Human Donor :
A living human who is enslaved by a vampire, forced to allow their master to do whatever they please to them, including the spillage of their own blood.

May 14th 2010.
Deer Isle, Maine.
5:40 PM.

I walked along the sidewalk, my books close to my chest as a soft rain began to beat down against my skin. It was especially warm for it to be raining, I thought, but I eventually put my hood up and endured it as I passed the Deer Isle bridge, walking down the slope towards my home.

"Bella! Hey! Bella!" A voice called out and I turned around sharply, inhaling my breath as I looked for the voice who was calling my name. Lauren was behind me, a group of her friends rolling their eyes at her but murmuring goodbyes as they entered into their neighborhood. Lauren smiled at me, waving as she ran in my direction.

"Hi Lauren. I didn't see you at school today." I murmured, clutching my books tighter.

"Skipped." She laughed, "We had that Chem test. I was going to fail so I decided fuck it! I'll just do it on Monday." She grinned and I nodded slowly, biting at my lip. "So, I just wanted to invite you to my party. My parents are going out of town so I'm having everyone come over."

"Oh." I told her and she frowned already knowing what my answer would be. "I have to study for that English test on Monday, though."

"That's what Sunday is for Bella. Come on. You haven't been to one party yet." She sighed, stepping closer to grab my shoulders. "Please?"

"I have to study, Lauren."

"We both know you'll pass that test."

"My uncle doesn't know that." I shrugged.

"Screw your uncle!" She said and just when she did the tree lining into the woods shook slightly and I knew we were being watched.

"I can't, Lauren. I'm sorry." I told her sympathetically. "Next time okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. Sure." She sighed, rolling her eyes only to smile at me. "I'm holding you to it. See you later, Swan."

"Bye." I waved, smiling back at her as I turned around and headed home.

It didn't surprise me that the moment I walked into the house, Alec was there waiting by the arch into the dining room. I smiled at him weakly, knowing he knew everything that just transpired between Lauren and I.

"How was your day, ma biche?" Alec asked me, running his cold fingers through my hair.

"It was good." I told him honestly, grabbing his arm and giving it a gentle squeeze, watching as he smiled down at me.

"That's wonderful." He said, sitting down at the mahogany table next to me. "Tomorrow we will be attending a dinner party at my old friend's."

"An old friend?" I asked.

"Yes, his name is Aro. You met him once a long time ago. You probably don't remember, you were so young." He told me and I shook my head, the name familiar but not ringing a bell. "Well, no matter, he has invited us to his home in Italy."

"Italy?" I asked, raising a brow.

"Yes. I've already packed your bags and bought you a dress for the evening. We leave by dawn." He told me as I sat fidgeted in my seat. He noticed this, narrowing his eyes at me. "Do you have something to say, Isabella?"

"I know you heard Lauren." I whispered underneath my breath.

"She's having a party." He didn't question it confirming my suspicions that he was the one in the woods. His red eyes glowed under the chandelier light above us, two auras gleaming directly at me. "You will be going to a party tomorrow."

"But I want to go to the one… Here." I whispered so softly that no human would have been able to hear. Though, Alec could.

"You'd rather stay in Deer Isle then go to Italy?" He snickered under his breath, the smooth contours of his face not moving when he smiled. "You are an odd one, my doe. But you will be attending the dinner party with me. Another party will come I'm sure."

"You've never let me go to a party. By myself, at least." I told him, biting my tongue instantly. I was talking back and he glowered at me quickly. I knew Alec wouldn't hurt me, but that did not mean he couldn't punish me. "I'm sorry." I said, bowing my head.

Alec only smiled, moving his chair swiftly and in a blink of an eye he stared down at me, cupping my face, his skin so cold but soothing me instantly. I looked up at him with a forced smile, trying to reflect the one he was showing me himself but it only turned awkward and eventually faltered.

"You must understand Bella, that cruel world out there is no place for an innocent young girl such as yourself, ma biche." He told me sternly, but with a soft tenderness that convinced me he only did this because he cared. "You are too beautiful for your own good. And I made a promise to myself to keep you safe."

"What could happen at a high school party?"

"You'd be surprised." He grinned. "So many lions out there hunting you, my little doe. I can't always be by your side."

"Will you let me go next time? Honestly?" I asked softly. Alec's face went still, though his hands brought back strands of hair that dangled in front of my eyes.

"I can't say that I will. But I'll think about it." He smirked and I knew right then and there what my answer would be. "You will thank me one day, sweet one. Now go ahead and go get ready for bed. I'll be up in a moment to retrieve my dosage."

I nodded my head and left the table, heading up the stairs and into my room. It was nearing six in the evening and if we were leaving by dawn it was best for me to sleep now. I took a short bath, covering the water with rose pedals as I washed my hair, thinking of what I may be possibly missing tomorrow at Lauren's party.

It was probably odd that I'd rather hang around this small town then take a trip out to Italy, but I had been all over the world with Alec. We've been to England, South America, Germany, Russia, even France which is where Alec is from.

Sometimes, though, I just wanted to be normal.

There was no ounce of normalcy in my life. I was not allowed outside of this house unless it was school, or it was with Alec himself. It annoyed me at times but usually I had no problem with it. Alec has been with me since I can remember. He told me he found me at the age of six curled up on a rainy street in New York, next to my mother who had died from natural causes. I could never remember that part of my life. There will be times where I can see my mothers face as if a memory would pop up, throwing flags to make me remember but it would disperse quicker than it came. Alec took me in and became the father I never had, though to the people around us he was known as my uncle.

I was able to convince him to loosen my leash a little by letting me go to high school, but he drew the line at me going out and socializing with other kids. He always told me it was for the best, that he was all I needed. Of course I believe him.

But that doesn't douse the need to go do things myself.

After brushing out my hair and cleaning my teeth, I pulled on my sweats and a t-shirt and climbed into my bed, the canopy above me gently swaying in the wind from my open window. I could hear the shore of the ocean just a mile or so away and it soothed me straight underneath my covers. A few knocks echoed in my room and Alec was by my side, knelling against the bed with his silver box.

"You know, Italy is also apart of your birthday present." Alec mused as he opened the box. I had forgotten my birthday was tomorrow. "Did you not remember your birthday?" Alec chuckled and I blushed, nodding my head. "Oh, my doe. How could you forget such a wonderful day?" He asked, pressing his hand to my cheek. I shrugged, still blushing furiously as I felt a little foolish.

"What are we going to do?" I asked softly, watching as he tied a ribbing around my arm, a few inches above my elbow.

"Well, I am going to take you to a wonderful lunch in Rome. Of course we will sight-see. Last time you were in Italy, you were only nine. Do you remember that, ma biche? I bought you that pink sparkly pinwheel."

"I remember a little bit." I nodded. "I dropped it in a puddle and cried."

"You cried for hours." He chuckled. "I wouldn't stand for your sadness, though. I sent you to one of my old friends for a short time and then brought you back to the hotel. Do you remember what was there?" He asked, and I shook my head. "I filled the whole room with pinwheels. All an assortment of colors. You eyes lit right up." He grinned as he remembered the memory I had clearly forgotten, but I loved to see him smile.

"I bet I was happy."

"You were ecstatic." He smirked and I winced slightly, feeling the needle go into my arm. "Would you like me to hum?" He asked as I felt blood leaving my body. I nodded quickly, the smell of the air turning from ocean water to rust. Alec began to hum my favorite tune. Something about his voice – it was so melodic. It made me forget about what he was taking from my body.

I could feel myself slipping, yawning as his beautiful voice carried me away into a different world. I guess a few minutes had passed and the needle was pulled out, though I was already half way asleep. He hummed a few more notes and then kissed my forehead.

"Goodnight, my little doe." He whispered before leaving me to my dreams.

ma biche - my doe

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