The air was thick with heat, though the moon was high in the dark sky just above the ocean that glistened with light. I felt cold fingers run across the skin of my warm neck, tucking the hair that stuck to my skin behind me. Outside on the large deck, the circular canopy bed swung from the wind, the noises of crickets chirping soothing me efficiently. We were surrounded by mosquito netting, just like the bedroom, but it opened slightly so the night sky was prominent with bright stars. Surrounded by pillows, I used Edward's shoulder as a rest place, my arms tucking over his waist. He was tentative, kissing my forehead as his fingers drifted up and down my side.

The days were longer, the nights were shorter and timed seemed to tick faster than usual. It was only just a few days ago that Edward announced his departure and that Esme and Carlisle will be with me for who knows how long. The news was surprising, but I gulped down my words and my tears as I wanted to do nothing but spend every waking moment I possibly could with him.

The past week had been spent exploring an abundant of places, including the cities and the jungles, trying new foods and seeing new places and meeting new people. I immersed myself in Cebu, always reminding myself to be grateful for what I have, that others don't. Edward and I even helped a small neighborhood build back the homes that were lost in a storm just months ago. It felt so gratifying to give back to people who had it harder than I did and always helped me put things in perspective.

When we weren't in the towns, we were in the forests. The drizzle of rains enveloped the green scenery around us. Droplets fell from the leaves, birds sitting on branches as they shook off the rain. We spent hours just walking around and finally we had found a saving grace from the heat. Tucked in the green of the forest was a large waterfall crashing into a small pool of water underneath it. Untouched, solitary, beautiful. I was quick to climb the rocks to the top, peeling off my tank-top that stuck to my hot skin. Edward was there within a blink, shirtless and waiting. I smirked and grabbed a hold of his back, the two of us jumping down, clutching and screaming as we hit the water.

I smiled at the memory and tucked my face into his neck as I remembered the water surrounding us, the fish scattering as we swam deeper to the sand at the bottom where the sea life walked around, lit up by the sun that shined through the water. I felt hands grabbing my waist, pulling me close as we went up for air. I took in a deep breath, pushing my hair back as Edward disappeared under, grabbing my ankles to bring me down. We followed each other, even getting out to jump off the fall again. He gripped my waist, spinning me around as waves formed and washed onto the land, scaring away the small herd of deer that were grazing just a few feet away.

I gripped his hair, tugging tightly as our lips touched, a roll of thunder echoing through the woods. The sprinkles of rain started, hitting our skin that was out of the water. We looked up, the canopy of trees protecting us somewhat until the rain turned hard, the leaves bouncing down and animals headed for cover. I looked back down to Edward, reaching for his chin as I kissed him hard. He kissed me back, the passion equally balanced as it deepened. My body was on fire, his touch cooling me down as I moaned into his mouth. He growled his approval, his lips running down my neck as I gasped for air, gripping his hair just as his teeth sunk into my skin.

"What are you thinking about?" Edward awoke me from my thoughts, my eyes lighting with the moon that looked down at us. I grinned and tilting my chin to look up at him.

"Us." I said, my fingers coming out to trace his smile.

"What about us?" He asked, tucking my hair away from my face. I moved closer to him, gripping him harder as my head rested back down onto his shoulder.

"Everything. How far we've come. Remember when we first met? In Italy? You were so… Up and down. I didn't understand you." I said, thinking back just little over a year ago.

"I did not know how to act around you. I have been around many humans, but when I was around you I felt different. It made me nervous." He said as I looked up to him.

"You were an asshole." I laughed, watching him smirk as he nodded his head.

"I was." He agreed.

"In Hilo, sometimes you didn't even look at me." I said, looking back out to the moon. "I wouldn't see you for weeks and if I did see you, you always had Victoria or another woman on you." My fingers ran down the exposed skin of his chest, my lips pressing together as I tried to suppress the memories as Edward sighed a heavy breath.

"I'm not justifying my actions in any way. I did not know how to work around you Bella. I still don't. Victoria was a cushion, I knew how she worked. You were different," He said, gently gripping my chin so I could look at him. "I'm known to do things without thinking them through. I did not mean to hurt you."

"I know." I said.

"Do you?" He asked. I nodded my head.

"I do. I really do. I'm sorry for bringing it up… I was just thinking too much." I said, leaning forward to kiss the corner of his lips. He was wary, watching as I pulled away.

"I think too much as well. I think of the times you snuck off with Peter, or Jacob…" He hissed, bringing his body up to hover over mine. My heart was racing, my lips pressing together as I watched his red eyes gleam above me. "I am not a jealous person, Isabella. My sexual partners were allowed to be with whomever they wanted and I would not give a care in the world… But when I saw you on that beach with Peter…"

My mouth gaped open slightly, my cheeks reddening with a blush, I had to look away.

"You saw that…" I murmured slowly, biting onto my lip. The night on the beach was the night I lost my virginity with Peter… I thought we had been alone. I looked back to him and he nodded, his red eyes piercing into me. "You were watching?"

"I heard you two from down the street. Imagine my shock when I saw it with my own eyes." He growled, his fingers touching the skin of my collarbones, etching as if he was trying to remember it. "I have never felt so much rage. So much… Jealousy." He whispered, his voice hard and menacing as I felt small underneath him. "I wanted to rip his throat out."

"You wouldn't do that." I assured him.

"I would. I would have walked right out there and ripped out his spine, right from his body and thrown him to the sharks." His voice vibrated with hatred, his eyes burning with a dark light that scared me to my very core. "I was so overwhelmed; I didn't even register Maggie walking up on me. She was his savior. Had she not caught me, I would have done it, Bella. Nothing would have stopped me."

"That's… Not very reassuring. You can't get so angry." I told him, but he ignored me.

"And then when I found you on that boat… With Jacob Black." He spit his name like venom. "I had a plan. I was organizing my way about it. I was going to get you out as quickly as possible, as far away as possible and then return to kill him."


"You stopped me." He said. "I didn't expect you to wake up. But when you did… When I saw the look in your eyes… It made me realize what a monster I am."

"You're not a monster, don't say that." I told him, gripping his cheeks in my hands. We lifted up, my legs straddling his hips as my fingers ran through his hair.

"When it comes to you, Bella… I'm unpredictable." He began, "I want nothing but you. I do not share. And I know I was rude. I know I confused you, but to me I justified my actions because I knew how I felt. I'm sorry for what I did, how I went about it. But… I can't be sorry for the way I feel."

"You do not have to be sorry for that." I whispered, touching his forehead as I wiped hair away.

"I want nothing but you… Always you. And I know I let others touch me, but when I saw others touch you… I lost it. I know I hurt you. But I won't anymore. You are mine. And I am yours. It will never change." He grounded out with such clarity that I could not doubt him.

"I love you. I love you. I'm not mad… I'm yours. Forever." I whispered, kissing him quickly, feeling his hard chest against mine. His growl vibrated my body, my lips producing moans as he pressed my back to the bed, his hips to mine as I gripped his muscles that flexed under my nails. His snarl was potent, it was a warning and I knew he wanted exactly what he promised he would wait to do.

He held back, his fingers touching under the fabric of my clothes, his lips ravishing my neck as his teeth skimmed my mark. He growled more like a hungry animal, his eyes turning black even though he had only just fed a few days ago.

"I'm sorry," He said, apologizing for his need to feed. I shook my head, moaning as I kissed his mouth just before turning my head and revealing my mark, approving the bite. He kissed me gently and whispered the three words I loved to hear the most. He gripped me under him, his mouth opening as his teeth shined against my skin, digging in as the blood dripped down, the vibrations echoing in my body as I bit my lip, feeling my every being drift off ecstasy.

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