Introduction – Of all the Butlers in the world; You are mine.

Ciel had lost his parents at a young age, he was devastated.

Never again with a birthday be the same for him. The people who had killed his parents and burnt down his estate had tortured Ciel.

In his mind he was wondering what he had done to deserve so much torment. Why were they putting him though this? Why did they hate him so much?

Ciel Phantomhive was a 10 year old boy, on his 10th birthday he had lost everything. His parents, his home; He was utterly Humiliated.

He had disappeared after that.

Lady Elizabeth had been worried for him everyday he was gone. When he suddenly reappeared, he refused to smile. He had no reason to smile, everything he had once loved was now gone. Lady Elizabeth had only wanted to make him smile once more, to make him happy once more.

Then one day, he met Sebastian. What a Magnificent Creature he was.

Ciel made a Contract with this Demon, binding him to Ciel as he one and only butler. Sebastian's Master.

Sebastian was such a Beautiful being; Beautiful Creature; Beautiful... Demon.