated, killing several bugs in one blast. Thor shook his head.

"I can't, the damn thing's stuck man!" Thor said, now starting to panic. Suddenly, a gun butt came down and shattered the final latch keeping the gun on Thor's arm. Looking up, he saw Iceman glare at his through his helmet's visor.

"Move dammit, move!" Iceman shouted as the aliens got closer. "Die you fuckers! You want a piece of this, huh? You want some, come and get it!"

"Thor, Iceman, get in here!" Hicks cried out from his position in the elevator, waiting with the others. The two soldiers turned and ran. Well, one did. The other tripped on an outstretched warrior tail, and fell to the floor.

"ICEMAN!" Thor yelled out as he reached the elevator. He tried to go out and save his friend, but the entire team restrained him as the doors closed. Whirling around, Thor exploded in Coyote's face. "What the fuck is wrong with you? I could have saved him dammit, I could have-"

"You could have died soldier," Coyote said coldly. Thor tensed up, ready to explode into fury when Hicks spoke up.

"Look, Thor, best you can do right now is find Weyland. We find him, and we can nuke this place to Hell, and kill every single one of those bugs," he said. Thor shook in fury, and then slumped in defeat.

"Yes sir," he whispered as the elevator continued up.


Weyland-Yutani Sector Zero

Mission Time: 00:20:25 Local Time: 09:15:54 P.M.

Video Log: Pvt. Frost, Dean, Security Clearance: Grey

Pain. That was what Frost was feeling at the moment as he came back to the land of the living. Shaking his head clear of fog, Frost suddenly woke all the way up as he saw that he was being dragged off by a xeno. Looking around, he saw that he still had his sidearm. With a grunt, Frost kicked his way out of the surprised alien's grasp and shot it repeatedly. Screeching in fury, the alien took two steps towards Frost when a lucky shot went through its mouth and came out the side of its head. Frost scrambled away from the dead creature and reloaded his pistol.

Checking his radio, Frost received only static. "Shit," he muttered as he looked at his immediate surroundings. It looked like he was close to the hive, if the amount of xeno shit plastered over every available service was any indication. Steeling his nerves, and quite unsure as to where the hell he was in the facility, Frost took a step into darkness.

Breathing heavily, Frost looked into each shadow as he walked slowly through the halls. Looking down at his HUD, Frost saw that the motion tracker down at the bottom was silent. Nothing big moving. That however, did little to calm his nerves. Coming to a T intersection, Frost looked left and right to see if there were any bugs. None appeared or made their presence known. Edging over to the wall, Frost tried scraping some of the hive material away to see if he could find a directory. Sad to say, he didn't. So, after a quick mental debate, Frost went to the left.

At the end of the hall, Frost reached a door that seemed to be sealed shut. Taking his bypass module, Frost pried open the control panel of the door and hooked his module to the inner wiring. Typing in the command to open the door, Frost waited for the module to work. With a hiss, the door unlocked, stratling Frost. Taking the module back, Frost grabbed the edges of the door and pulled them away from each other. After prying them far enough for him to squeeze through, Frost wiggled his way through and looked around the room. It seemed to be some sort of control room, and lying there on the ground were bodies. Only, they were barely human. The sight made Frost gag in disgust. Apparently the shit that had started the chaos on Tau Ceti was here as well. Looking around, Frost saw that there were three former security guards, all of them armed with M39 submachine guns. Taking one, Frost rummaged through the bodies and collected all the ammo he could for the gun, totaling somewhere around seven hundred rounds.

Done looking for ammo, Frost went up the control desks. Much of it made no sense whatsoever to the private, but one of the controls did strike his curiosity.

Observation Shutter Control

Wondering what could possibly go wrong, Frost switched it on. With a thunderous clang, the wall in front of Frost lifted away from the windows, allowing Frost to see what it was that the scientists would have seen in life. And what he saw shocked him. It was a xenomorph Queen, only, it didn't look like a Queen. For starters, it looked scarred, and quite heavily too. Second, the creature looked ancient, as her hide was pale and pockmarked. Third, there was something wrong with its mouth….

With a hiss audible to Frost in the control room, the Queen extended her head out and looked up at him. Frost recoiled in shock as he realized what had spawned this Queen. A Yautja. This thing was a so-called 'PredAlien,' and if the reports were to be believed, a threat close to that of a Ravager. Frost gulped and held his new SMG tighter. He suddenly felt the need to get a bigger gun. The Queen tilted her head at Frost and groaned in pain.

Frost felt something brush the back of his mind. Unsure of what the hell was happening, Forst whirled around, scanning for threats. Seeing nothing, not even a facehugger, Frost turned back to face the Queen. She groaned again, and Frost felt that feeling again. Looking at the controls, Frost found a microphone. Activating it, Frost hesistantly asked, "Am I going insane?" With a hiss, the Queen shook her head. Frost blinked and continued. "Umm, what do want from me, because I'm not exactly psychic."

The Queen turned her head to look down at a corpse nearby her. Frost looked to it, and then to the Queen. "You want me to kill you?" he asked. The Queen nodded slowly. Frost turned off the mic. "Okay," he said to himself, "All I need to do is kill a crazed xeno Queen. No pressure, right? Now, how can I do that from here?" Looking down at the myriad buttons and switches, Frost saw nothing that could help. Groaning in frustration, Frost turned and looked down at the bodies in the room and saw the distinctive shine of an M40 grenade casing. Scrambling down, he saw with delight that one guard had an ARMAT U1 grenade launcher, with several high-ex grenades. Taking them, Frost loaded the launcher with the grenades and attached it to the SMG. Taking aim, Frost shot out the windows with a long burst.

Hearing the cries of the xeno hive, Frost flicked the safety off the grenade launcher and aimed. Frost pulled the trigger, and seconds later, the Queen's crest blew apart. She screeched in pain, but Frost knew what he had to do. He fired again, aiming a tad bit lower, and this time was rewarded with the Queen's face being engulfed in the explosion. The alien whimpered one last time before Frost fired again, and ended her life. Suddenly the hive went into chaos as screeching abounded. Frost was about to leave when he felt something coming.


The wall collapsed, revealing something that Frost did not want to see for the rest of his life; another Rogue. It took one look at the dead form of the Queen and roared in fury. As it did so, it turned its head and saw Frost. Growling, it howled in anger and took a step towards Frost. "ShitshitSHIT!" Frost quickly said as he rushed to the other door, eager to escape. He needed to get to the surface…and fast. Because this Rogue was right behind him.


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