Chapter 2

Ciel's eyes widened slightly as Sebastian kissed him. Ciel wasn't exactly sure how to respond so he didn't do anything as Sebastian pulled away.

"Sorry..." Sebastian said as he said up; Ciel shook his head and grabbed Sebastian's hand right as he sat up.

"I-it's o-ok.." He said. "I'm not mad, Sebastian; Please stay..." he added as he looked up at Sebastian and quietly whimpered.

Sebastian blinked and nodded lightly. "Alright, Young Master... If that's what you want.." He said as Ciel nodded. It was what he wanted.

Sebastian laid back down next to Ciel and gently pulled him closer; allowing Ciel to snuggle into Sebastian and his shirt as he took in Sebastian's scent that radiated off his shirt.

Sebastian smiled slightly when he noticed before he closed his eyes to rest for the next 20 minutes.

Sebastian soon after noticed the pattern of Ciel's breathing as he looked at the small boy who had his head on Sebastian's lap.

He's asleep... Guess it wouldn't hurt to just... Sleep here for tonight. He thought to himself as he turned slightly to turn off the lap by Ciel's bed.

Sebastian laid down with the young boy as he closed his eyes and pulled Ciel slightly closer until he fell asleep as well.


Ciel woke and sat up as he looked around his room tiredly.

He noticed that Sebastian wasn't present anymore as he yawned and called for him.

"Sebastian, come!" It only took a few seconds as Sebastian walked into his room.

"Yes, Young Master?" He asked as he looked at Ciel.

"I'm ready to get up now." He said as he got out of his bed.

Sebastian nodded and walked over as he smirked inwardly since Ciel was now wearing Sebastian's shirt from last night.

Sebastian started to strip the boy and help him prepare for his day.

"I have already prepared your tea, would you like me to bring it to your Study?" Sebastian asked.

"Yes. Thank you, Sebastian." Ciel said as he only got a nod back from the butler.

Sebastian went to take off the shirt that he had given to Ciel last night as Ciel suddenly grabbed his hands.

"Stop.. I want to keep it on.." Ciel said as he looked Sebastian in the eyes.

Sebastian blinked lightly, "But.. Young Master-" He said as Ciel interrupted him.

"No.. Sebastian, that's an order. I'm keeping it on so do not remove it." Ciel stated as Sebastian reluctantly nodded and left the shirt on the small boy.

The shirt was about twice the size of Ciel's body so it was really loose and made him look rather sloppy.

Sebastian sighed lightly, Good thing he doesn't have any visitors today... Wouldn't want him to look like this in-front of someone.. Sebastian thought to himself.

Sebastian hurried and finished dressing the boy as Ciel walked to the door and left with Sebastian following promptly behind him.

Sebastian closed Ciel's bedroom door as Ciel had already started towards his study.

"Bring my tea to my study at once, Sebastian." Ciel said without turning around or looking at his butler.

Sebastian nodded and bowed lightly as he turned around and walked to the kitchen as he put the cup of tea and dessert on the tray before heading back to Ciel's Study.

When he got there he knocked on the door before entering and walking to the desk.

He set the tea cup down on the desk to Ciel's right and set the dessert in-front of him after removing the paperwork from Ciel's hands to ensure that nothing got on them.

Ciel picked up the tea cup and took a sip.

"Earl Grey." Ciel stated.

Sebastian nodded, "Yes, Young Master. That is correct." He said as he took the tray and headed for the door.

"Sebastian. Do I have any visitors this evening?" Ciel asked as he continued to eat, drink his tea and read over the important documents that had been placed on his desk the night before.

Sebastian looked back and shook his head. "No, Young Master. You're free for the entire day." Sebastian said.

Ciel nodded lightly, "Alright, good." He said as he looked up at Sebastian.

"I want to see you later.." Ciel said with a serious tone.

Sebastian knew he wasn't in trouble but he wasn't entirely sure what Ciel was getting at right now. At least... He hoped it wasn't that.. Ciel was too young. It would look bad for Sebastian if that sort of thing had happened. Frankly, though.. Sebastian didn't care. If that's what Ciel really wanted, then, by being his butler... He'd have to obey. Whether he wanted to or not. And god, did he want to.

Sebastian nodded lightly as he walked out, letting Ciel get back to eating and studying his documents.

Sebastian walked down to the kitchen to clean it up a bit from the mess he still had lying around, which... wasn't actually a mess. Jut clean dishes that hadn't fit in the dishwasher the night before that he had to hand-wash.

After he put those away, he proceeded to go back to Ciel's bedroom to fix the bed that was left unattended to as he also straightened up the room a bit.

After about 30 minutes passed, Sebastian realized that it was almost time for lunch.

Knowing Ciel just had a sort of snack, he walked to the study and knocked.

Once he got the approval to enter, he did.

He looked at Ciel. "Young Master, it's almost Lunch time. Are you hungry or should I just prepare you a snack for later?" Sebastian asked.

Ciel lifted his head to look at Sebastian as he thought it over for a few seconds and shook his head.

"Just make me a snack for later, Sebastian. No use making something that'll most likely get wasted and thrown out." Ciel said.

Sebastian nodded, Just what I thought he'd say. He thought to himself as he left the study and went back to the kitchen.

He prepared a snack for his Young Master before putting it in the oven and se3tting the time for 20 minutes.

In those 20 minutes he managed to straighten the China Cabinet that Mei-rin failed to do and almost broke everything... Again.

Sebastian figured he probably should have rethought about hiring those three House-keepers...

All they do is make a huge mess that Sebastian later has to clean...

Sebastian took the dessert out of the oven when the timer went off as he put it on the stove to let it cool off.

When it was cool enough to the point where he was sure Ciel could eat it and it'd still be warm, he put it on a tray with another cup of Earl Grey Tea as he headed back upstairs to Ciel's study.

He knocked on the door as Ciel gave him to go ahead to enter as he did.

He walked over to the desk and carefully set down the new Tea Cup and the dessert as he picked up the dirty Tea Cup and put it on the tray.

"Here you go, Young Master. A fresh slice of Apple Crumble and a side of Vanilla Ice Cream." Sebastian said as Ciel nodded.

Ciel picked up the spoon and scooped up a bit of the Apple Crumble as he took a bite.

He has yet to find someone who can best Sebastian in the art of cooking Desserts. He figured that he probably never would either.

"Thank you, Sebastian." Ciel said as he got a nod in response.

"Anything you need, Young Master?" Sebastian asked.

Ciel leaned back in his chair lightly to think a he took another bite of the Apple Crumble.

He leaned forward and nodded. "Yes, a back massage would be great, Sebastian." Ciel said.

Sebastian blinked. "A.. Back massage..? Alright, Young Master. I'll be back shortly, then." Sebastian said as he made a quick trip to the kitchen to put the tray away and put the tea cup in the dish-washer after he rinsed it off.

He returned to Ciel's study minutes later as he walked up behind his master and proceeded in massaging his back.

Sebastian instantly felt Ciel relax then tense again almost instantly, making it seem like relaxing in the first place was a bad idea.

10 minutes had passed as Ciel leaned forward out of Sebastian's grip.

Sebastian figured that meant that Ciel had enough so he backed away from the chair as Ciel pushed it out.

Ciel gathered up his papers and put them in a nice neat pile at the edge of his desk as he got to his feet and looked back at Sebastian. "Come." He said as he walked to the door.

Sebastian blinked as he nodded and followed his Young Master out of the Study and back to Ciel's Bedroom.

Ciel walked in with Sebastian following as he laid down on his bed.

Sebastian had closed the door behind him after he had entered the room as he watched Ciel lay down.

"Something wrong, Young Master?" Sebastian asked as he walked over to the bed.

Ciel nodded lightly. "Yes.. My back is killing me." He said.

Sebastian chuckled and walked over to the edge of the bed.

"That's because you're always sitting upright in that uncomfortable chair, Young Master..." Sebastian responded.

"Then maybe you should get me a more comfortable Chair, Sebastian..." Ciel glanced at his demon butler.

Sebastian blinked, smiled and bowed lightly. "Very well, Young Master. You'll get your chair before you wake up in the morning." Sebastian said.

He smiled as he stripped Ciel out of his day clothes and helped him get dressed for the night as he laid Ciel down to sleep.

"Get some sleep, Young Master. I have a few things to attend to, then i'll come up when i'm finished." He said.

Ciel just blinked and nodded as he stared at his sexy butler.

With that, Sebastian exited the room, closing the wooden door behind him.

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