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Healing Together

Remus and Hermione had a small private ceremony to reaffirm their bond and quickly developed a routine. The brunette brewed the wolfsbane potion for both of them and they spent the full moon playing and chasing each other around the basement. Florean Fortescue was delighted when they began taking their lunches together again. And they began regularly attending Sunday brunches at the Burrow, Molly alternating between mothering and glaring at Remus if Hermione looked even slightly upset.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were the first to be told when Hermione found out she was pregnant again. The matron reiterated her threat on Lupin's family jewels and began lecturing Hermione on raising children. Arthur offered to watch the child during the full moon and they all stayed late listening to stories of each of the Weasley children when they were young.

Ronald Tonks Lupin was born March first and was instantly adopted as one of Molly's many 'grandbabies' and grew up surrounded by many redheaded cousins. Hogwarts was once again full of children due to the marriage law, and the young Ron had many of his own adventures with his best friends James and Albus Potter. And no one was surprised when Lily and Ron announced they were a couple in his 6th year and engaged shortly after graduation.

Lily seemed to have inherited her mother and maternal grandmother's stubbornness because at their wedding, they were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Weasley-Lupin sending the entire wedding party in fits of laughter. After that, Grimmauld Place seemed incredibly lonely to Hermione and Remus as the Burrow was officially the gathering place for the extended family.

But the brunette, beginning to go a little gray, enjoyed the chance to revisit times before her son was born. She would sit on the couch, Remus' head in her lap, or walking along the London streets, arm in arm with her husband. There were of course moments when sadness overwhelmed each of them, when faced with reminders of the war, or the annual remembrance feasts at Hogwarts. All Hermione had to do to snap out of it was to look at her husband or floo call her son. There had been many losses in the war, but the new world was so full of life and love she couldn't help but smile again.