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No P.O.V

The day is warm and sunny, there is no clouds in the sky. All in all it was a beautiful day. Akemi is walking to the harbor, she was going to be careful because she ate the water water fruit she 'found' on a pirate ship eight years earlier. She made it to the harbor in two minutes. The sound of gentle waves could be heard crashing into the pier and boats of various kinds. One boat stood out, a pirate ship with a straw hat skull and cross bones flag. Akemi walked closer to the previously described ship. Yelling could be heard from what sounded like a girl came from the ship. Akemi decided to rob a small fishing boat that she was luckily standing beside. The boat may be small, but it held a lot of fish. Akemi picked up the five fish and put them into her backpack. She could hear footsteps behind her. Akemi carefully stepped out of the boat.

"Hey kid, what do you think you are doing?" a fisherman, who owned the boat and the fish, demands. Akemi started to run away from the fisherman, who we will call Paul. Paul is now chasing after her. Akemi started running as fast as she can. She left the harbor and is now dashing down the streets. The footsteps got quieter and quieter. Akemi turned her head around and the fisherman was gone. Akemi then bumps into someone and falls to the ground.

"Are you okay?" a boy's voice asks.

"Yeah, I think so," Akemi replies. The boy offers her his hand with a big smile. Akemi reaches for the boy's hand and he helps her up onto her feet.

"My name is Monkey D. Luffy and I am going to be king of the pirates!"

"I'm Akemi, I am glad to meet you to meet you. Are you serious about being king of he pirates?"

"Yeah!" Luffy says with enthusiasm. Luffy began to explain about his journeys and crew.

"Wow, I wish I could have those kinds of adventures," Akemi says after Luffy finished talking about his adventures.

"Hehe, you can if you join my crew," Luffy states with his trademark grin.

"Really! You will let me join your crew?"

"Come on let's go!" Luffy shouts. He grabs Akemi by the waist and begins to run towards the harbor. They make it to the harbor in five minutes. Luffy drags Akemi onto the pirate ship with the straw hat flag.

"Luffy who is that kid?" a girl with short orange hair shouts.

"This is Akemi and she is going to join our crew!" Luffy says happily.

"Alright everyone we are leaving prepare to leave port," the girl shouts at the rest of the crew. As the ship leaves port Akemi fells a bit guilty about stealing from the people in Logue town for 11 years. The girl walks over to Akemi and takes a seat beside her.

"My name is name Nami." The two of them sat there for a few minutes, but soon Akemi falls asleep.

Nami P.O.V

Minutes after I introduced myself to Akemi, she fell asleep and her head landed on my shoulder. I gave a small smile, she looks like a child when she sleeps. The sound of waves against all the sides of the boat is peaceful. I soon find myself falling asleep too.

No P.O.V (Near reverse mountain)

Both Nami and Akemi are now waking up.

"Where are we?" Nami asks sleepily, while she rubs the sleep out of her eyes.

"Near a mountain," Zoro sighs. Nami does not need to be told again. She starts ordering the crew, except Akemi, around like they are her personal butlers. The ship is getting turned towards the mountain. Nami walks towards Akemi and sits down beside her again.

"If I wasn't here then those idiots would be lost," Nami sighs.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. So, technically they would not be lost at all," Akemi says lazily, while looking up at the beautiful blue sky.

"I guess so, but still they are idiots."

"I cannot argue with you there. All people have the right to stupidity, but they overly abuse the privilege." Both girls glance over to the boys who were acting as stupid as ever.

Minutes later ...

The ship is ascended reverse mountain. So far it has gone smoothly. The ship is beginning to descend.

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