Mama Perry

Part 1

It was a rainy summer day. Phineas and friends looked out the window as they saw rain fall down in the backyard. Perry was with them.

"This is stupid!" Buford spoke. "Can't rain wait until we're in school or something? Why must it rain? It's ruining our summer day!" Baljeet turned to the bully.

"Rain is good." He said. "It makes plants grow." Buford looked at him.

"I know why it rains, Jeet!" He elbowed him. "But why does it always rain on our parade when we want to go outside and have fun?" He then laughed to himself. "See what I did there? I made a play on words!" Baljeet looked annoyed and rubbed his stomach where he'd been elbowed.

"We can't decide when and where it rains, not ever meteorologists can do that. It's all up to Mother Nature." Buford elbowed him again. Baljeet rubbed his shoulder.

"We have to do something!" Isabella said. She thought a bit. "We could watch a movie."

"Yeah!" Phineas agreed. "We hardly watch movies due to our projects and if it's still raining afterworlds, we could play board games."

"Yeah!" His friends agreed. Phineas looked at Perry.

"How about it, boy? You want to see a movie?" The platypus chattered.

"Okay, let's go!" The gang followed him into the TV room.

"Now, what video do we want to watch?" Phineas asked his friends as he scanned through the video library on the shelf beside the TV. "We have Farladdin, Wizzney's Beauty and the Monster, The Swan Queen…" As Phineas went on, a particular tape caught Isabella's eye. She grabbed it.

"What's this?" She looked at the label and read it out loud. "Phineas Flynn: The First Year."

"My baby tape!" Phineas spoke, grabbing it. "Man, I haven't seen this in ages!"

"Want to see it?"

"Sure; why not?" Phineas turned on the TV and popped the tape into the VCR. He and his friends, then went to sit on the couch. Perry hopped on Phineas' lap. The boy pressed 'play' on the remote, sat back, and watched his baby self being cradled by his mom at Danville Hospital.

"Awwww!" Isabella said. "Phineas, you are so cute as a baby!"

"I bet you were cute as a baby too." Phineas told her.

"Every baby is." Baljeet pointed out.

"Mom, mom!" Candace screamed from the kitchen, running to where the kids were. "Come quick, Phineas and Ferb are…" She saw them watching the TV. "Huh? Watching TV?" She then called to her mom. "Never mind mom; false alarm!" She looked at the TV. "Whatcha' watchin?"

"My baby tape." Phineas answered. "Hey Candace, you're coming up!" Candace looked at the screen. Sure enough, she saw her four-year-old self smile as she held her new baby brother, given to her by her mom. A brown dog then appeared on screen, tail wagging, looking down at his new master. Little Candace showed Phineas to him.

"Look Bucky!" Little Candace said. "I'm a big sister now!" Bucky barked in excitement. Her parents exchange proud glances as they witnessed their son being held by his new sister.

The TV cut to Phineas in a little pumpkin outfit for Halloween. Then his first Thanksgiving and Christmas. Phineas laughed as he saw his baby self put a bow on top of Bucky's head.

It wasn't until baby Phineas met baby Ferb for the first time that Perry's watch beeped. The platypus then hopped to the floor and went to the other room. He looked back; his owners and their friends were so absorbed in the TV that they didn't notice his absence.

Perry strolled to the picture frame of him and his family. He hopped on the sofa under it. He stood on his hind legs and pulled the picture frame a little, revealing a tunnel. He went in and pressed a button on the wall of the tunnel. The picture went back in place as if nothing happened.

The agent put on his fedora and went though the tunnel to an opening to his headquarters. The agent jumped down and went to sit in his chair. He turned on the monitor.

His boss was playing Peek-a-Boo to his two-month old niece.

"Peek-A-Boo!" Monogram told the baby. "Peek-A-Boo!" The baby laughed. Perry chattered. Monogram noticed him.

"Oh!" He said. "Agent P, sorry about this. I'm babysitting Sofia while her parents are away. " He put her back in her playpen. He gave her a sock monkey to play with. He turned back to Perry.

"Dr. Doofenshmirtz has bought a crib and a baby mobile off the internet. We don't know why; he doesn't have a baby according to our intelligence. So what does he need a crib for? Knowing him, it must be evil. So as always, we need you to investigate and put a stop…" All of a sudden, a laser hit him and he turned into a baby. Perry's eyes widened. The baby major burst out crying. Carl came onto the screen.

"Sir, are you alright? I heard a…" He then squealed as he saw his now baby boss. "Aw, where did you come from?" The intern picked him up and cradled him. "There, there, stop crying. Carl's here. He put the baby by Sofia in the playpen. "There, now you have a friend Sofia! What do you say to that?" Sofia giggled happily. "Yeah, I knew you'd like it. Gitchie Gitchie goo!" He ticked Sofia's chin, making her laugh. Next was Major Monogram. Carl was about to tickle his now hairless chin, when all of a sudden; a second beam hit him. Perry's eyes widened again as he saw the intern turn into a baby. Carl developed tears in his eyes and burst out crying, forcing the other two to cry as well.

The platypus knew what to do immediately; this had Doofenshmirtz written all over it. He jumped from his chair and started towards his scooter. He then stopped and looked back at the crying babies on screen. He sighed. He couldn't just leave, not with his boss and Carl alone as babies with Sofia being only a baby as well.

He turned back to the monitor and pressed a button. A sucking tube appeared on the side. He went under it, allowing the tube to suck him up.

The tube has led him into the headquarters seconds later. He picked up the crying babies and went out of the HQ and headed towards DEI. It had stopped raining.

It wasn't long until he realized something. What was he doing walking outside like this, trying to hold onto three babies? They were slowing him down and Major Monogram weighed more then Carl and Sofia combined. At this rate, it would be nighttime when he finally arrived at his nemesis's apartment. He sighed; putting the three babies down on the ground and brushed his brow, exhausted. He couldn't go on like this. What's a platypus to do?

He then saw a baby buggy from the corner of his eye at a yard sale. He went to it, payed the owner and put the struggling babies in.

As soon as they were in, he buckled their seatbelts after some trouble. When done, he sighed and brushed his sweaty brow again. He was about to push it when he realized he was too short to reach the handle. He sighed; he would just have to push from the bottom of the pram. Taking a deep breath, he strenuously put his weight on the buggy, moving it inch-by inch, along the sidewalk.

He finally reached Doof's building after what seemed like forever. He sighed and brushed his fur out of his eyes before going in. Looking up at the elevator he gave a loud groaning chatter: the elevator was out of order. The sign instructed him to "please use stairs", and was marked with a happy smiley face and a "have a nice day". With a glower and a deep, deep breath and a deep, deep sigh, he resignedly pushed open the door to the stairwells. The next hour or so was spent dragging the carriage up the forty-or-so flights of stair, having to stop at each landing and calm down the babies who were upset by the jarring ascent up the steps.

Very, very tired by now, he knocked when he got to Dr. Doofenshmirtz's door. A moment later, the doctor answered it.

"Hello?" He asked. "Are you the pizza guy?" He then saw that it was Perry. "Oh Perry the Platypus, come in, come in!" The platypus pushed the buggy inside. Dr. Doofenshmirtz closed the door behind him. Perry looked around the room. An 'inator' that looked like a giant baby bottle was in the center of the room, along with a baby crib with a baby mobile above it like Monogram had said there would be. Doofenshmirtz realized something.

"Hey Perry the Platypus," He started. "Why are you pushing a baby buggy? Are you babysitting?" He looked and saw baby Monogram, baby Carl, and Sofia. "Hey, you are babysitting, aren't you? Really, because they are babies!" He laughed at his joke, and then realized that his nemesis had fallen asleep.

"Perry the Platypus! Wake up; you can't thwart me when you're asleep!" He kept yelling, yet the platypus didn't awake. "Hmmm, I guess you had a tough day." He picked up Perry and put him in the crib. He stared down at him. "You know, Perry the Platypus, you look really cute when you're asleep. I'll let you thwart me when you're up to it; you need your sleep." He turned on the baby mobile, letting it play its soothing music as it rotated. He went to his chair and picked up his Evil Monthly magazine and started to read.

Several minutes later, then heard odd cooing sounds and looked up and gasped. Baby Carl was crawling towards his inator. Doofenshmirtz quickly got up and ran to him. He picked him up.

"No! You almost touched my Baby-Inator that will turn everybody into helpless babies so I can take over the Tri-State Area!" He laughed maniacally. "Anyway, good thing you didn't set it off." He went and put him back in the buggy. He was about to go and read his magazine again when he noticed something. Monogram was missing!

"Hey, I thought there were three babies in here. Where did the other one go?"

"Goo!" A voice called. Doofenshmirtz looked behind him and gasped. Monogram was playing with the machine!

"No! Wait until Perry the Platypus gets up! That's not a toy!" The machine fired randomly. Doofenshmirtz ran to it.

"Now, come here!" He said to Monogram. Monogram laughed while the machine kept firing. Doofenshmirtz laughed nervously. "This isn't funny anymore." The laser turned and pointed at the doctor and fired. He ducked out of the way. "Ha!" He then looked mad. "You came here now! That isn't a toy!" Monogram developed tears in his eyes. Doofenshmirtz realized his mistake. "No! Don't cry; I didn't mean it! Well, I did mean it, but don't cry!" He ran to pick him up.

Suddenly, the beam reflected off a mirror and zapped Doofenshmirtz! The doctor turned into a baby and fell onto the ground. He along with the others broke out crying.

This was enough to wake Perry. The platypus' eyes grew wide when he saw four babies crying at once. But worse, he saw that the machine was still on and firing randomly. The platypus got out of the crib and went towards it. It fired at him. He jumped out of the way. He was about to turn it off, when Norm came in the room. He had a tray full of muffins.

"Your muffins sir!" The robot said cheerfully. The laser pointed at him and fired, turning Norm into a baby robot. The tray of muffins fell next to him. The baby robot cried metallically.

Perry's eyes widened again and he hurried to turn off the machine before it had a chance to fire again. He pulled the plug just before it had a chance to shoot him- then sighed and wiped his brow in relief.

Perry then figured it out. This 'inator' his nemesis created must be a machine that zaps anybody it hits into helpless babies. Of course, by turning everybody into babies, no one would stop him from taking over the Tri-State Area!

Perry picked up the lab coated crying baby. This baby sure looked familiar to him. Perry cradled him. Doof stopped crying and reached to play with Perry's hair strands. He then pulled one, giving Perry pain. The baby laughed as Perry scowled at him. Yep this must be Doofenshmirtz all right. He went to put baby Doofenshmirz in the buggy. His eyes widened as he saw that the Major and Carl were missing! Where did they go? He felt a tug on his tail and someone getting on it. He looked around. Carl was on the flat tail like he was a cowboy and his tail was his noble steed. The babies laughed.

Perry grabbed Carl and buckled him into the buggy very tightly. He did the same to Monogram who was about to crawl away. He then grabbed Norm and buckled him in as well.

He heard more cooing and laughing. But not from one baby, several babies from outside. He went on the veranda. He hopped onto the table and looked over the side of the building. His eyes widened, there were babies everywhere! Some crawling, some just sitting and crying, and some getting out of wrecked cars that has crashed— miraculously none of the babies were hurt.

The platypus then had another thought, a dreadful one. He hopped down from the table and went to the buggy. He sighed; it was going to be a long trip down.

He got out of the building and went to his home, wishing that what he thought wasn't true.

When he was at the fence, he left the buggy, and walked into the backyard. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw his dreadful thought was exactly as he feared. His owners, Linda, Lawrence, Candace, his owner's friends, everyone was a baby!