"This shall be my last confession I love you never felt like any blessing" that single line was running threw my head over and over as I paced mindlessly around my small room that I shared with five other girls, my crimson red hair curling down my back god I need a haircut! I thought to myself as I walked over to the mirror and tried to see my refection through my bangs. My floral dress synched together with an old leather belt and my feet cold in my lace tights "FLORA JOAN WELCH GET DOWN HERE!" I heard her scream. I guess I should elaborate my name is Flora Welch, and I don't belong here my mother's name is Florence, and for the past thirteen years that's all I've known but soon I will find her. My only friend here is August and he's nineteen, were both musicians so we bonded fast. My music is indie Pop, My biggest influence is Florence and the machine.