Opening my eyes was the hardest part of it all. Everything was blurring together, colors mixing and mashing, items shaping and turning. I was growing sick just from the sight of it. I blinked my eyes closed and heard a soft swoosh sound over and over again, repeating itself like a chant. I could feel rubber on my face and my hand raised to inspect what it was but fell short onto my chest.

The darkness that succumbed me drained everything I had. And for a moment, I thought that this was the end.

Apart of me was almost hoping it was.

I tried again, my arm lifting and moving towards my face, my fingers nimbly finding the foreign object that ran around my end and into my nose. I pulled at it, ripping it off as a sizzle went off in my ear like air escaping from a tire. My eyes opened again, the colors not as vibrant and everything was slowed from it's quick motion. I could finally make out the machine next to me, my hand reaching to feel the coldness of the metal.

I looked to the front of me, a sliding wooden door closed shut and next to it a wall with a painting of an Angel that was in the shape of a cross. I pulled myself up, the bed beneath me creaking in protest as I slowly moved my shaking feet to the floor. The coldness of the wood caused me to flinch, my palms pressing into the bed to raise myself up but I was too weak.

The gravity pushed me down as quickly as it could, my body hitting the floor with a loud thud. I squeezed my eyes tight and reached for the dresser not too far from me, my fingers looping into the handles as I began to pull myself up. My palms touched the top, my body leaning on support until my legs could straighten. I didn't move for a few minutes until I was confident that I could walk. I took one step at a time, my foot sliding against the floor as my fingers reluctantly let go of the support of the dresser.

I stumbled to the door, it cracking in response to my weight, my shoulder against the wall as I slid the door open and into an empty living room. There was an old green couch in the middle, a broken and worn coffee table in front of it as plants decorated every corner. I took another sliding step out and looked to the open door that revealed the bathroom. Mice ran along the tub, sprinting away at the sight of me.

My fingers gripped the corner of the wall, holding myself as I moved closer into the living room. I could hear the sound of children, my eyes turning to the window that was covered by a white sheet. I made my way to it slowly, holding onto anything I could to help keep me up, finally gripping the sheet. It ripped in protest but I was at the wall before I could fall, moving the fabric aside to look out the window.

The rustic town was still full of life, raindrops falling from the buildings from the passing storm, street vendors closing down their carts at the sight of the setting sun. Children ran around the square, over the fountain as a woman came out and yelled at them in Italian. She looked more worried than angry, the children immediately at her side as they ran into a building. I looked up at the large tower with a ticking clock, it chiming once it hit seven. The sun casted a dark shade of red and orange over the small unknown town. The last of the people scattered, slamming their doors and closing their windows, dropping blinds over them. My eyes squinted in confusion at their sudden retreat, but only seconds after emerged shadows from the darkness, hidden by red cloaks.

I dropped the sheet quickly and pressed my back into the wall. I covered my mouth and quickly lost my balance, falling down onto my bottom. Shadows passed by the window, only stopping for a mere second before continuing on. I held myself against the wall and waited for the inevitable crash, the shattering of glass and my body being taken in chains.

But it never happened.

The vampires, had somehow, missed me and continued on. My head fell back against the wall and my eyes closed in relief, but a sudden sound from the front had me on high alert, my eyes scanning the form in the doorway.

The red eyes stared at me with such a haunting familiarity that I wanted to break down and cry. The memories flooded my vision like a beacon of light and I remembered him on the floor next to me in my cell and I soon realized that it was not a dream.

"I didn't expect you to be up." Alec said with a large brown bag in his arm. He closed the door behind him and set the bag down on the island, swiftly moving to me as he crouched low to my position. "They are gone, ma biche. I will not let them hurt you anymore."

With a cry my weak arms had found their way around his neck and he quickly grabbed me, sensing I was going to fall. He chuckled into my hair and rubbed my back, soothing me with soft and quiet shushes that almost lulled me to sleep.

"I thought I dreamt it all." I whispered into his shoulder, his sweater absorbing the tears that fell from my eyes.

"No dream, ma biche. I'm really here." He told me, running his fingers through my hair. "Are you hungry?" I quickly shook my head, grabbing on tighter as I felt him let go. "It's okay, Bella."

"There are vampires here." I warned him, suddenly remembering the threat not even two minutes ago.

"They are long gone." He assured me, pulling me away to stare at my face, tucking in strands of hair that hung down in front of my eyes. "I told you I would not let them hurt you anymore."

"Why couldn't they smell me? I was right here." I asked, feeling his arms around me as he walked me to the couch. Gently he set me down and covered me with a quilt before disappearing behind me, only to return with a glass of water. I took it gratefully, not realizing until he offered how thirsty I really was. My weak hands betrayed me and it nearly slipped from my grasp, Alec catching it swiftly and putting it to my lips as I gulped it down until the very last drop.

"Do you remember what happened, Bella?" He asked me, setting the glass onto the broken coffee table. He knelled down in front of me, his hand on my knee as he looked up with red eyes. "Do you remember anything?"

"It's really fuzzy. I remember you in the cell. I thought you were an Angel." I said with a soft laugh, tucking my hands under the blanket. Alec smiled and shook his head, rubbing my knee.

"I injected you with a medicine that slows your heart down and induces you into a coma." He said, watching my reaction.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well, for one, to get you out of the cell unnoticed. A humans heart is one of the biggest indicators as to where they are at." He began. "The medicine that we put you under was also coated with something that Carlisle had come up with himself, something he had been working on for a long time. Not only can it cover the sound of a heartbeat, but the smell of blood. You were like a ghost. Nearly non-existent."

"Why couldn't they hear my heart just now?" I wondered.

"Because the medicine is laced with a few drops of venom. It over takes the scent of your blood. They could have merely thought that there was a vampire with a donor in this room. They would have come in anyways, but we had a distraction already planned." He explained. He then went silent, staring down at his hand on my knee as if he was trying to battle with what to say.

"Alec?" I asked.

"Bella, you know I will never let anyone hurt you. Your safety is my main priority and I am so sorry that I have failed over the last few months." He said sadly, his head hanging in shame.

"Alec." I shook my head, reaching out to touch his shoulder. "It's not your fault."

"It is my fault. I shouldn't have taken you to Italy. We should have stayed in Deer Isle." He said shamefully, looking up with regretful eyes. "There are so many things..." He stopped himself and pressed his lips together in a hard line, shaking his head as he stood from his spot.

I was going to go to him - to comfort him, to make him know that it was not his fault as to what happened. But as I thought of it, my brain puzzled together as to why he was so ashamed because of what happened. Aro sending me off to Carlisle and Carlisle sending me to...

A jolt of energy hit my chest, causing me to gasp out. How could I have forgotten? Edward. My hands desperately reached out, as if they were to find him just in front of me and when they came up empty, they curled around my waist. Alec said something in the background, something about my memories coming back together. I could remember Edward, I could remember him in the tower, so weak and still so loving. I could remember the stage and the eyes and Edward in pain in the middle of the floor. I remember seeing him for the last time, whisked away in the arms of men who held him down.

How could I have forgotten?

"Memory loss is a side effect." Alec said, now next to me. He rubbed my back as I wheezed out my breaths, shaking my head. "And when it comes back, it's all at once."

"Where is he?" I cried out, the tears spilling down from my eyes. Alec was silent, still rubbing my back as I quickly turned to him. "Where is he, Alec?" He only looked at me with no words, no emotion - and I knew. "You left him there?"

"He was heavily guarded, Bella. We only had one shot. And we had to get you out first." He said and I quickly stood, nearly falling back from my weakened knees but my hands gripping on the arm of the couch to hold myself.

"Why?" I asked through clenched teeth.

"Why what?"

"Why did you save me?" I cried, blinking through the tears.

"Are you truly asking me that?" Alec stood from his spot, trying to move to me but I only stepped back. "I vowed not only to myself but to Edward that I would keep you protected. You come first. You always come first, Bella."

"He was dying!" I screamed, shoving my hands against his chest. "They were killing him!"

"They were going to kill you!" Alec retorted.

"I don't care! I don't care!" I shook my head, forcefully wiping the tears at my cheeks, leaving red marks in their wake. "He was so weak."

"You were weak, Bella. You were on your last leg as well. You were sold to a man who would have devoured you that same night. I had to get you out first." He told me, trying to grip my shoulders.

"Why? Why is all about me? Why does everyone want to protect me? What is so special?" I asked him and Alec did not say a word, stepping back as he looked into my eyes forcefully. "You are going back to get him, right?"

"We are devising a plan. First I need to get you out of Italy." He said and I quickly shook my head at the though, letting out a staggering breath.

"No. I'm not leaving. Not without Edward." I told him sternly.

"Bella, do you not realize that you and I are both on the most wanted list? Italy is crawling with vampires who are desperate on finding us. And if we get caught, then that's it. They won't take a chance. They will kill me and you will be taken to Laurent." He said, stepping forward. "Carlisle, Jasper and I are working on a plan to get him out. But I need you to cooperate with me. Trust me."

"Jasper is working for them." I said.

"He's an insider. He's only feeding us information." Alec said confidently.

"But why?"

"Now is not the time to worry. Trust us in keeping you safe. And everything will go along smoothly." He said, passing by me.

"Tell me why this is happening." I said suddenly, catching Alec off guard who swiftly turned around, his eyebrows burrowing in confusion.


"Tell me what exactly happened to lead me here. Why is Edward in trouble? Why does Aro want him and you dead? Why am I always in danger and being moved around? What is going on?" My voice was stern and unyielding and Alec shifted, trying to find something to derail me from this question.

"Bella, I-"

"No!" I screamed. "No. I don't want to hear any excuses. I have lived my life under the wings of vampires and I knew all of you had your secrets, even Edward. And I am done being passed around, being waved off just because you all think I can't handle it. I need to know. And I need to know now. Before even thinking of getting on a plane."

Alec was quiet, regarding my words and processing them. He looked away as his fists clenched, his eyes shutting tightly as he took a deep breath and finally turned to face me.

"I can force you, you know." He said and I nodded.

"I know. But you won't."

He stepped closer to me, watching my reaction as I held my place. I wasn't going to budge, not this time. And he knew - I could see it in his eyes. He was afraid of the truth, of me knowing it. But I could no longer be clouded with the confusion any longer. I needed clarity.

"If I tell you, you promise you will leave with me?" He asked softly and I nodded. "No arguments. I explain to you everything that has happened and you get on that plane. Deal?"


"Go sit down. I'm going to make you some tea." He said and turned away. I did as I was told, bringing my feet underneath my legs as I sat down on the dusty couch. I could hear him in the kitchen as my arms wrapped protectively around my waist. I didn't know what I was in for - didn't even know if I really wanted to hear the truth. But it wasn't something I wanted, but more so I needed. I needed the guidance and the light, I needed to know exactly what my life was been unraveling to and why every time when things went bad - I was right in the middle.

The teapot began crying out, breaking me from my thoughts and swiftly Alec was at my side, handing me a mug of green tea. "Here."

"Thank you." I said, taking a careful sip as he brought a wooden chair from the corner and towards the couch. He sat down, his bones and body stiff as he watched me set down my tea.

"I don't know where to start, Bella." He told me honestly, leaning his elbows down on his knees as he put his hands into his face. "There are so many things to cover and we just don't have the time."

"Make the time." I said, watching as our eyes connected. "I need this, Alec. I need to know."

He watched me, listened to me and for once heard the desperation in my voice. It was not curiosity that fueled me - but the mere fact that my life has been nothing but a sham, something that has been entirely different than what I was told. Alec sat back in his chair and nodded, clearing his throat before speaking.

"You are not from New York." He said softly, my eyes guarding him as I felt my breathing begin to pick up. "Your not even from the United States." He laughed emptily and shook his head. "Your from a small town, here in Italy. Stagno. About four hours outside of Volterra. Very small. Not very rich." He said, rubbing at his chin.

"My parents?" My voice cracked.

"Your father left your mother before you were born. Left her nothing. I didn't know her very well. I only met her once. She looked like you." He laughed and shook his head, thinking back to a memory. But the smile soon faded and he pressed his lips together. "Like I said the town you were from was not very rich. Your mother had no means of money. And when you were four years old she could no longer provide you with the care that you truly needed. And she as well could not provide for herself."

"It is known for the poor to give up their children to Aro in exchange for money." He began, his words like a knife in my heart. I could only think back to Emmett and the story Alice had told me - how his parents had sold him to Aro to be auctioned off. I felt the tears slip and I quickly brushed them away, taking in a large breath. "She was given a small fortune in turn for you. She did not make it very far."

"Did she..." I began, my voice trembling.

"She committed suicide. Her fortune hidden away. Possibly the loss of her child was something not even she could bear." He said, looking up to me. "Even to her, losing you was enough to send her over the edge."

"Then why did she give me up?" I asked through tears.

"Aro was secretive of who knew his secret. And when humans did know, it was because they had younger offspring. He spoke mainly to the poor, gave them a way out of a life in poverty in exchange for a child. He always gave them a sense of hope and told them that their children would be cared for and loved - that they would have a better life." He said softly. "Desperate people go to desperate measures, Bella. It's the way of life."

"And what was I given? A cell at age four?" I said through tears, wiping them away.

"Not for long." He said, his eyes locking back with mine. "You were at the next auction, the pigtailed girl with the teddy bear." He said, pressing his lips to suppress a smile. He was remembering, not of where I was, but how I looked. "You would not let that thing go."

"Was I sold?" I wondered.

"Yes." He said. "You were shown in front of hundreds of vampires. All of them wanted you. But one stood out from the rest. Offered ten times more than what anyone else had offered. Laurent was a vile man. And still is to this day. His fixation on you truly has not lessened."

"Laurent?" I cried.

"Yes. Laurent. And he would have had you too, if it weren't for Edward." His name caused my head to whip up, my lips forming his name but not coming out. Alec nodded and watched my reaction, watched as I blinked away the tears at the thought of Edward being there - so early in my life. And I couldn't even remember. "He saved you, Bella. I do not know how. But he convinced Aro to release you to him. Perhaps he had a better deal, or even possibly had something over Aro. But either way, he even convinced Aro to give you to him that night. Which is very uncommon. Aro keeps children until they are well into their teens before releasing. But, if you convince him enough - he will make exceptions."

"Edward was an exception?"

"I still don't know how that bastard did it." Alec laughed, shaking his head. "But he took you that night to his home and raised you. Even then, he loved you. And I could see it in his eyes. I had visited him once in Italy while you were with him. You were such a happy child, so energetic and full of life. And he loved you more than anything in the world, I could tell by just the way he looked at you. He was your guardian, your watcher. He would never let anyone or anything hurt you."

"Did he..." I trailed off, trying to form words. "Did he love me... Romantically?"

"I suppose in a way he did. But while you were young, it was only in the way of loving any child. He protected you and he knew one day, when you grew up, that if you only felt the same, would he pursue you." Alec said. "He knew you were his mate. The moment he laid eyes on you. It something inside of us. It is where love at first sight comes from. We just know."

"From there on out, I didn't know much of what was going on. Two years later, I was out traveling North America at the time when everything started to go down hill." He began, "I was in Vancouver when it all happened. That someone had tipped off to Aro that Edward was not using you the way that he should be. That he was raising you instead of feeding on you."

"Is that... Bad?" I asked.

"Yes, Bella. The point of a human donor is to feed. Is to not kill senselessly. To always have blood around when you need it. Aro made it law. And Edward was breaking it." He stopped and looked to me, his eyes hard as stone. "He was broken when they came for you and took you away. It turns out that one of the women who frequented around him had told Aro about you. It wasn't long until Edward disposed of her. That's when he called me, begging for my help. I flew to Italy the next day and met with Edward in secret. We made a plan for me to buy you from the auction and to raise you as my own and when the time had come to, in secret, pass you back to Edward." He said.

"How?" I asked.

"Edward was getting under Aro's good grace, helping him with auctions - doing the work. He was Aro's right hand man and he would do so until you were of age and then would flee with you into the night." His voice was soft, as if the thought was overwhelming.

"Alec, why don't I remember any of this?" I whispered, trying to sort it all out. What he was telling me was as if it were from a story - one I had not read. I had no recollection of it at all.

"When you were taken back to Aro, you were subjected in the cell for much longer than before. You saw things that kept you screaming in the night. He kept you down there for months before emerging you and allowing you to be auctioned off. And the little girl who was once filled with life was soon dark and scared. You were timid and shy - you didn't go to anyone. And when Edward saw you, he knew what had to be done."

"You were very easy to bid on. Laurent had not been there and not everyone was as willing as to compete with me. I was able to take you that night with the promise of seven shipments that same evening." He stopped, pressing his lips together. "I took you to Edward for a final goodbye. And for once, I saw the light of the little girl come back just at the mere sight of him. You were so happy..."

Alec stopped and paused, trying to form the words from his head and to his tongue. I saw he was debating, saw he was fighting something inside. And quickly I reached out and touched his hand, trying to help him find his way.

"Bella, some vampires are gifted. More so than others. It's very rare and almost never seen. Jane is one of them. She has the gift to induce pain just by a simple look. And there are others... Some who can bend earth, water, fire and air. Some can move things with their minds - others can erase memories." He stopped, glancing up to me. "Esme is one of those vampires. Gifted to block any types of memories from the mind."

"Esme?" I asked softly.

"Edward thought it would be best for her to wipe the memories from your head, to spare you the pain that you had to endure. He wanted you to start fresh, as if nothing had ever happened. He didn't want you to remember the agony and the pain of what you went through. He wanted you to have a normal childhood." He said, stopping to watch my reaction. The tears spilt over my cheeks, my heart pounding in my chest as I tried to make sense of what he was telling me.

"Why would..." I stopped, shaking my head - trying to form the words.

"He wanted you to be happy. Even if it was at the cost of you forgetting who he is." He explained. "When she did it, he held you in his arms and he told you how much he loved you, how much you meant to him. And how he would always protect you." Alec said as I let out a loud gasp, trying to get the air in. He was quickly at my side, rubbing my back. "Not once in my life have I ever seen such a sacrifice. I will never forget it."

He wiped my tears and brushed my hair away, tucking it behind one shoulder as he leaned in and kissed the side of my head.

"Everything was a success. You had forgotten everything, but a few minor details." He said.

"Minor details?" I asked through tears.

"Your teddy bear gave you nightmares. More than likely a huge reminder of the pain. Not even Esme could cover it up. So we had to throw it out." He sighed, continuously rubbing my shoulders. "You know where I got your name from, ma biche?" He asked and I shook my head. He smiled. "Edward called you his doe. And for some reason, you could not get it out of your head. No matter how hard we tried."

"He called me that?" I asked softly and Alec nodded.

"I figured if I couldn't make you forget, then I would just roll with it. And it worked." He laughed, standing from his spot and walking to the now darkened window. "And that's where we started, doe. Our life together. Our wonderful life." He stopped with a smile, remembering our times together, everything we had done in the years. But the smile soon faded and he shook his head. "When Edward invited me out that summer, to bring you along - I knew something was wrong. But I had agreed to Edward when it was time, it was time."


"I thought nothing good could come from you, Edward and Aro all in the same room. Edward swore he had it under control and needed to show Aro that you meant nothing to him now. And when we went to the party... I don't know if Aro was tipped off, or if it was just the way Edward looked at you. But the next day I was called in and was told by Aro himself you were to be taken." He shut his eyes tightly, trying to forget the memory that so obviously pounded into his head, engraved forever. "I didn't know what was going on, or what had happened. And when they took you... I had finally felt the same anger that Edward did so many years ago. And it wasn't until Edward told me of his plan weeks later that I finally knew where you went. Carlisle owed Edward a debt, and he agreed he would be the one to take you for the time being, until Edward was ready for you."

"And Edward thought he had it under control." Alec laughed humorlesly, clasping his hands together. "Everything was on short notice and he was impatient. He couldn't wait to have you. He didn't even think of his actions, of having other women around - Victoria. He did not think of the consequences of what could happen. He was careless because he was so deeply in love with you and needed you at his side, at least to watch over. And when everything went to shit again, we were all responsible for cleaning up the mess."

"I don't understand..."

"Victoria is very much still alive, Bella. She planned her death. It was all a hoax. And when Edward and I killed Riley, we thought she was gone too. I looked everywhere. I even swam for the body. And then the newspaper came out with the picture of her, and we were both mindless about it. She has connections with a Russian newspaper and they all set it up. And when we thought she was dead, she fled to Italy. Enraged that we killed Riley, she told Aro everything she knew." He said lowly, his eyes casting downwards."It wasn't much, but to Aro - even the slightest indiscretion is enough reason for death."

"Where is she now?" I asked, reeling in the shock that Victoria was still, as ever, a threat. The anger boiling inside of me came down to the very fact that the reason I was here and instead of my home in Cebu, was because of her. My fists clenched and my breathing rapidly increased - no one gave Victoria the credt she deserved. And she played on that, knowing everyone thought of her as weak just because she was human. But even as human, everything she touched left destruction in her wake.

"Off the grid. In hiding. She knows it won't be long until one of us finds her. When she opened her mouth, she knew what road she was walking down." He said.

"And Aro won't protect her?"

"She has nothing of value to him anymore. Victoria is very well known around the vampire community. Everyone has had a taste of her. Vampires are like humans, they want the new and not the old. He wouldn't get much from her and in return of her secrets, granted her freedom." He dropped the curtain down and turned back to me. "We wouldn't know any of this if it weren't for Jasper."

"Aro knows Jasper is with Carlisle." I said.

"You see, Alice has a power as well, Bella." Alec began.

"Alice?" I balked.

"Yes. She is clairvoyant. She hasn't mastered it, but she gets very intense feelings and gut instincts. Once she controls it, I do believe she will be able to see visions. She told Jasper to go. Aro also thinks that Carlisle had something to do with Alice's "Death". Which is why he thinks Jasper is with him, to seek his own vengeance against Carlisle. Aro happily allowed him into the group since he is so intensely focused on tearing Carlisle, Edward and myself down." He finally said, glancing over to me as he made his way to the chair in front of the couch. He reached forward, grabbing my hands and held them tightly in my own, bringing them up to kiss them softly.

"You know everything, Bella. And I know it's a lot to absorb in. But we are being hunted. And we don't have much time to wait around." He said, watching as I stayed motionless in front of him.

"And what about Edward?" I asked, taking in a deep breath. "What do we do about him?"

"Bella, I said we are working on it." He said, but it wasn't good enough. Because I knew they weren't working on. Maybe in the back of their minds but I knew their biggest concern - it was me. And I was so tired, so tired, of being everyones concern. Being everyones project. I no longer want to be weak. No longer want to be fragile. For once, I need them to shift their concern onto Edward, because I no longer wanted it. For once, Edward deserved the protection. And like a light shining down on me, I knew what I needed to do. I stood from the couch and stared down at Alec who looked up to me.

"You promised, Bella. Do not take back that promise." He whispered.

"I need yo to not worry about me, Alec. And I need you to worry about him. Because if he goes, then I do. He is my mate and I can't -" I stopped, gripping onto my mark. "I can't feel him... I can't even feel him." I cried, shaking my head. I felt no connection and I gathered, I hoped, it was because of his weakness. That he was too tired to send me any kind of sign he was still alive. I clung to that notion. "Not once in his life has anyone looked out for him, to make sure he was okay. It's always been about me. And I am tired of it."

"Bella, the best thing to do is to get you out first-"

"No. I can't. I'm sorry." I shook my head. "I need to save him."

"And how do you plan on doing that, exactly?" Alec stood, staring down at me with intense eyes.

"I'm going to Volterra." I said with definitive nod. "And there's only one way to do it. And that's where you come in." I said and he looked down at me confusingly. But all too soon his eyebrows furrowed and he quickly shook his head.

"No." He said sternly.

"Alec, this is the only way." I said.

"Absolutely not. The plan is to get you out of the country safely so I can come back and get him." He challenged, stepping away from me.

"Don't you get it? That's what they are expecting. If they are scouring every town, what makes you think they aren't doing so to airports or train stations? They know you will try to get me out first." I said, stepping up to him. "We need to get one foot in front of them. You need to change me."

"Do you understand how dangerous that is? Turning takes time, time that we do not have." He sneered. "And even if we did make it that far, how could we even get to Aro without you leaving a trail of blood in your wake?"

"I can control myself." I said.

"No, Bella. Not when you are a newborn. You can't. You think you can but it would be one of the most challenging obstacles you would ever have to go through and trust me - you will lose. You cannot fight instinct." He told me.

"This is the only way, Alec! If I have to fight my hunger for him, I will. I will be powerful. No one could stop me from getting him." I said, watching as he began to resist. "We cannot control the transformation stage, but once I'm there we can make it straight to Volterra. They won't be expecting this, Alec. The will have no idea."

"We will all get killed." He said all too quickly.

"Not if we ambush. Plus - they are planning to kill us anyways. What would be the difference if they caught us now as if we were to catch them off guard? We would have the upper hand." I grabbed his sweater, tugging it towards me. "I need you to do this. If not for Edward, then for me. It was going to happen anyways, you know that. I'm tired of everyone having to protect me because I'm human. If we do this... It will be different. And I need this. Not for myself, but for Edward. To repay him in the ways he has protected me."

"He will never forgive me for changing you, Bella." He said, looking down at me.

"He will be grateful when he's saved. Trust me on this. Please, Alec." I begged. "You know just as well as I do... You have no plan for him."

"Bella... I..."


"Could I do it? Could I change you?" He asked, gripping onto my cheek. "I don't know if I could. I don't think you are ready for the agony of the transformation, Bella. It will be the worst thing you have ever experienced. And that is only the ven stage. The real problem is resisting the thirst."

"It's not about being ready, Alec. It's about saving Edward." I whispered, watching as he stared down at me - conflicted. And shortly after he let out a breath of air, one where he knew that I was right. The only way to surprise Aro is to do the unexpected. Alec's resolve was break and I could see, even if he was hesitant, that he knew that this was the only way. He was silent for a few minutes, debating on the potential consequences of both options. I could see the conflict in his mind, that he mnew deep down that this was the right choice. That if we were to save Edward in any way, he could not be worried about me tucked away hidden somewhere. He then pulled and turned away, letting out a choking sigh before turning back to me.

"Are you sure of this?" He asked.

"More than anything in my life." I whispered. He stopped and nodded his head, turning back and to the window.

"We do hav another option, Bella." He began.


"Hear me out. There is a science of turning. You have to have the right amount of venom in your system for it to over take your blood cells." He began, rubbing his chin in thought as he tried to determine the best course of action. "When Edward feeds on you, you wake up powerful. Correct?" He asked and I nodded. "You have already changed by your senses and the specks in your eyes. That's the most powerful venom latching onto you."

"I don't understand where you're..."

"Just...Listen." He stopped and muttered to himself, turning back to the window. "It will be risky, but I think we can pull it off." He turned back to me, his eyes widen at the thought. "If we can get just the right amount of venom in you, enough to make you strong enough to just save Edward... Then by that night your blood cells will take back over."

"Why are you so insistent on keep me human? Why are you all?" I let out a exasperated sigh, throwing my arms in the air. "Keeping me human is dangerous."

"Bella, you are not mine to turn. If we do this correctly, then once we get Edward out you will have enough blood restored for him to feed. And he will need to feed." Alec said.

"He's too hungry. He will kill me." I shook my head.

"Not if there is venom laced with your blood. It will make him stronger, faster." Alec said with a nod. "And then you two can go and you can be changed by his hands."

"You said it's risky."

"Because no one can determine if the venom will be too much and will just take the body over completely. I have seen too much, I have seen too little. I have seen people who thought they were changed, having all the attributes and were human back by nightfall. It's... Nearly impossible to determine. And we won't know until it wears off, if it does. But it's better than completely turning you." He said with nod, reaching into his cell phone. "I will call Carlisle. And we will get a plan in motion. Either way, expect to be turned by tomorrows sunset."

So, now you know everything. Everything has built up to this. This chapter is also extra long for the very fact that there will be no update next week.

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