Elspeth's Quest

Originally published in the gaming APA Mutations #105 (August 1992) and in the ConChord 9 Songbook (October 1997). Based on Mercedes Lackey's novel Winds of Fate. Can be read as a poem, or can be sung to the tune of "Musings," by Mercedes Lackey and Leslie Fish.

Elspeth's Quest

(Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar universe)

by Susan M. M.

What do you seek so far from home?

Tell me, princess, tell me.

What do you seek so far from home,

Elspeth, Elspeth?

Far from your mother's land you ride,

Your swordbrother at your side.

Is it royal whim or childish pride

That sends you questing, Elspeth?


I seek a mage for Valdemar,

A wizard for an ally.

I seek for a mage for Valdemar

To save our land.

A mage to save us from our plight,

A mage whose powers are of the Light,

To defend us from King Ancar's might

And the warlocks at his command.


Magic's unknown in Valdemar,

Gone and long forgotten.

Magic's unknown in Valdemar,

The knowledge lost.

Seeking for allies I roam,

Wizards to protect our home,

Who with grimoire and arcane tome

Can teach us what we've lost.