So, this is something I had in my mind for quite some time now, but didn´t have the courage to start it until some nice anon suggested it (and many others supported it). This is the prompt left in my ask-box: "have you ever considered writing a prompt that Will and Emma hated each other and in the end they're in love? Like Pride and Prejudice :) if you do, that'll be totally awesome".

Just a couple of notes: -the plot will have "pride and prejudice" features and scenes, but I won´t be faithful to the characters and the relationship between them; - OCC, for obvious reasons; - M rated for later chapters; - I´ll try to give the story some sort of interesting twist, but that´s not a promise. ;)

Thanks a lot to Becca for helping me with this and for her amazing contribution, which is the tittle!



"I´m bringing someone", Shannon´s voice on the speaker seemed far, there was some interference in the communication, making it difficult for Emma to understand her friend.

"Shan, that´s great! But I was kind of hoping to have you all for myself", two years was a long time for two friends to go before seeing each other again.

The woman laughed, "Don´t worry, he´ll be there a couple of days after me"

"'He', huh? You´ve caught someone interesting?", Emma smiled.

"What? Hell, no… Will´s not my type; too skinny"

"Uhm, I don´t know if I should believe that…"

"Emma, ya´re being silly"

She giggled, "So, you´ll let me know when you´re here?"


"Do you have a place to stay?"

"My old man´s… the house´s been empty since he died and I´m planning to bring it to life again"

"That´s nice! And means I´ll have you here more often"


"Well, let me know if you need anything"

"Sure, pumpkin"

It was the same old feeling, seeing her old college friend; nothing had changed, they were always those two girls who used to laugh and stay all night discussing wherever subject was in vogue. On her 23rd birthday, Shannon had taken a bus and headed to New York City to try destiny. And it proved to hold amazing things for her, because she got hired in one of the most prestigious health centers in the city. She was now an instructor in body fitness.

Mr. Pillsbury had been happy when his daughter remained by his side; 'some places are not for everybody', he had said, 'and Lima is lucky to have you Emma; people love you and your work'. 'And you won´t find any homeowner in New York; that city is not for raising kids'. In her mother´s expectations, Emma should have married and had her first baby five years ago. That hadn't occurred and it was Mrs. Pillsbury personal Calvary. The redhead never complained about her words, though. Being the town spinster was some sort of taboo, but she cared about other things. Labels were the least of her worries.

"Emma Pillsbury!", Shannon looked revitalized, younger.

"Shan!", hugs and kisses were shared and after the girly compliments, she asked her in.

The house was welcoming. It was unbelievable it looked so neat and homey with just one day of work on it. The colonial porch brought to Emma the memories of her teenage years, where they used to sit and complain about how annoying their parents could be.

"Ya look so beautiful, pumpkin!", Shan said once more.

"Oh no… I just came from work-"

"What´s keeping you so pretty, uh? Or should I ask 'who'?"

"Have you been talking to my mother?", Emma joked and Shannon busted into laughter.


"Ok, don´t get all anxious on me"

"Ok, ok… So let´s assume you look good just for yourself"

"Yes, please", she smiled genuinely, "How long are you staying?"

"I´m thinking about all August"

"Really?", Emma was thrilled, "I´ll have you the whole month?"

"Maybe…" the woman acted interested.

"You know this is Lima, right? There´s not much to do"

She chuckled, "I know but I need a break from New York and I´ve missed you and the guys. It´s really nice to be back"; it was. The air was cleaner; the sky had never looked so blue to her.

"So, tell me about this guest you´re bringing…", Emma´s sassy smile elicited a growl out of Shannon.

"Why do ya keep insisting with that? He´s just a friend-"

"Yeah, I imagine", was her mocking reply.

"You´ll see he´s not my type at all. He´s been kinda stressed out lately, so I offered for him to spend some days in the country"

"Wow, sounds like person who´s never been out of the city", Emma observed curiously.

"Born and raised there. I bet he´ll like it here"


A party was thrown days later. Shannon was determinate to bring a piece of the big apple to Lima to cheer Will up. He would be arriving that same night, and everything needed to be perfect. But in the end, nothing worked out right. The catering rang her doorbell late and Will´s flight landed earlier. People were always late in New York, but in Lima when one said 'be at home around 7', everything had to be ready by 6.30 because at five to seven the party would have already started.

Emma was maniacally serving punch when Shannon entered the kitchen; "His flight´s early"

"Oh, do we have to go pick him up?"

"Nah, he´s taking a cab", Emma nodded and handed her a tray, "And I need those extra hands here. Thanks, Em"

"No, prob. Now go, everyone´s asking for you"

The yellow cab parked on Shannon´s street. He could hear the music from the sidewalk and his knit furrowed.

Country? Really, Shan?

He sighed and sauntered to the front door, the heavy luggage hanging from his shoulder. What was 'enough clothes'? His friend hadn´t said how long to stay, but judging by the little things he had seen around, Lima looked like a passing through town. The knock on the door was probably missed because no one answered it. So he headed to the backdoor and let himself in.

The kitchen was empty; there was food and drinks everywhere but no sign of his friend. Shannon, where the hell are you? It was like she was hearing his call.


"Hey, Shan"

"When did ya get in?"

"Just now. I knocked but no one opened", his voice was tired.

"Probably because of the music"

"Yeah, what is that any way?"

"The guys turned on the stereo", she shrugged her shoulders innocently; Shannon liked country, "How was your flight? Come, I'll show you your room"

They walked upstairs while he spoke, "A real drag, actually; there was this kid next to me… He wouldn't stop talking", Shannon laughed and he chuckled, "Life"

"So, this is it. You have your own bathroom. Make yourself comfortable and we´ll wait for you downstairs".

It took him a while to join everyone. He was exhausted after the last show; but now, luckily he would find the time to relax and sleep eight hours straight. Still, a party wasn´t in his plans for the night. Greeting cheery and festive people didn´t excite him at all. That was why, while downstairs he found a spot near the fire place where he dropped himself; a glass of champagne in one hand, his cellphone in the other. He didn´t realize he was probably a little overdressed in comparison to the men who he met that night; eliciting some prying looks from many of them and the ladies as well.

"Hey, Will…", Shannon´s voice caused his eyes to get off the bright screen, "I want you to meet someone"


"This is Emma"

She hadn´t had the chance to say 'hi' yet, but definitively had seen him walking down the stairs. He was, even she wouldn´t confess it, really handsome. Standing there, she expected him to get up and shake her hand; in its place his position remained the same.

"Hi, it´s nice to meet you", she said with a smile.

"Hey, it´s nice to meet you too", his eyes went back to the modern device and Emma´s mouth parted slightly.

"Did you have a nice flight?", she tried once more and their eyes met again for the briefest moment.

She´s sort of pretty. Red hair and amber eyes; big amber eyes. "Not really"

"Oh…", the host was already gone when she tried to plead her to help her out. Maybe he´s just tired, was her rationalization; Shannon´s friends were her friends too, but his attitude deeply discouraged her. She struggled to make conversation flow, to make him feel comfortable; but he sure looked comfortable, most of his answers were monosyllabic; sometimes, only a grimace would be his reply.

I can´t believe Shannon´s trying to set me up with her.

And soon Emma was fed up. He was loutish. The way he scanned the people around judgmentally, the lack of eye contact; he was a total snob. "I´m gonna leave you with your…uhm, cell…" she kept the softness of her voice while standing up and marching toward the kitchen.

He was a jerk. She had never met someone so rude in her whole life.

"Hey red, what´s up?", Sue was walking in, carrying a tray and a bunch of used glasses.

"Hey, Sue"; the blonde was a good acquaintance of Emma; co-workers at McKinley High.

"Saw you talking with Shannon´s friend. Will, right?"


"He sure seems nice", was her ironic comment and Emma couldn´t help a grin from lining her lips, "Why is he here anyway?"

"Don´t know. He wouldn´t say… Maybe he´s tired"

"Whatever you say… Need help with that?"

Conversation wasn´t a regular thing between the two women, but that night it worked. They were different. Sue had attitude, she was sharp and ironic most of the time and Emma… Well, Emma too, but she had more brains than attitude; that last only showed when the occasion deserved it.

"Gonna get some more ice"

"Garage", Sue pointed with a cracker showing out her mouth.

She dried her hands and headed to where all the implements were, hoping to get stuck in the kitchen and not have to deal with Shannon´s guest for the rest of the night.

"C´mon, Will.. ", Shannon´s voice caused her to stop on her tracks, "what´s wrong?"

The crack of the door allowed her to peep inside the studio, where the adults were talking.

"Nothing´s wrong…"

"Ya could at least try to make conversation"


"Ya know, there were few people willing to talk to ya despite the ogre look you had in your face"

"Sha-", he tried again.

"Emma was the only one nice enough to try and ya scared her away. Why weren´t ya nice to her? She´s my friend, Will", she was too soft with him, but after the terrible year he had had, she indulged his inconsiderate behavior.

"If you´re trying to set me up with her, forget it. You know I'm not looking for a relationship", Shannon intended to protest, but he cut her, "And she´s not that interesting anyway".

Emma´s face flushed red. I´m not that-? A step back and she missed her friend´s reply. The garage door opened and she walked in. No one had ever said something like that about her. People liked her. Why wouldn´t he like her? I tried to be nice. Wait, why do you even care? He´s a complete stranger. But it miffed her. Deeply.

"Red?", Sue´s voice startled her, "What´s taking you so long?"

"Uhm, nothing", she leaned down to the fridge and grabbed a big bag of ice.

"Something´s wrong?"

"No, no… Just, uhm", she gulped and smiled weakly, "just happen to agree with your opinion about Will"

"ha-ha. What did he say? Or didn´t say?"

"Bullcrap. That´s all", Emma shook her head, like it wasn´t big deal.

"I figured that out"


"You look upset"

"I am"

"Forget what he said", uncharacteristically, she wrapped an arm around her slim shoulders, "He´ll be gone soon"

"I hope so"

So, what do you think? Reviews are lovely! =) By the way, I´m portraying Sue as Emma´s buddy here… thought it would be fun to see a different kind of interaction between them.