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Ch. 18

"Missed me," Shan Yu stood before Fa Zhou, eyes gleaming were pure satisfaction. He chuckled to himself, and then began to walk in circles around Fa Zhou. "Soooo," Shan Yu started, drawing the so out as long as he could, "I have good news and some bad news." He paused in front of Fa Zhou. "Which one would you like to hear first?" He allowed his men to loosen the mouth gag from Fa Zhou's mouth. "So what will it be?"

Fa Zhou spat on the floor before saying, "Either way it will be bad for me so you decide."

Shan Yu slapped Fa Zhou across his face, leaving a satisfying red imprint. "We don't need a smarty pants now do we? Anyway I'll tell you the good news first. Unless you want to take a guess," he paused, waiting for Fa Zhou to say something but he stayed silent. "Very well, I'll just tell you. Your wife and son are dead. And before you ask, no it wasn't as painful as your death will be."

Fa Zhou sat still for a moment. "I will fight you until the moment I die. You may have killed them but you can never kill my love for them or their love for me." By the time Fa Zhou had finished speaking, he was standing, straining his arms against the bonds the tied his wrist together.

Shan Yu laughed, "Is that so? I can't wait to see your reaction to the bad news. Your daughter is here, in the city, headed this way as we speak. Actually that's the good news, for me at least. You see I plan on killing you in front of her." He paused only to push Fa Zhou down and after hearing Fa Zhou grunt in pain, Shan Yu continue, "You will be begging for me to stop and she won't be able to do anything about it. From that moment on, Fa Mulan," he said sarcastically, "whenever she thinks of you, she won't see your smiles or any other good memory that you and her have shared. Instead, she will see your mutilated body, knowing that she couldn't do anything to save you."

Heart pounding, Mulan raced to her house on Khan. Mushu clinging on to dear life to Mulan, she jumped off when she neared the gates. Taking in her surroundings, she knew she was being watched. She cursed herself for not having any weapons.

"Let's go kill some hunny –buns," Mushu tried to cheer Mulan up a little before facing the unknown. Mulan kept on walking. "Baby girl, you don't have to do this. You could wait for Shang," Mushu pleaded.

"I should have made sure Shan Yu was dead. I have a bad feeling about since the moment he came to live here. He invaded my home, he invaded my dreams. He killed my grandmamma. I will not let him kill the rest of my family." She would have continued her rant but she heard an ear piercing scream. "Stay," she told Mushu before taking off. Silently chanting, "Please be alright, please be alright," to herself, Mulan ran toward the door, not caring that she was followed.

"Your mother is dead, your brother is dead." They taunted her until she closed the door. "Ancestors, protect my family." Walking down the familiar hallway, she looked in each room. When Mulan didn't find anyone in the room, she went to the next. Her mama's room.

"Mama," Mulan spoke softly in case there were people in the kitchen. The door was pulled forward causing Mulan to lose her balance and fall. She landed on something softish and ice cold. Mulan looked down and screamed. Getting up as quickly as she could, Mulan backed up against the wall. She looked at her mama's bloody body, overcome by the scent of blood. "Mama," she managed to choke out before collapsing into sobs. After a few minutes, she sent a prayer to her ancestors-and her mama-and left the room. Mentally and emotionally preparing herself, Mulan stepped into the kitchen.

"Papa." She ran to hugged him.

"You have to go," Fa Zhou tried to stop Mulan from untying his bonds. "Leave me here."

"No. I'm not leaving you. Now stop fighting me, we have to find Ping." Mulan heard the sound of footsteps and hid under the table.

"Come out, come out wherever you are," She heard a familiar voice call out. "I know you're here." The footsteps stopped. Mulan heard her father groan in pain. "The longer it takes for you to come out, the harder I hit your father." Mulan fought the urge to stay under the table.

Giving Shan Yu the coldest glare she could manage with tears in her eyes, Mulan stood up. "Now what," she asked.

"Now I kill him, and you come with me. I told you before and I'll tell you again. You will be my girl." Shan Yu chuckled.

"Fine. But at least let me have a few moments with my father first," Mulan tried to keep her voice steady but she couldn't. Mulan thought she saw sympathy flashed through Shan Yu's eyes but dismissed it as a trick of the light. Mulan watched him nod before leaving the room. Mulan ran to the corner cabinet, praying the little vial was still there. It was. She grabbed it and went back to her papa. "Drink it," Mulan held the vial to his lips and made sure he drunk it.

"I love you, Mulan," Fa Zhou closed his eyes and then he was dead.

"I love you too." Mulan took a deep breath and exited the kitchen. "Let's go," she said to Shan Yu.

"What the," Shan Yu started to say but then stopped. He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her int
o the kitchen, fully intent on killing Fa Zhou. "You killed him," he accused her. He pushed Mulan down and ordered his men to come and tie her up. Shan Yu threw Mulan over his shoulder and order his men to clear out, leaving the havoc they had caused behind them.

With Ping being held in his arms, Xiongnu raced toward the camp of Chinese soldiers. Not the smartest idea he has had but he knew he couldn't deal with his father anymore. Xiongnu would do anything Li Shang asked him. As long as he was able to revenge the death of his friend. Arriving at the entrance, he took a deep breath before entering the camp.