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I was so ashamed of the pathetic excuse for the the last chapter that I decided to put this one up. It's depressing and I don't really like this one all that much either but I wanted to put SOMETHING!

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The Once-ler had never felt so much pain in his life. His heart felt like it was being forcibly pushed out of his chest. He really blew it. He was all alone. He cut down every Truffula tree in all the nearby valleys and now no one stayed behind to help him through the pain.

He didn't blame them. He deserved it completely. The Lorax tried to warn him but he was too blind to take any real notice.

Once-ler was hunched over in his overly large chair, his forehead resting on his desk while tears leaked down his face. What was he thinking? He always knew his family could care less about him, and yet he allowed himself to get tricked by their sudden kindness anyway.

He started to thump his head on the desk.

The man could see the sad look on Pipsqueak's face as he looked into his face for one last time. The Once-ler could spot the heartbreak in the little bar-ba-loot's eyes from behind his closed eyelids.

Even Melvin left him. His very first, original best friend. The one who walked for days to the Truffula valley while the Once-ler himself sang the most obnoxious song on the planet when he started to get delusional from exhaustion.

He thumped his head harder

Then, of course, there was the Lorax. The speaker of the trees had said nothing. He just looked at the "kid" with a sad and disappointed look on his face that still made the Once-ler's stomach churn.

All the sad moments kept replaying in his mind until they took a turn for the worst. The images of all his animal friends started to rot. They all ended dying due to something the Once-ler did. They choked violently on smog until they could not breathe any longer. Some slowly starved right before his eyes. He could see them silently begging for help but his body refused to let him move.

The Once-ler's head shot up as he looked around in panic holding his chest in pain wheezing slightly. Hot tears rolled out of his eyes faster as the mental images kept replaying. No matter what he thought of, it ended in death until finally he let out a choked sob. In one swift movement he pulled his head back, and then quickly smashed it onto the desktop.

Blackness engulfed him immediately.

Yeah... I'll put the second half up tomorrow. It'll be less depressing I promise! PROMISE!

Also, in case you didn't know, this is an alternate ending to the Lorax. Well not even that it just doesn't following the original story.

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