Author's Note: So I just got completely HOOKED on Prison Break (I mean hello Michael/Wentworth) So, I liked the whole episode 'Sweet Caroline' BUT that just didn't do it for me. Love Whump!Michael so here's a made up scene around Season 2-3 in Panama. I'll continue to write on, not sure exact updates, but this is almost for my pure enjoyment and I'm willing to share. (: So those who do read, please review what you think!

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Warnings: Violence, Torture.

Chapter One: Round Two

Here they are, all together, probably not one of their best occasions. Chained up against the rustic wall is Lincoln. Beside him Sucre, Sara, C-Note, and Mahone all stand in their own set of shackles. Then there was Michael, hanging from the ceiling with chains bound against his wrists and ropes around his ankles.

Mahone and Lincoln had been caught first using them as bait for Michael. Sucre and C-Note were working their end of Michael's plan when both of them had been nabbed. Then it didn't last long for Michael when Sara had been taken at gun point and he easily backed down.

Michael didn't know who in particular had put this in place, obviously the government wanting to clean up their hands from the escapees. It wasn't until Bill Kim showed up punching him square in the jaw that his stomach sank.

So, now they are here. In Panama inside a conveniently vacant warehouse in just about the middle of nowhere.

Michael pulls against his restraints. There has to be a way out this one. He's not nervous or anything, he knows there will be a time when Kim will undoubtedly slip up. Faith. That's what he had to go on. Michael received a beating back in Chicago from Kim and it definitely wasn't the worst he's received, but he also knew a lot more damage could've been dealt if Kim had been given more time. And frankly, he didn't want to be here long enough to find out.

But as cruel fate would have it, he was going to experience a pain like no other. He could tell the minute Kim walked in through the door with his smile reaching his ears and eyes curved into dark crescent moons.

"If you want something done right, do it yourself." Kim nods and smiles, waving his hand at his latest achievement. All of them strung up in custody, but most likely not in the hands of true law enforcement. If there was such a thing anymore.

"I've got to admit, catching you guys has been a pain in my ass though. You've out done yourselves- especially you Michael. This couldn't have happened without you. You just about blew the hinges off the roof to expose just about every government detail." Kim clears his throat as he casually wander around the cold stone room.

"Just goes to show you how corrupt it is," Michael's voice is a little scratchy from the lack of refreshments given, but his stare is strong as ever.

Kim makes a tiny 'tsk' sound before he snaps his body straight in front of Michael returning with a hard glare. "You may be right, but what you have done seems far worse." He smashes his fist to Michael's face which receives a yell out of Lincoln who renews his futile struggles.

Michael sniffs before bringing his head back to centre. Blood slow trickles down his nose onto his lips.

"You've put so much-" another punch, "pressure on me. And made-" another, "a fool out of me on multiple-" and two more swift punches, "occasions." Kim clenched his fist, venting out all the bottled anger he saved just for Scofield.

This definitely reminded Michael of the time in Chicago. He had expressed his anger in the same form of using Michael as a nice punching bag. He was still healing up on those bruises.

Michael flashes back his hardened glare, "You needed to be exposed. What you're doing is wrong and pathetic. Using the government to gain control and ruin and kill innocent lives," Michael's voice rose a bit, knowing what the government had done to set up his brother. "All for what? So you can sit tall on your mighty horse and-"

The punch cut him off and Michael incidentally bites down on his tongue. The rain of blows didn't stop there though as he's continually pummeled with fists to his face and stomach.

Lincoln is having a cow and so are the others actually. Sara, Sucre, Franklin, and even Mahone all shouting for Kim to stop.

Eventually, Kim stops on his own accord, with Michael's head hanging low and blood dripping from his mouth. Kim grabs him by his throat forcing his bruised face to lift and face into the venomous look of Kim.

"Oh Michael. This is just the start," Kim circles around Michael until he's out of sight behind him. He whispers into his ear, "I could instead take Ms. Tancredi for something just as pleasurable, or maybe your brother could use a nice beat down to get it through his thick skull." Michael's eyes widen in shock looking straight at both of them. He wouldn't be able to bear it, "No, " he whispers back trying to make sincere eye contact to Kim, but only getting a glimpse of a shadow behind him.

'Hmph,' a fierce blow hits Michael at his side where his kidneys are and he winces in pain.

"We're definitely not done here, Michael. Long from it," Kim turns to leave wiping his bloodied hands on a towel and promptly leaving through the door.

When the door closes behind Kim surrendering the room back into the darkness Michael lifts his head to the bodies in front of him.

"Michael, are you okay?" A redundantly courteous question everyone has to ask when someone obviously isn't after being beaten on, but Michael will deny any pain.

"Yeah, Linc, I'm fine. We need to get out of here though," Michael looks around the room. There just nothing around, besides a nice ceiling window letting in the rays from outside shine in providing some light.

"Figured that one out Scofield, but how?" Mahone jiggles on his chains for emphasis of how totally and utterly screwed they all are. "I had to work for that scumbag longer than I wanted to and he's relentless."

"We'll just have to wait for a slip..."

"A slip? Like 'Oh I forgot the keys to the chains right by Michael's feet' slip? That ain't going to happen, not with Bill Kim." Mahone didn't mean to be such a downer to the situation, but he was just being realistic.

"Mahone will you just shut it, you're not much help over there," Lincoln barked out.

Before another word could be said, the door reopened revealing two large men walking into the room. "Mr. Kim told us to entertain the guests." They simultaneously crack and smack their first together hinting on another beating.

Michael just stares at them willing both of them to come at him. The more beat up he was, the less cautious they would become and the less cautious they were, the more accident prone they were to slipping up. Michael just had to make sure that when that time came he was still up to getting out.

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