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Chapter One

Shan Yu could feel himself being picked up from the spot where he landed after the fireworks exploded. The pain was excruciating and Shan Yu could feel himself fading into a dark abyss, his last thought before he blacked out was that there will be consequences to pay.

"QUICK, GET A DOCTOR!" the second in command yelled, who happened to be Shan Yu's sole heir, Xiongnu.

The surviving Huns raced to find a medicine man to kidnap, knowing all too well the consequences that would happen to them if Shang Yu were to die because they couldn't find one. They ran into the nearest village and found a medicine man. The medicine man was just leaving when the Huns attacked him. The Huns carefully tied the medicine man hands behind his back and quickly gagged him. The Huns took turns carrying him toward their camp, Jianjun.

Shan Yu came back slowly and painfully, every breath he took, every time he tried to move, and worst of all, when the doctor poked and probed his wounds. When Shan Yu was able to stay conscious, the doctor told him the news. At first, he didn't believe what the medicine man was telling him, but as he slowly made his way unto the bank of the lake, catching a glimpse of himself, he finally believe the words of the medicine man. Shan Yu looked at the reflection of himself for a very long time. All of his hair had burned off, traces of his eyebrows was there but barely, making his eyes seem darker and his skin pasty white, Shan Yu wasn't even sure that he was looking at himself –instead he looked like a sickly Chinese man who hasn't been in the sun for very long. He smiled at his reflection and walked away.

The minute Shan Yu stepped foot into Jianjun, he was ambushed by the other Huns. They, like the medicine man, gagged his mouth and tied his hands and feet together. The Huns brought him to Xiongnu.

"We caught him while he was walking into the camp," said Hung, a rather appalling Hun who always had a look of distain on his face, "we were going to kill him, but since you're the new leader now that Shan Yu is dead, we brought him to you." While Hung was speaking, the other Huns noticed that Xiongnu's face was turning redder and redder. When he was finish speaking, Xiongnu stepped toward Hung, and slapped him across his face.

"You idiots listen up," Xiongnu bellowed throughout the camp, "my father, Shan Yu, is not dead and he is the very man you just tied up." The Huns cringed in fear as Shan Yu was being untied, for they didn't know what Shan Yu was going to do next. Shan Yu smiled and walked into his tent motioning Xiongnu and Hung to follow.

He shouldn't have peeked out his house when he heard the noises. He should have stayed put in his bed, next to his wife. But as wives were, the littlest of noises tended to scare them. "Why didn't I insist that she was just hearing things," he thought to himself. And now, he was being dragged into the unknown and leaving his wife all alone. "If I don't die from this, and I return home, my wife will surely kill me." He didn't know where he was going, but he knew that no matter what happened he would serve China before he submits to the beasts.

~Later that day~

"The deed is done," the medicine man thought to himself, "I could've killed him while I was curing him, but I would have been killed in return. At least this way I will be able to be more than the 'medicine man', I will finally be a soldier fighting to save the lives of China." The medicine man sighed as the Huns remembered his presence and dragged him back to his tent. When he got there though, the medicine man had to let a small smug smile out as he remembered the scar the Hun he had operated on now had. No Hun or Chinese person would recognize it for what it was…unless they were once a trained soldier/ medicine man. And all that Hun had to do was lift his arm up, and the image of ¥.