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It took time. Settling things and organizing all his stuff. It took months actually. He couldn´t just move and leave everything in New York, just like that. He had commitments, responsibilities towards the crew and partners.

So he kept a small apartment in the big apple because he would live there a few months a year. Emma refused to let him quit everything in a flash but helped him get a nice place uptown Lima. The city opened a small Singing and Dancing Academy which he directed and ran thanks to the financial security he had gained after fifteen years of successfully performing at Broadway. It had been so long since Will had felt the fulfilled that came with doing something like that. Inspiring young souls never felt so right.

The autumn waft swept the parched leaves gathering them on the streets corners. Everything was brightly colored and fresh. Oddly fresh.

"Would you hand me the phone, Em? It´s in the living room… next to the-", he asked when a melody reached his ears one windy evening while making dinner. Nights were mostly spent at her place, for some reason it felt more like home than his new apartment.

"Got it", her voice came from the other room.

"Tell me who is it, would you?"

She looked at the brightened screen and her heart skipped a beat. George Sanderson. She had trouble speaking. George? Where does he know George from? She hadn´t introduced them yet.

"So…?" he asked with a humorous tone seeing her walking back in the kitchen extremely quiet.

"It´s…" she breathed, "Will, why is George calling you?"

The spoon produced an annoying sound when he accidentally dropped it. Silence and then he turned around and played ignorant. "Who?"

"It was you, wasn´t it?"

"I don´t know what you´re talking about, Em", he was lying; blush creeping up his neck and cheeks.

"You do. It was you", it was like all the pieces fell together, "You did it"

"Emma, I-"

"Will…" she covered her mouth to stiff a sob.

"Em, don´t cry", he rushed to her, "Please don't cry"

Her lips pursed, trying not to start whimpering, "Why didn´t you tell me? Yo-you never said a word…"

"I didn´t want to", gently he took her hands in his.

"You did it…" her lips pursed, a signal of the impending tears, "Will…"

"Emma, no, no… Don´t cry", his arms enveloped her body and she sobbed on his chest.

"It was you", she kept saying. After all this time, he had kept silent; and Emma locked eyes with him, cheeks wet, eyes redden, "Will…", she kissed him multiple times on his lips and then lengthily, so very softly, "W-why didn´t you tell me? Will you-"

"It doesn´t matter… the center´s working"

"It does. It does matter. It was you…" she took his lips with hers again, and he tasted the renewed tears while holding her tightly, "Oh, when I thought I couldn´t love you more…"

"What?" gently, he pulled away and cupped her face on his hands, "You love me?"

"Yes", there was kindness in her voice, "I loved you and now…" words were not enough, "Will, I'm so in love with you"

"You love me?"

"Yes", she smiled shyly and sniffed but Will´s grin only grew wider.

"You love me…"

"Yes", she giggled, "I do". She had never said it, quite a stupid thing because she was. Deeply and helplessly in love with him. "Will… what you did… You´ve given people a place to go; I don´t know if you realize that, but you´ve made people so happy. Y-you´ve made me so happy…"

"I made you happy?" It was all he ever wanted to do. She nodded, "I love you"

"I know", she whispered against his mouth, "I love you. I love you. I love you"


Will couldn´t point the moment lovemaking had became an art. It felt like painting on her body with sounds and whispers. Passionate and devotedly.

For Emma, the intensity of the moment was always overwhelming. Every inch of her body would radiate it; her insides, her skin, the outline where their bodies met, his closeness. It come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. They´d be one and two different individuals. Will would give and Emma would take, and she´d offer and he´d made it his. She´d whine his name, unable to express the waves of satisfaction, union and fragmentation. One, two, nothing and so much.

She´d arch and hold him tighter, and he´d buried himself in the crook of her neck, feeling himself and her close. They´d come together in one strong clamor of ecstasy and abandonment.

That night, after one last kiss on her belly, he fell by its side as Emma transferred her weight to her elbow; his curls were soft under her fingers, humming a slow melody. Her bare chest facing him still warm after lovemaking.

He rolled his head back to look at her; the tangled curls falling down her shoulders, the slightly smeared make up, the serene expression.

"You´re an angel", he spoke softly against her sternum before caressing it with his lips, "I don´t know if I´ve ever seen something more beautiful than you". He adored her sighs, the way her chest rose and fell right next to his forehead.

"I love you", she murmured, still all-in. He had been so passionate and she had moved so excitedly on top of him.

"I love you too…" his mouth found the curve of her breast and printed soggy kisses there, her hand never ceasing massaging his skull. His tongue pocked out, and his mouth closed around her nipple; Emma moaned softly when his paddling flesh moistened hers. His palm circled her back, pressing between her shoulder blades, to bring her closer; she let him snake his other arm to her behind, where he traced random patterns.

"Already ready for round two?" she mocked him unequivocally when he hovered over her and smirked while trailing a path down her belly to her lower abdomen.

"Not quite…" his voice came out stifled, she intoxicated him, her smoothness, her perfume, everything about her, "But you are"

Emma leaned forward and breathed out a giggle and bit her lip when his gaze found hers, "I, uhm…"

He loved that coy side of hers, when words proved to be too much and only her eyes showed what she was really thinking.

There was no need for words; her legs welcomed him between them; gentle caresses on his cheeks; slow pats on her hipbones. Then his lips planting soft kisses on her naked body, worship and whispers; hums and unhurried rubs where her thighs joined her hips.

"Will, love", she purred, eyes rolling back.

He scooped her behind and enveloped her lower abdomen, submerging in her, deeply, taking all of her in his mouth and Emma cried and arched below him so much, so abruptly, he smirked against her flesh.

She could even feel his teeth and his tongue, for Heaven´s Sake, running madly across her folds; up and down, speeding up, sucking, nibbling, teasing her. Emma needed him and called his name, loud. But Will hadn´t recuperated from the last round yet; so his fingers did the work, curling inside her, pumping in and pressing on every single inch of heated flesh.

"Holy-", she had to grip the headboard to prevent coming undone right there, but his expert fingers and hot breath between her legs were sending her right to the edge, "Oh God, Will, God…", he wouldn´t let her move; her lower half was securely trapped under his strong arms and Emma moaned, squirmed and trembled, her stomach tightened and so did her insides.

"Come for me, sweetheart", he used his tongue to push her right there, and her walls clamped around him, violently. Her moans filled his ears; tremors and shakes and his palm helped her come down her peak, rubbing slowly the heated nub of nerves.

He traced a wet route up to her flushing face once more, her eyelids still flickering and lip still captured between her teeth.

"Hi", his husky voice caused her to look at him.

"Hi", lips met and her arms brought him to rest on top of her, "Thank you", she smiled.

"Any time", her skin was smooth under his mouth.

"I take your word on that", was her mischievous reply and Will chuckled.

His mouth found hers without trouble; Emma loved the feeling of proximity and he smelled like her. It was the most erotic experience of her life. A little moan escaped her lips and Will pulled slightly away to stare at her, clouded eyes. He smiled; she was aroused.

"This is so…" she couldn´t find a word to express the greatness of the moment.

"I know…" he kissed her once more, "It´s crazy…" it was really. His mind was always envisaging her, every minute of the day; he had been building castles in the air since moving to Lima. Castles with Emma, his Emma; his forever Emma.

"I could kiss you forever", she mumbled against his lips before submerging in him again.

"Don´t ever stop". His tongue was still flavored with her and she took all the time to sop up it, achingly slow and passionately. It was superb. "I love you", was his reiteration when their foreheads rested together; all his weight lied above her little body.

"Me too", her arms loosened around his neck and brought his face to snuggle on her collarbone. "So much"

"Em?" he spoke again after a while, her slender fingers had been moving up and down his spine, lovingly.

"Yes, sweetie?" she sighed, content, still tracing patterns on his shoulder blades.

"I love you", sometimes words seemed so drained.

"Me too"

"Can I ask you something?" he he had been chewing something for some time now; for quite some time, actually.


"Will you marry me?"

"W-what?" she pulled away to face him, eyes widened, mouth dry.

You ruined it, great job. "I, erm-"

"Did you just ask me to marry you?"

"Maybe?" he felt suddenly shy, like back in High School. Would she freak out? Would she laugh? He couldn't handle either reaction.



"Yes. I´ll marry you", her eyes steamed up with tears. "Yes"

His laughter revealed joy and Will kissed her passionately. Two bodies so close, two souls even closer. Nervous giggles, tears threatening to run down his cheeks, "You´ll marry me"

Emma nodded repeatedly, "Yes, yes…"

They stared, long. For minutes, muted minutes; her mouth dried his tears, his did the same with hers.

Their eyes were watchful; they had always been and never ceased being. Because the reverse of love wasn´t hate; it was indifference. And they both knew too well the other one had never been such thing for each the other. It was now a focused prism, the one they used to see each other, same old heart that was never theirs, a transmuted feeling that had swollen their spirit.

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