What Are Friends For?

Colbie Caillat – Realize



Things were shifting in the Hale/McCarty household, and I don't think I liked it, things were so off between Emmett and I that I haven't been able to concentrate on my work or spend time with my friends. I felt like a bad roommate and even worse friend for not noticing that Em has been pulling away from me in the last few weeks, I need to find out what's going on before I lose my sanity.

"Rosie, you home?"

Speak of the Devil and he shall appear…

"In here, Em!" I call him to the dining room where I'm setting down a plate of homemade cornbread muffins and a pitcher of lemonade and I look up at him when he enters and grin as he sniffs the air appreciatively with his eyes scanning the table like a hungry shark at a beach buffet.

"Mmm, country fried steak, butter beans, macaroni and cheese…damn woman, a man could get used to this! Oh my sweet baby Jesus is that Mama Hale's apple crumb cake?" He giggles like a schoolboy when he pinches off a piece of said cake and I whack him upside the head. Still I can't help myself; I swoon at his obvious enthusiasm and appreciation.

"Yes, that is Mama Hale's infamous apple crumb cake and if you keep on acting like a big pig you won't be gettin' any!" But he can get some of this anytime… Bad Rose! I mentally slap myself and set about fixing my hungry man a plate.

"Seriously honey, thank you, but what's the occasion?" Emmett asks as he tucks in to his food. He barely looks up between bites but I don't take offense to it, Em rarely remembers social etiquette whenever food is present. "No occasion, I just miss you is all," I however don't miss the way his fork stutters on the way to his mouth when I say the word 'miss'. I guess he just realized he wasn't as inconspicuous with his absence as he thought. "You haven't been around much lately and I can't shake the feeling that it's because of something I've done so I decided to kiss some ass to get back in your good graces," I gesture to the spread like Vanna White, "Emmett McCarty style of course." My tone is slightly airy but inside I'm freaking out because once again my filter has left the fucking building and I'm stuck rambling!

"I've missed you too, Lilly-bug," he says quietly, catching me off guard, "I'm sorry, I've just had a lot on my mind lately and I just feel like… I'm ready for some things in my life change, y'know?" I shake my head because I don't know what he means but I have a bad feeling about it, a bad feeling about where this might leave us. He sighs and puts down his fork and pushes away from the table a little. He sighs before staring unseeingly out of the picture window and it's quiet for a long minute until he speaks again, breaking the foreboding silence. "Are you happy with the way your life is Rosalie? I mean here we are almost twenty-six fucking years old and we're still roommates, single in every sense of the word, and only living for our jobs," he humorlessly chuckles, "I'm just so done with this shit, Rosie. I'm ready for it everything we talked about as kids! I want a home, a wife, and kids – a fucking dog!" I remember exactly what he's talking about of course. When we were about eleven or so, before my family moved away, we would go down to the frog ponds -which we dubbed our "secret place" when we were eight or nine- and talk about what we wanted to be when we grew up, where we would live and how many kids and pets we would have. Back then it was always easy to talk to him about any and everything.

"Em, I don't know what to say… Wh-what brought this on?" I ask trying to get him to at least look at me to no avail which makes me equal parts relieved and devastated.

"I don't know… I guess I'm just…" He sighs dejectedly.

"Em- " I start but he cuts me off.

"Don't worry Rosie; this is not at all a thinly veiled confession to you," he laughs dryly, "I know how you feel about those things and most importantly me. You'll never want…." He trails off and shakes his head in what looks like defeat.

Instead of professing my undying love for him at what had to be the perfect moment I just sit there, mouth agape, like a true dumbass.

Does this mean that he…?

No, he can't…

But what if…?

Not possible…


Thankfully I'm yanked out of my inner musings by the mini heart attack I get from Emmett scaring the shit out of me when he abruptly claps his gigantic hands together.

"Alright, enough with the heavy… Let's eat!" His dimples are back in place and his bright blue eyes are shining like the clearest crystals.


If I didn't know about his telling 'jaw tick' I would have believed everything really was all better, but instead of calling him out on it I chickened out, convincing myself that I needed something more solid before I ended up possibly embarrassing myself and losing Em altogether if he didn't feel the same.

Please Lord let him feel the same…

I can't believe I'm doing this. I drag my mascara wand through my eyelashes a second time and almost poke my eye out when my phone vibrates next to me.

R U home?

I try to control the butterflies that have seemed to overtake my stomach and begin typing my response back to Em with shaky fingers and bated breaths.


Yupperooni? What the hell, Rose?!

Hey, it's not my fault! The nerves have taken over! Blame them for me acting like a teenage dingbat.

My phone vibrates again and this time a picture of a shirtless, sleeping Emmett lights up the screen.

Don't judge me.

"Wow, who the hell are you and what have you done with my Lilly-bug?" Em chortles and I roll my eyes but smile goofily.

"Shut up," I smack my teeth, "Anyways, are you still coming home tonight?" Emmett hadn't been home in four days since his "mid-life crisis" over dinner so when he texted me this morning telling me that he was coming home I immediately began planning or… well… scheming. Needless to say those four days gave me ample time to think about what I wanted from him and the reality of it is that I don't want to be just Lilly-Bug the friend to Emmett anymore, I want to be his girl and maybe one day the next Mrs. McCarty.

"Uh, yeah, I'm about a half hour away actually; depending on traffic. I had to drop in and check on a friend." A friend? Who? What kind of friend?

He laughed, "Just a friend Rose, that's all, I swear it." Good going idiot! You spoke out loud and now he thinks you're jealous! You are but he doesn't need to know that!

"I wasn't jealous or anything! I was just worried y'know; don't want you hangin' out with gangbangers or drug dealers."


I face palmed myself. Idiot, thy name is Rose. Thankfully Emmett didn't respond but he laughed heartily instead. "Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, but when you're being booked make sure you smile pretty for your mug shot and take down the biggest guy in there or you'll be singin' opera in the showers!" He laughed again and began belting out a poor version of O Fortuna and by this point I just wanted to slap myself across the face. Hard. "Anyway LB, I was just calling to make sure you were at home. I got some real good news I wanna share it with my best girl," I gasp inaudibly and feel my heart fluttering like mad, "Yeah and as my third best girl I wanted you to be there when I broke the news to her." The jackass laughed boisterously and I harrumphed, pretending to be put out when truthfully I was enjoying this playful side of him that I hadn't seen in a minute. Besides, with what I have planned for tonight who knows if I'll get another chance to see this side of him or even talk to him again if this goes wrong. "I'm just kidding LB, you know you're only third to Granny and Ma." And just like that I'm a puddle of sappy goo.

"Uh huh, whatever, just hurry up and get here. I got something for you, too." I put the phone on speaker so I can finish my hair and make-up.

"Woman, if you made me some Memphis-Style barbecue I think I might have to marry you."

Shit! I wonder if I have some time to throw a few slabs of ribs on the grill. Nah...

"Could you stop thinkin' with your stomach for a minute, Em? I swear if you didn't work out you'd be fatter than a full grown hog!" I scold.

"Well looka there! You can take the girl out of the boondocks but you can't take the boondocks out of the girl!"

I check the time on my jewel encrusted Hello Kitty alarm clock that Emmett got me for the holidays last year. I threw a shit fit about it to hide the fact that I was on the verge of tearing up over such a 'cute' gift that only Em would dare get for me. I would never admit it but the damn thing was so adorable that I fawned over it for weeks before I even displayed it in my room.

All too soon I hear keys being placed in the crystal bowl on the table and I shoot up from my vanity like my ass is on fire to finish preparing. After my shoes are buckled and my robe tied, I call out to my Em, ready to show him just what I need from him.

I use the remote to dim the lights and turn on the music from my hiding spot in the closet before I made my debut. The song I chose was Skin by Rihanna so I let the instrumental part of the song play and counted out the beats until I knew the first verse was about to come and I swayed out sexily towards Emmett with a look on my face that masked the fear and nerves that threatened to make me vomit at his feet. I began to sway my body side to side slowly and lifted my arms to show him my kimono style sleeves while bending my knees slightly and still grinding the hell out of my hips.

Oh shit, he gulped! That's a good sign. Right?

Getting bored with just hip grinding and swaying and feeling a little bit bolder –if I do say so myself- I walked up to him with feline like finesse all the while running my fingers along the slit in my robe and playing with the tie. When I reached him I noticed that there was a pillow in his lap.

Huh. When did that get there?

Without a second thought I tossed the pillow to the other side of the room and smirked when his eyes got wider. That's right baby, I wanna feel every inch of you. Reaching out, I placed Emmett's large hand on the tie of my robe and pulled my body away so he could 'unravel' me. I giggled when his mouth popped open at the sight of my black lace and ruffled balcony bra and matching thong.

"Like what you see?" I whispered seductively in a voice that sounded pure sex kitten-ish.

Em nodded dumbly and I giggled again, feeling myself becoming emboldened by his reaction I used his speechlessness to go in for the kill. I turned my body slowly and grabbed onto his knees while I slid my body sensuously down his and paused with my ass placed right over his crotch. I looked back at him and winked before I grinded on his – whoa there big boy! – erection and I'll be damned if I didn't cream my panties even more upon contact.

"Fuck Rosie baby, what are you doing to me?" He huskily grumbles in my ear and I moan as I feel my body quake as the tingles from just his voice threaten to toss me head first into a sea of unimaginable bliss.

"Only everything we both always wanted baby." I turn my head to him and kiss his lips softly and then all hell breaks loose.

I feel his large and slightly calloused hands grip my ass cheeks and knead them while Emmett uses his tongue and teeth to drive me crazy. I barely even notice that he has me pinned against the wall until he drops the robe from my body and I feel the cool plaster. "Please baby, tell me what this means." He pants. Although my mind is clouded with lust I string words together to answer him, "It means that I want – no – I need you. Right the fuck now!" I slam my mouth against his and pull his bottom lip with my teeth which makes him growl and his bulge twitch against my stomach. My hands frantically grab at his shirt to remove it but the damn thing won't come off. Sensing my struggle he steps back from me and lets my feet touch the floor and I whine in protest. That is until he smirks at me from under his eyelashes and with a single pull, rips his shirt in half and off of his body.


Muscles. Abs. Biceps. Pecs.

Again... Ungh.

I reach a shaky hand towards him and he pulls me back to his body and I feel complete. We resume kissing but this time it's not as hasty. Emmett lays me on his bed, his eyes roaming hungrily down my form before coming back to my eyes with a bit more clarity. It seems like he was looking for confirmation which I readily gave by unsnapping my bra and throwing somewhere behind him. One look at the girls and he was gone.

I've had many compliments on my breasts from men and women alike but never any like the one's Em were giving. "Luscious fucking tits… so sweet… so goddamn firm… ripe… fucking cantaloupes!" His face was currently buried in between said cantaloupes so when I giggled and my tits moved he groaned loudly before attaching his lips to my right nipple. I squeaked and moaned but all that did was spur him on. I ran my finger through his thick black curls, occasionally tugging when he nibbled on a nipple. When he seemed satisfied with his work he moved straight to the thong.

Okie dokie then.

I lifted my legs up to assist him but that was my mistake. He made a strange noise that was a cross between a whimper and a groan before commanding me to leave my legs straight in the air as they were.

Thank God for yoga and pilates!

I watched as he first ran his hands up and down my legs and thighs before he dropped to his knees and trailed his nose from my left thigh all the way to my right. And I do mean all the way! I shivered and bucked my hips but his strong hands wrapped around my bottom half, putting an end to all undesired movement. I couldn't do anything but watch as he used his thumbs to spread open my lips and blew straight onto my clit. My eyes rolled back and my body went rigid. He poked at it with his tongue, alternating between light pressure to something much more noticeable. As soon as I felt his mouth completely cover my pussy I lost it. I screamed as I rode his tongue for all that it was worth and blushed when he resurfaced with a very soaked mouth and chin. I offered to return the favor but he gently kissed my lips before telling me that he couldn't wait to be inside me any longer.

Again… Okie dokie then.

I leaned back to watch my lifelong best friend, who just so happens to be the man I've loved for just as long, sheath himself in a condom to – unknowingly – make love to me. When Em kisses my lips again I'm caught off guard by his cock stretching my poor little hole so wide. It burns like hell so instead I try to focus on Em's kisses and whispers of reassurance. After a bit of rocking and grinding I feel the last few inches slide deep into me and I gasp. Holy hell this fucker is one hung S.O.B!

While I'm lost in the feeling Emmett proceeds to move and I feel every inch of him slide in and out of me. He uses his thumb to rub my clit and I feel my body relaxing, not realizing that it was still tense after his abrupt entry. With each thrust the feeling is so intense and indescribable that I barely breathe. "Oh God!... Oh shit…. Oh fuuuck!" I scream when Em decides to go faster. His thrusts turn into shallower, quick movements and I'm balancing on the brink of insanity. "Emmett, yes, fuck!" I'm pretty sure I can see my brain because my eyes rolled back so far into my head that it's not even funny. "You like that Rosie baby? You want it harder?" Without waiting for an answer he begins to pound me into the mattress. I shake, I cry out and I squeeze him to me tighter, loving the feel of his weight on my body. Minutes, hours, or days later – I'm not sure – Emmett begins to lose rhythm and I watch entranced as his muscles tense and bulge before I fall into another orgasm, barely after Emmett had just finished his. He pulls out of me slowly but I still wince when I go to close my legs. My pussy is ridiculously sore and my legs are numb from having to spread them so wide for so long. I place a pillow in between my legs, vowing to take a long soak after a much needed nap. I'm almost asleep when I feel the bed dip behind me under his weight and I snuggle deeper into his embrace after he kisses my temple and wraps an arm around my waist. I don't know what tomorrow hold but it was damn worth it for today.