Family is Forever

Hello fellow fanfiction readers. Anarchyturtle here, with a whole new story about Bentley's life, if he had always had a family.

After countless months of planning and drafts etc. etc. I think I've finally made a decent story. Anyways enjoy.

Family Feuds.

It was another hot sunny day in the summer of 1986, the citizens of Paris were spending their days sunbathing or attempting to cool off. In the heart of the city stood an impressive mansion, easily rivalling the size of a castle. On the third and highest floor, you could see me, Bentley Wiseturtle, sat on a windowsill, head down reading a book (as per usual).

Unlike my mother and father, none of the citizens of Paris knew who I was. My father insisted I stay out of public sight until I was old enough to run his organisation; Le' Empire Revolution. I didn't know much about the organisation that I was apparently going to one day run. All I knew was they had a very high social status, most of the members had a vast amount of wealth and my dad was (by family inheritance) the leader of them. Which he intended to pass down to me, despite me being the youngest out of my brothers.

I shifted slightly in the red armchair I was sat on. Looking out the window I could see the paparazzi taking pictures of a black limousine, which was making its way up our drive. My father got out of it first, clearly noticeable by his jet-black hair, confident expression and like me, he was a green turtle. All his staff marvelled at his spotless black tuxedo, black trousers and shiny black shoes. He always liked to make an impression. His employees (or as I liked to call them – his personal army) were all stood at the black gates where the paparazzi were scrambling to get a photo of my father. My father made a gesture to one of his men at the gate, and I watched as they forced the paparazzi to leave almost instantly, then he walked inside with his maids, bodyguards and "personal army" all surrounding him.

Climbing back into the armchair I continued my reading of 'My Life with the Eskimo' by Vilhjalmur Stefansson. A very rare book on hunting, I was something of a bookworm, I even asked my father if we could have a library built into the mansion, which he had done straight away.

I came out of my reading trance. Footsteps could be heard distantly. One of my family's many maids' walks in, Natalie, a squirrel, with wavy brown hair dressed in her usual maid uniform.

"Oh Bentley," she spoke in a slight French Accent, "I do wish you'd look presentable."

I looked down at my clothes, unlike my dad; I always kept my shell on. I was wearing my favourite red bowtie and a white sleeveless shirt underneath.

"What's wrong with it?" I asked in my usual nasally voice.

"Well for one, tuck your white shirt in, your father wouldn't want you to look scruffy," she replied picking up books off the floor and returning them to their shelves, "and two, dinner's ready, your father has a big announcement."

I sighed. What a surprise, another so called "big announcement", where my father would make it clear that I was his favourite son and next in line for the Empire. Without another word, I jumped out of my armchair, and made my way downstairs. I walked out into the hallway to see one of my older brother's talking to a maid.

"We'll have to do this again," he laughed sorting out his dinner coat, which was half undone. The maid nodded pulling up her leggings, and then she gasped when she saw me. My brother immediately turned round to see what she was panicking about.

"Oh hey Bentley" he said unfazed.

"Hey Rob." I suppressed a smirk. Even at the young age of seven, I could work out what my older brother did with some of the maids in private. I couldn't expect much more from Rob, we we're polar opposites. He had sandy blonde hair always messy. Like my father he kept his shell off, but only to show off his toned body and six-pack. For some reason I spoke in a 'nerdy' like nasally voice and he had this cool sexy voice that the maids just melted over.

"We heading down to dinner, little bro?" he asked as his maid 'friend' walked off quickly. I nodded. "Don't say anything about Madeleine, alright?" he asked referring to his maid 'friend'. I nodded again. We made our way downstairs together, walking past two of my dad's personal army.

They nodded at me in respect. "Sir" they both chimed in unison, completely ignoring Rob, presumably on my dad's orders. I nodded back quickly and hurried after Rob who didn't take any notice of them.

A maid's led us to the dining room where we greeted our mother.

"Robert! Bentley!" she greeted us enthusiastically, attempting to fake a smile. She had long blonde hair. She was a Galapagos Turtle unlike my father who I believe was a Box Turtle. My mother had removed her shell in place of a snazzy looking dinner dress. Despite her formal attire, there was no denying that she was gaunt looking. Her face said it all. She looked like she hadn't slept for weeks. Although the paparazzi had no clue, it was blatantly obvious that my mother and father no longer loved each other. I sat down at the large dinner table, my father to my left, sitting on a throne like chair next to me, staring down the dinner table like a king. My mother was opposite me ignoring my father and talking to one of the maids, and of course Rob sat on my right, attempting to get as far away from our dad as possible.

"Ah Bentley my favourite!" he announced rather loudly.

"Hey dad" I spoke in barely a whisper not wanting to catch Rob's eye.

It was so awkward with my two older brothers. My father always neglected them in favour of me. Rob didn't let that get between us though. But James (my other brother) was another story.

"Master James, so nice of you to finally join us" said Gautier, a penguin with a posh British accent, he was my dad's right hand man.

James strolled in casually, ignoring everyone at the table. Don't ask me how in science's name this works, but my brother, James, was a hippo. From what my father had told me when I brought the matter up, he told me James was the result of "gene splicing" and that he wanted a much stronger looking animal to be the symbol of our family's organisation, but apparently James had turned out to be a complete failure and my dad turned to me, the only one of his three children who wasn't sleeping with the maid like Rob or had a nasty attitude like James.

James made himself comfortable at the opposite end of the table, staring directly at my father, who was at the other end not taking any notice of him. Pretty hard to do since James was quite an eye sore. Could you imagine a bright pink hippo, with a blue turtle shell? If not do a little bit of gene-splicing and you might get a decent idea.

"We're ready," said my mother to several of our workers and they quickly scurried out the room and came running back several moments later, holding plates of roast potatoes, turkey, vegetables, gravy and even more. My mouth watered at the sight.

"Thank you" said my mother quietly as they placed the food on the table.

"Hurry up!" barked my father, making one of the workers jump.

We grabbed whatever we wanted and dug in. For the majority of our family meal, there was an awkward silence, only occasionally broke by my mother making sure we we're eating enough or Rob offering my mother or me his food since he was full.

As I finished my last roast potato, my father signalled his men (who had quietly entered the room) to crowd around the table, and then he stood up. I lowered my head and stared at the leftover food in front of me as he tapped the side of his glass lightly with a fork to get everyone's attention.

"Now," he said clasping his hands together, "I have an announcement to make." My mother stared at the portraits on the walls, clearly bored. I could see James at the corner of my eyes, staring back and forth at my father and I, his dark hazel eyes, giving off the stare of pure loathing. Rob attempted to be polite and listen, but kept staring down at the table.

"Bentley, as you all know is the next in the line to the Empire" my father spoke, patting me on the back.

"William," said my mother softly, "don't do this."

"Silence Margaret" he spoke in barely a whisper but everyone heard him. My mother got up and left, followed quickly by James who threw his plate on the floor and finally Rob, who said a quick goodbye to me before leaving.

My father continued as though no interruption had happened.

"Though it may be eleven years from now, when you reach the age of eighteen Bentley, you shall be ready to take my place as the heir to our family's empire."

All his workers burst into a round of applause. A Gorilla, who I believed was called Quinton, nodded at me approvingly.

My father began pacing back and forth behind my chair, "although you know very little of our.. business," he had a small smirk on his face, which his other colleagues seemed to share, "you shall eventually learn all that we do. These men as you know are at your every command," he gestured to his personal army, who all stood proud, "our Empire has had a mass effect on France, as I'm sure you aware Bentley." I nodded. "Most of the population speaks English now, thanks to our influence, and our fortune is more vast than ever. 6.7 Billion."

In the corner of the room, one of my dad's workers whistled. I knew him, his name was Valentine, A eighteen year old raccoon and one of Rob's friend's who he met in high school, after graduation Valentine came to work here and eventually started living at the mansion too. He had nothing to do with my father's empire though, just a cleaner at the mansion really.

"Anyway," said my father, getting everyone's attention again, "On the August 17th, there's going to be a bit of party here." Everyone's ears pricked up at that. My father's parties were exclusive, massive, all you can eat and of course free alcohol. "I want you Bentley, to greet each and everyone of my Empire's 'Inner Circle'." I gulped and nodded slowly, I'm unbelievably shy (a trait I presumably inherited from mother) and yet my father was planning to make me meet all these new people. These secretive, powerful people put me on edge. "Well that'll be all," said my father dismissing his audience, "Bentley, you may leave."

I got up straight away and left quickly. Walking up the first staircase, I was just about to keep heading upwards, when I heard faint voices beneath me. I peered over the landing and saw my mother and father alone.

"You can't do this Will," she spoke in a hushed whisper, "It's not fair on Rob or James."

"Margaret," he chuckled softly before checking to see if anyone was around, "do you really think I care what's fair with those two failures?"

My mother slapped him across the face. I gasped and Gautier came out of the dining room.

"Anything the matter Sir? Madam?" he spoke looking back and forth between my mother and father, staring slightly at my father's red mark on his face.

"No, Gautier, thank you very much," said my father, acting as if nothing has just happened. My mother stalked off out of sight and I continued my journey back to the library.

I was told most of the time, I was extremely fortunate to have a rich family and everything I ever wanted, but I didn't want that if it meant having an insanely dysfunctional family. I'd rather have a poor but loving family than what I was stuck with now.

On the second floor, I saw James speaking quietly with members of my dad's personal army. One of the tapped him on the shoulder to point out I was staring and he turned to me.

"Problem?" he asked glaring at me. I began to stutter until one of the older maids, Louise, saved me.

"Come along Bentley," she spoke smiling, then she turned to James, "very big of you, intimidating someone eleven years younger than you," before quickly leading me upstairs. I ran back to the library, narrowly avoiding another nasty confrontation with James.

I woke up at about three in the morning. I was sat bolt upright, dripping in sweat; I'd had another nightmare. Grabbing my red Elmo teddy, I quickly left my bedroom and made my way to the second floor below me. Knocking lightly on Rob's bedroom door, I could hear him and Valentine talking inside. Rob opened it and looked down to see me, holding my Elmo teddy.

"You okay Ben?" he asked me.

"Bad dream," I replied shaking, "can I sleep in your room please?"

"No need to ask," he said letting me in.

Valentine nodded to me and despite the fact he wasn't working a night shift, he went to go get me a sleeping bag. I stared at something in Rob's hand, looked like a cigarette except slightly longer; it smelt of something I didn't recognise.

"What do you have a bad dream about?" he asked, his eyes going slightly redder as he inhaled on the thing in his hand.

"Mother and Father getting a divorce" I replied, receiving the sleeping bag from Valentine who had just re-entered the room.

Rob laughed slightly, "can't see how that's a bad dream," he said, "I'd be out of here in a second with mom if that happened."

"Why do they fall out so much?" I asked. He looked away immediately as though he was hiding something. Valentine looked uncomfortable, like this was a personal matter that didn't involve him and he left the room without another word.

Rob looked at Bentley again, and then finally spoke. "Something happened many years ago, a decade before you were born actually." I nodded quickly. "This is going to be a bit of a shock to you and you've got to promise me you don't go telling mom and dad where you heard this."

"I promise" I replied.

After a long pause, he looked me straight in the face. "We have a fourth brother."

Outside we could both hear Valentine stumble over something.

"What I- When?" I stammered it had to be a joke. Never in seven years of living here had I heard anything about a fourth brother.

"His name was Michael," Rob said, "born a few years before me and James, fifteen years before you" he added hastily, wondering whether it was a good idea to continue or not.

"What happened to him?" I asked curiously.

"On his sixth birthday back in 1969, he excused himself from the party mom and dad had arranged for him, made his way upstairs and.. to be quite blunt, murdered a maid who was looking after me at the time, I was only one."


"No one really knows," Rob replied ruffling his blonde hair, "probably had some disorder or another, could of killed me too" he added as an afterthought.

Questions poured into Bentley's brain at once. Who was he? Where was he? Why did his mother and father never mention anything about him? Rob took one look at Bentley, who looked more scared than ever.

"Anyways I should stop," Rob said hastily, "I'm gonna give you more nightmares. Valentine you can come back in."

The following day, I was in the library. But it wasn't normal books I was looking for. It was anything to do with my family history. I must have gone through dozens of aisles before coming across a brown leathered back saying – "The Wiseturtle Legacy". Looking around to make sure I was truly alone, I grabbed it off my shelf and found a corner in the massive library to hide. Blowing dust of the cover, I opened it and flipped through till I found any mentions of my so-called fourth brother. The book was written in 1975, three years before my own birth, so it might not mention Michael. Then I stopped dead on a page, with the chapter in bold black writing:

"Michael John Wiseturtle".

"Born on October 31st 1963, Michael was a very quiet child. Most considered him a mute, barely ushering a word. Many will of course remember these times, when there was a woman on the loose, poisoning children, which the Police never found the suspect, but that is neither here nor there."

"It can be noted, by paparazzi, members of staff, and the occasional dinner guest that William Wiseturtle (Michael's father) grew less attached to his first son as the years went by. Possibly, he was embarrassed by his son's (supposed) disorder."

"On October 31st 1969, Michael was sat silently at his birthday table. His mother and father we're throwing a huge party for his sixth birthday. Notable guests, such as Gautier Broussard (the family's most loyal servant) and Leonard Dubois (William Wiseturtle's business partner) noted that Michael seemed to be staring blankly into space for several moments before making his way upstairs."

"No one seemed to realise Michael had vanished from his birthday party. Moments later, a scream could be heard from the second floor. Everyone raced up there, only to find the maid dead, Robert Wiseturtle (William Wiseturtle's third son) lying on the floor crying and Michael in a catatonic state."

"Most people refused to believe a six year old had murdered the maid. But the evidence was overwhelming. In mid-November after a short hearing, Michael was sent to Gustav Pierre's' Asylum for rehabilitation. It's questionable why Michael's father (who was well known for his astronomical wealth) sent his son to an asylum with a bad name for itself. The methods the psychiatrists used to help the inmates were debatable to say the very least."

I stopped reading. My heart was hammering in his chest. I carefully placed the book back where it was originally and sat down on the armchair taking deep breaths. For the first time in my life, I was happy to be my father's favourite. Thoughts of seeing my secret fourth brother in the flesh gave my stomach a pleasurable squirm.

It was two days from my father's upcoming party. I was sat on a table next to Gautier and the rest of the work staff who were busy making preparations for the party.

"Master Bentley. Could you please stop climbing on the tables, we're trying to get everything ready." Said Gautier.

"Sorry" I replied jumping off it watching my dad walk in, "could you please get my book of the table?" I asked.

"Certainly Sir." Gautier nearly dropped the book in fright when he read the title. "Master Bentley where did you find this?" he asked, visibly concerned as my father walked over.

"Gautier, I trust everything's coming along smoothly," my father asked not noticing the book in his servant's hands.

"Ye-Yes Sir," he replied, "erm- somehow this book came into the possession of Master Bentley" he whispered, discreetly showing the title: "The Wiseturtle Legacy".

My father's black eyes strained on the title, then he looked me dead in the face.

"Bentley, who gave this you?" he asked, trying to be as polite as possible.

"No one, I found it in the library" I replied trying to sound carefree, "who's Michael?"

"Nothing of your concern, I assure you" he answered, half stuttering, making an awkward laughing sound.

"He's my oldest brother isn't he? Can I meet him?" I asked with pleading eyes.

Both my father and Gautier exchanged dark looks, "I don't think that's a good idea Bentley, your brother, well he's not normal anymore."

"Don't care," I retorted quite bluntly, "I want to meet him, please? For me?" I begged with a fake whimper.

My father looked around, desperately trying to think of an excuse, "W-well alright, I suppose, but just this once."

It had taken some doing for my father to talk my mother into letting me go to this asylum to see my oldest brother.

The car journey there was somewhat awkward. My mother and father were still not on friendly speaking terms; the only slight conversation made was from Gautier.

"Another left Sir?" He asked driving carefully through the thick woods.

"That's right Gautier" my dad replied, eying the area in suspicion.

After a few more moments of navigating our way through the dark path, a dark black building came into sight at the centre of the woods. The place looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years, not a soul was in sight. Looked more like a haunted house than anything else.

My mother looked at me pleadingly, "Bentley are you sure you want to do this?" she asked.

All I did was nod. A balding rat exited the asylum, striding over to our limousine his white uniform stained in what was presumably blood, he looked furious.

"You have no right being here!" he bellowed, we hadn't even got out of the limousine yet, "I demand you leave right this insta- M-Master Wiseturtle, I had no idea you were coming."

My father had stepped out of the limousine; he sorted out the creases in his formal wear before even acknowledging the man in front of him.

"Short notice Lector," said my father with a look of superiority on his face, "My son Bentley, wants to meet his oldest brother."

The man named Lector, hesitated for a moment, but didn't dare look like he was going to refuse my father. I waited in the back of the limousine with my mother clutching my hand tightly. Gautier tapped his fingers on the steering wheel whilst humming. Both Lector and my father spoke in hushed whispers for several moments until finally, we were allowed to enter the asylum.

Gautier waited in the limousine, whilst my mother, my father and me were lead to Michael's room. We walked passed several of the inmates, most were crouched in their rooms, clearly in catatonic states. Dr. Lector walked over to the receptionist of the place, who was sat eating with some of the other doctors.

"Nurse Joy, we need the key to Michael Wiseturtle's room."

The nurse eyed us all suspiciously before pulling a key out of the drawer beneath her desk.

"Certainly Doctor. These people er- family?" She asked handing him the key.

"That's right. This way Mr Wiseturtle." Said Lector, making his way up a flight of stairs.

We followed him to the second floor. I heard my mother whimper slightly as we made our way down a dimly lit hallway. Lector suddenly stopped.

"Here." Said Lector, peering through the small window on a door before pulling out his key. I still couldn't see my brother.

The door clicked open and we slowly made our way inside.

"Don't worry he's restrained" said my father.

The room had barely any light with only one dingy little window; grime was covering the ceiling and walls. Then in the centre of the room was this behemoth of a turtle lying on the bed. At the very least seven foot tall. He had brown hair which was shoulder length, his facial hair was all over the place, he was barely recognisable underneath it, only his black eyes were distinct, he had inherited them from my father. Even though there were many restraints holding him down, he looked as though he could break free with a few short seconds; his stained overalls were ripped apart at his shoulders and arms, from his gigantic muscles. God knows how he was this muscular. My mother was the last to walk in, stalling slightly at the door. She could barely look at her long forgotten son. Was this the reason my mother and father hated each other?

Dr. Lector tapped Michael lightly on the shoulder, "Michael?" he asked quietly, "Michael?" My oldest brother was staring up at the grimy ceiling; I doubt he even knew we had entered his room. Then he jerked his head in our direction, my mother gasped.

Dr. Lector hardly looked alarmed, "Michael, your mother and father have come to see you, and your youngest brother. His name is Bentley."

Michael fixated his black eyes on me; it was like staring down two dark tunnels. I was actually glad to have glasses on; my father made sure I had a one-way mirror like feature on them. Then, my older brother started struggling against his restraints. I stumbled backwards as Dr. Lector attempted to control him. My mother grabbed hold of me, as several doctors rushed in, injecting my older brother left, right and centre. He stopped struggling and took one last look at me before passing out unconscious.

"Right, shall we go?" Asked my father, though it was more of a command.

The next thing I knew, I was being dragged out of there by both my parents. Once outside, Gautier opened the doors of the limousine for us, before being told to get back to the manor quickly.

In the backseat my father was keeling over slightly, his hands clasped together.

"I knew I shouldn't of let you come here Bentley." He said shaking his head, "thank god you were born, you're nothing like your other brothers."

I didn't respond as he patted my baldhead. I was lost in my thoughts. What was wrong with Michael? Were there other members of my family I didn't even know about?

"Bentley wake up!"

I yawned loudly, before grabbing my glasses off the table next to my bed. My eyes adjusted to my surroundings to see Amelia, a black cat in her twenties (and one of the maids) holding a small tuxedo.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Ten o' clock," she replied, "your father wants to see you in this and then he wants to inform you of tonight's party."

I groaned. It was already the seventeenth. Tonight was the 'so called' big night where I meet my father's closest associates. But to be honest, I couldn't care less.

"Also your uncle Seymour is here" she added with a smile as I bolted upright.

I leapt out of bed and ran straight past her. Despite my not so great physical shape, I managed to sprint all the way downstairs, until I saw my uncle greeting my father. He was wearing his police uniform, he didn't even need a bulletproof vest his turtle shell was thick enough. He took his hat off, revealing his greying brown hair. Unlike my father's black eyes, his eye colour was a light blue. It had been a while since I had last seen him; he was now sporting a thick brown moustache.

"Uncle!" I yelled bolting towards him and jumping into a massive hug.

"Bentley!" He said returning the hug.

Rob appeared on the landing above us. Ignoring my father, he greeted our uncle. A smile formed on my father's face.

"Seymour, I have some great news," said my father approaching me slowly, "Bentley here, is becoming the heir to my organisation. My favourite son."

Once again Rob ignored our father and walked off. My Uncle's friendly smile dropped immediately. He pulled my father aside and began to speak as quietly as possible.

"William! Brother! I really don't know what to say to you, but you're going to destroy your family if you continue, you and father's empire," said my uncle clearly disgusted at him. They both uncle turned to me.

"Bentley get out of here," said my uncle through gritted teeth, "I'll talk to you in a few minutes."

I opened the door to Rob's room to find both him and Valentine packing their bags and grabbing as much money as they could. Neither of them noticed me walk in.

"Where will we go?" asked Valentine, zipping up his last backpack.

"Rent a flat, meet some new peop-" My brother stopped talking when he saw me.

"Where are you going?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"Wherever" replied Rob, opening the window, "you know I've always wanted to be free, no time like the present."

"Rob, you can't leave just because of father," I told him.

"I'm not going to leave forever, I'll come back and see you sometime," he tried to reassure me.

"We need to hurry," said Valentine hastily.

Rob turned to me.

"Bentley, you have to promise me, you're not going to tell mom or dad," he said.

I took one last look at my brother, dead set on leaving this mansion for good.

"Just make sure you come back soon" was all I said as the two of them jumped out of the window.

I made careful note to lock Rob's door and not mention a word to anyone. Both my uncle and father were still standing in the hall as I made my way downstairs. They didn't seem to be arguing.

"Bentley, your uncle has kindly offered to take you hunting," said my father, forcing a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

"Your dad tells me you keep reading a lot about hunting." Added my uncle, both pairs of eyes on me.

"Erm yeah," I replied, "I'd love to come hunting."

"Excellent," said my father, "but much later Seymour, Bentley first needs to meet members of the Empire."

My stomach gave a slight jolt.

My uncle made his way to the front door before saying one last thing.

"I'll bring you camo-wear and what not, just be ready around ten."

"Master Bentley, you look excellent, your father would be proud." Said Gautier as I entered the main room for the party. They had pretty much emptied an unused ballroom and filled the place with alcohol, food, tables and chairs. All the staff burst into a round of applause as I entered in the small tuxedo Amelia had given me.

Feeling embarrassed, I exited the party room and walked straight into my father.

"Right Bentley, the guests will be arriving in about an hour or so."

I nodded, still nervous.

"You're going to meet members of my inner circle," he added, straightening his tie.

"Erm, how many are there?" I asked.

"Around twenty."

"Are they scary?"

"Haha, Bentley, only to the people who are against us." Said my father with a sly smile.

This was it. The ground level of the mansion was packed. From the first floor landing, I could clearly see at least forty people in the main hallway. My father exited the ballroom and headed straight up the stairs to me.

"Bentley, it's time." He said.

With my legs shaking like mad, I walked with my father to (thankfully) a secluded hallway. Then my mother appeared in front of us.

"You haven't seen Rob have you?" she asked, mainly looking at me.

I shook my head straight away, wanting to keep his promise.

"Oh, I do hope he's alright," said my father in a toneless voice, "now get out of our way."

I gave my mother a sympathetic look and continued following my father, till we came to a halt outside two large wooden doors.

"Go on Bentley" he said patting me on the back.

I gulped and entered the room. Inside, it was clearly an old fashioned room where conferences were held. About twenty men were all sat down at a rectangular black table. They all watched me, as both my father and I entered the room. The only source of light was the fire place behind the table.

"Bentley, time for a little introduction. These are the men, you'll be working with for the rest of your life." Said my father walking over to his personal army.

He walked over to a very old looking rhino. He had a series of wrinkles all over his face and a walking stick in his left hand as he stood up.

"This is Aldric, the eldest member of our organisation. He used to work with your granddad, although you didn't know him." Said my father, trying to explain quickly.

Aldric shook my hand.

"Great man," said Aldric wheezing slightly, "shame he died so early. Made the right choice, picking you William over your idiot brother to run the Empire." Several members of the organisation laughed amongst themselves, I felt my temper rise slightly.

My father walked over a rooster, who was counting a mass amount of money in his hands.

"This here, is Edgar, one of our youngest members and very well off." Said my father.

"Unlike some" added Edgar looking around the room at some other members. Half of the men began laughing again, the other half got up and left. Among them I saw, Quentin (the gorilla) shaking his head at the laughing members, the rest of the leaving members shared smug looks for some strange reason. They exit the room and I could have sworn I saw James waiting for them outside.

My father raised his hand and the laughter died at once.

"Now then, let's continue" he said walking over to two moles, "this here is Leonard and Gilbert, identical twins." Both the moles simultaneously adjusted their glasses and gave me an approving nod, before peering back down to the worksheets on the table.

My father was about to introduce a very psycho looking wolf to me, when my uncle walked in. Several members began to snigger.

"Will, it's time." He said, ignoring the smug looking men around him.

"I'm still introducing Bentley to my empire," my father replied, empathising the 'my' part a bit.

"I can meet them later," I suggested wanting to leave this place as quickly as possible.

"W-Well, okay then Bentley" said my father, never wanting to let his heir down.

"Thanks, I'll see you soon." I replied scurrying out the room to follow my uncle.

"What do you think of your dad's empire," said my uncle as soon as we were out of earshot.

"Snobbish." I replied attempting to keep up with him.

He laughed, and then I remembered what Aldric had said.

"Hey uncle, did you ever want the empire?" I asked.

My uncle stopped dead in his tracks.

"It didn't really matter if I did or not," he replied, "your granddad always favoured your dad over me, caused our mom to get a divorce and pretty much tore the family apart. It's always been like this for generations, way before I was born."

"But, did you want the empire?"

"No I wanted a career less corrupt" he said, probably accidentally since he gasped straight after. Before I could ask him what he meant, my mother appeared round the corner, slightly watery eyed.

"Have you seen Rob at all? He's gone missing." She asked us both, inbetween sobbing.

"Wait I just remembered, Rob told me he was partying for a bit with Valentine and a few mates, they'll both be back later" I lied, attempting to stop her from crying.

She gave a sigh of relief. "Oh that's good," she said wiping stray tears off her face, "you taking him hunting now Si?"

Great, now what will I do when the night's over and Rob still hasn't returned.

"That's right" he replied smiling, "I'll just go start the car." He exited the main doors and I turned to my mother.

She grabbed my fluffy jacket and hugged me.

"Be careful Bentley. I'll see you at the end."

Just so you know, I'm doing incredibly long chapters, so there's not as many.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Also I'm curious whether your allowed to change from 1st person to 3rd person occasionally in stories, does anyone know?

Until then, thank you and goodbye.