Stomping down the hard wood stairs my dress poofing as I jumped the last three steps letting a small giggle escape my lips that would soon only open to say "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am" oh how I hate this place. Walking into the kitchen and smelling bacon I groaned in delight this meant august was cooking no slop that I have the displeasure of calling food today.

"Hey flo!" august said smiling his shaggy hair covering is eyes, "top of the morning" I said grinning and grabbing a slice of bacon. Hopping on a bar stool I asked the usual questions for whenever he came over, "Write any music?" I said his eyes sparkled "of course!... oh and flo I have an early birthday gift for you.." gasping in exicitment I jumped up what, WHAT AUGUST TELL ME!" I shouted jumping up and down. " he pulled an envelope out of his back pocket….and out of the envelope he pulled two tickets to…FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE! " Oh. My. God. I. Love. You. August. Rush. You. Are. Amazing!"