A/N: So this is a lighter and less drama filled story than Farewell My Love because well I need a break from all of that depression! Anywhooo this is a love child produced by myself and my Angie (Jasperstemptress) whom is the proud papa to my mama. Why? Because she basically pumped me full of delicious ideas until I gave birth through my fingers to this fic. Without further ado, Hello and welcome to the neighborhood...


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One thing I've learned from my life so far is that it never happens the way you plan it and even then everything is not what it seems. Here I am 27 years old with two kids, my dream home that's surrounded by a white picket fence, a dog named Spot and an adoring husband and I couldn't be more miserable if I tried. Why you ask? Because my kids are eight year old delinquents, my dream home is a prison and my husband is having an affair. But then again... Who said marriage had to be sexually exclusive?


I just... Don't know what happened. How did I let myself get stuck here again? Have you ever shopped for so long that your feet got tired? You sat down right, like a brief intermission before going back out on the field? Well that's what I feel like with Ben. I've been "on the market" for so long that I thought it was time to rest on the nearest bench and take off my Jimmy Choos to let my toes air out. Never in a million years did I think he would ever propose marriage! Ugh, I hate my life now but at least Ben seems happy. He deserves that and in return... Well, I have unlimited access to his bank account.


I admit it, I'm a jealous bitch, always have been, always will be especially when it comes to my man Emmett, we've been together our whole lives and ever since, it's always been us against the world. Even when the "awkward teen years" hit us, nothing ever broke us not even when we were both being salivated over by our classmates in high school. Sure, there are times when we get a bit too flirty with other people; we just sometimes don't know how to turn it off. And yeah, technically we're not together but who gives a fuck about technicalities? Yeah, thought so.


I never pictured my marriage ending like this, but when you find your husband almost 20 years screwing the nanny; it's time to take back what rightfully yours is...starting with your man. Well I guess first I have to ask myself if I even want him back. I mean, I've tried to be the good wife and mother to him and our girls but I can't live my life like this anymore. I'm constantly ignored and being put into the background. He can keep his little Jezebel and I will continue to play the "good wife" while he gets his jollies off. I'll get my freedom. Someday. When that day comes, he just better watch out.

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