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Chapter 15

"Write to me," Shang stared at Mulan until she nodded her head. He didn't say anything else, and for once, Mulan was grateful. She watched him as he mounted his horse, ordering the gang to do the same. He left without looking back, only Chien Po waved to her as they left. Not long after their departure, Fa Zhou handed her a letter.

"The doctor found it and gave it to me," he said. Mulan went outside and sat down on the steps. "It's just a letter," she thought to herself, ignoring the fact that her heart started to beat faster. She opened it slowly before looking at the end of it to see who it was from.

"Hoping you will write back,
Your friend, Shang."

Mulan quickly turned the letter back over, and began reading.


These past few weeks have been hard for you and I know I haven't made them any easier. I wish I could change I could change a lot of things I have done, but the one thing I wouldn't change was meeting you. I know I'm not the greatest friend in the world, but I'm learning. Growing up my father taught me two things: guard your heart and trust no one. Ever since his death, I've tried to honor his memory by following the two things. But when I discovered that you were a girl, I couldn't kill you. In my eyes you were still Ping. My father would have had no problem with killing you, but I had grown to trust you. (I still do, by the way.) I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can depend on me, even when I seem like I don't care. It's hard trying to break the habit but I'm tired of keeping everyone out. Especially you. I want you to write back, but I understand if you don't.

Hoping you will write back,


Mulan was speechless. Out of all the things Shang could have wrote about, she wasn't expecting that. She didn't know how long she would've sat on that uncomfortable step if her father hadn't come and told her that would be leaving at dawn tomorrow morning. She followed Fa Zhou inside and went to the room she shared with Ping. Before going to sleep, she showed Mushu the letter.

"I am your guardian. And as your guardian, I think it would be best if you didn't write pretty boy back."

"But Mushu-"

"But Mushu nothing. What I say goes."

"That's what you think," Mulan said defiantly, as she grabbed a piece of paper and began writing. She could hear Mushu complaining behind her but she paid no attention to him. She wrote about how confused she was about Wen Xun. How he bore the ¥ but he had helped her mom. She told him about how scared she was when joined the army. How the idea of someone finding out that she was a girl frightened her more than any Hun had. Mulan ended it with just her name, not putting "write soon" or "your friend". She was startled when she looked out the window, realizing the sun was just starting to rise. She heard a knock on the, followed by "Time to get up."

Mulan held Ping as she mounted Khan, fighting to keep her eyes opened. If Fa Zhou noticed, he didn't say anything. Instead, he helped Fa Li onto another horse before joining her. Wen Xun was staying another night, saying he had family to visit. When they were settled, they set off for home.

~two weeks later~

"You are to call my Li," Fa Li stated yet again to Mulan.

"Yes ma'am." Mulan rolled her eyes. She had been trying, unsuccessfully, to call Fa Li mom, but she wouldn't let.

"You got another letter from General Li Shang," her father said as he dropped the letter on her lap, giving her a funny expression.

"What," Mulan looked at Fa Zhou, trying to figure out what he was thinking.

"Oh nothing, it's just that that's the fifth letter since we got back, if you don't include the letter that the doctor found."

"So...," she didn't include 'your point is?' but her father knew what she was silently asking.

"We have only been back for two weeks," Mulan could feel her cheeks heating up when he said that. She didn't say anything else; instead she grabbed the letter and went to her room. As she began to open it, Mulan felt, as usual, her heartbeat beat faster.

"Dear Mulan,

I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. And if you still don't get my point, I miss you. I was training the new recruits, only to find myself thinking about the morning when I walked out my tent and saw an arrow land in front of me. I remember thinking that we were under attack but when I looked up, you were on top of the pole, grinning like a fool. I told the very same story to the recruits but they didn't believe me. Maybe you could come and show them how it's done? I know it's a lame excuse, but I really want to see you.

Your friend who misses you terribly,


Mulan couldn't breathe. "He misses me," she said aloud to no one. She began to write to him, telling him how much she missed him too. Only when she had reread it did she realize that she had written I love you. She tore her letter up, stashing the pieces under her mattress. She heard a knock on the door, before her father peeked in.

"Are you done writing your letter," Fa Zhou inquired, for he was going to town anyway.

"No, I'm not."

"I can wait until you wrap it up."

"I'm not writing him back." Mulan could he wanted to ask why, but he just shut the door and left. She didn't notice she was crying until she felt a scaly hand wipe a tear away.

"What did pretty boy tell you," Mulan was surprised Mushu had asked.

"He misses me."

Mushu brought Mulan a tissue before speaking. "Then why are you crying?"

Mulan let out a shaky laugh, "Because I'm scared."

"Scared of what," Mulan could tell he was confused.

"I'm scared because I love him. What if he doesn't love me back?" They sat in silence for a few minutes, before Mushu said, "Pretty boy would be stupid not to love you."

"Thank you, Mushu."

"So when are you going to tell him," Mushu inquired.

"Never. I'm not going to write back to him, I'm not going to see him." Mulan started to cry again. Mushu tried to comfort her, but it was no use. She fell asleep, shortly after midnight. Mulan woke up the next day with a headache. As she joined her parents for breakfast, she noticed that Wen Xun was back.

"That was a long day," she said coldly. Fa Zhou glared at her but Mulan pretended not to notice.

"I didn't realize you would miss me, Fa Mulan." Mulan watched him scoot closer to her.

"I'll go check on Ping," she stood up, nearly knocking the teapot over. Before anyone could stop her, she went to the door of Ping's room before stopping. The room used to belong to her grandmamma, which was the main reason she had avoided going in there. She heard her name being called from the end of the hallway. She took a deep breath and went in. She watched Ping sleep for a few minutes before observing the room. Nothing had changed, expect for Ping being there and her grandmamma not.

"I love you, Ping," she said softly. She walked out, closed the door, and ran into someone. "I'm sorry," she said without really looking at who it was.

"You're very pretty," Wen Xun touched her face before walking into his room.

~one week later~

The letters kept coming, sometimes she got two in one day. Not that it mattered. Mulan never opened them. She could tell her parents were worried but they didn't say anything about the letters. The only one who did was Wen Xun, often saying, "Why can't he take a hint? You don't like him."

Needing a break, Mulan went outside and walked to the pond. Sitting down, she stuck her legs in the water. She heard someone coming toward her. Thinking it was Wen Xun, she called out, "Go away, Wen Xun." The footsteps didn't stop. "Are you death," she exclaimed, taking her feet out the water and standing up to face him. Only it wasn't Wen Xun. It was Shang. "What are you doing here," Mulan asked quietly, her voice quivering.

"You stopped writing to me. I wanted to see if you were okay." She could feel his eyes on hers, searching for an answer.

"I'm okay. You can go now," Mulan was shocked at how mean she sounded. But if it got him to leave, she would gladly do it again.

"Don't do this, Mulan," she watched him run his fingers through his hair before walking closer to her. "Why did you stop writing me?"

"I was scared," she answered truthfully.

"Of what," he asked confusedly, "Have I done something?"

"No, you didn't do anything." He took her hand; Mulan knew that he was trying to make her look at him. She shook his hand off of hers, crossing her arms.

"Of what then?"

She was tired of hurting, sending a silent prayer to her ancestors, Mulan said, "Of this." She could feel her heart racing as she put her arms around him, pulling him closer. Mulan could tell he was confused by the look in his eyes. She only meant to kiss his cheek, but he moved at the last second. As their lips met, Mulan realized there was nowhere else she would rather be. She knew that sometime they would have to stop, but she didn't want it to. And neither did him. Shang broke away, resting his forehead on hers. She could feel his heart racing just as fast as hers.

"I love you, Mulan," Shang said, kissing her forehead.

"I love you too," she could feel Shang tighten his hold on her. After a few moments, Shang let go. Mulan looked at him, confusion written all over her face.

"Promise me that you won't run away again," Mulan was about to reply but he stopped her, "I can't lose you again." She was surprised to see how serious he was.

"I promise." Mulan thought he was leaning in to kiss her again but much to her surprise, he scooped her up bridal style and dropped her into the pond. She came up gasping for air. "What was that for," she demanded to know, when she stopped choking on water.

"Payback from last time," he said laughing.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Sweetie, you have a lily pad on top of your head," he managed to say before laughing again.

"Ugh, help me out," Mulan reached her hand out, waiting for Shang to grab it. When their fingertips touched, her father called out to them. Mulan swam to the shallow end, joining her father and Shang. She overheard Shang tell Fa Zhou that she fell into the pond and had a lily pad stuck to her head.

"I didn't fall, I was dropped into it," Mulan stated, suddenly freezing.

"Well dinner's ready, and you might want to wash up, Mulan." Fa Zhou turned and left.

"You have something in your hair," Shang said grinning. Mulan ran her fingers through her hair, trying to get whatever was in it. "Here let me." Mulan felt his hand touched the side of her face. When Mulan looked into his dark brown eyes, all she could see was his love for her. They were both smiling as their lips touched. This time she broke the kiss, and started running toward the house.

"Beat you there, "she called out, not waiting for an answer. Shang caught up with her by the time she reached the door. Calling it a tie, Mulan went to wash up. When she was done, she joined everyone at the table. The only available spot was next to Wen Yun. Mulan tried to hide a grimace as she sat down but Shang noticed.

"Why is he here," Wen Yun asked Fa Zhou grumpily.

"He is a guest, just like you are," Fa Zhou replied before taking a sip of tea. To Shang, Fa Zhou asked, "How are the new recruits?"

Shang thought for a while, "For starters, there are no girls. The emperor hired doctors to examine each recruit." He paused briefly to look at Mulan before continuing, "And no one can figure out how to climb the pole to retrieve the arrow."

"Wow, that's so interesting," Wen Yun said sarcastically.

"Do you have a problem with me," Shang asked harshly.

"Why yes I do. You keep trying to steal my girl," with that statement, Wen Yun put his arm around Mulan.

"Your girl," Shang and Mulan exclaimed in unison. Shang was about say something but Mulan stopped him. Out loud, she said, "You are to pack your things and get out." Whispering in his ear, she said, "If you ever come near my family or Shang, I will kill you." He got up and left.

"Fa Zhou can you excuse Mulan and me for a minute," Shang asked. Fa Zhou nodded and Mulan felt herself being dragged out of the room. Shang pulled her closer, and Mulan started crying. Shang didn't say anything until she was finished. "I have something for you," he said, reaching around his neck. "Close your eyes," Mulan did as she was told. She felt Shang put something over her head. "Okay, open them." She noticed that a yin on a leather chord was around Shang's neck. Then, she realized that she had yang on her. Mulan tried to take it off but Shang stopped her. "It's yours. I want you to have something to remember me by in case…," Shang broke off, looking at the ground.

Mulan touch his arm gently, "Don't talk like that. You're the second best soldier I know."

"Who's the first?"

"Me," Fa Zhou popped his head into the room, "now come eat." She waited until her dad left before kissing Shang's cheek.

"Actually, the best soldier is me," she said, "Just don't tell my dad that." She headed to the dining room, only to pause in the doorway. Shang smiled as he joined her, grabbing her hand and ignoring Fa Zhou and Fa Li's shocked faces.

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