It had been a month since the whole incident with Larxene and Vexen and everything was starting to go back to normal again. Sora had been extra protective of Riku lately after he was left unconscious by Larxene. Through out the entire time Sora never left Riku's side for even a minute. He spent every minute of every hour of everyday tending to the unconscious silver haired boy. At this point you can say that he' love.

Axel was sitting in his room reading a book when Riku walked in.

"Knock knock." Riku said as he walked in.

"What's up?" Axel asked.

"Can you do me another favor?" Riku asked.

"What is it this time?" Axel asked putting emphasis on this.

"I want to take Sora out for another date." Riku said.

"So? Just take him out on a date. What do I have to do in all of that?" Axel asked.

"Well you know how Roxas is when I take Sora out. I just don't want him spoiling our date." Riku told.

"Hey! He's not that bad!" Axel defended, shocking Riku.

"Oh really?" Riku asked sounding intrigued causing Axel to blush.

"Y-yeah. He's a nice guy once you get to know him better." Axel said trying not to blush.

"Just exactly how well do you know Roxas?" Riku asked mischievously.

"Shut up!" Axel said taking his book and throwing it at Riku who narrowly managed to dodge the incoming book.

"So you'll do it?" Riku asked.

"Yeah sure whatever." Axel said nonchalantly.

Later that night when Axel managed to distract Roxas, Riku and Sora snuck off.

Riku drove Sora all the way to the beach. When the two of them arrived, Sora saw that Riku had already set up blankets and everything for the two of them. The two of them sat down near the edge of the water and gazed out at the vast blue sea.

"Do you remember this place Sora?" Riku asked.

"Yeah. It's the place where you found me." Sora said as he remembered back to the day where Riku found him on the beach.

"I can't believe its been so long. It feels like forever since i've been in the sea." Sora said sadly.

"I'm sorry Sora." Riku apologized.

"No, don't be. I'm happy now. When i'm with you i'm always happy." Sora said as he turned up to Riku and smiled a big goofy smile.

Riku couldn't help but chuckle. He ruffled Sora's hair, causing the smaller boy to smile.

"I can always go back if I wanted to." Sora said as he reached inside his pocket and brought out a white marble like crystal.

"What is that?" Riku asked.

"It's the crystal I used to create human legs. I kinda stole it from the Palace's Tresury." He said.

"So why don't you use it to give yourself your tail back and swim?" Riku asked.

"No thanks. I don't need it. I wouldn't want to leave you here alone." Sora said as he slowly inched closer to Riku's face. They were only a few centimeters apart when a voice interrupted them.

"What are you two doing?" A voice behind them asked. Sora immediately recognized that voice.

"Leon!" Sora yelled. "What are you doing here?"

"To take you back. Now step away from that dangerous human!" Leon demanded.

"No! He's not dangerous. He' friend." Sora said.

Leon walked closer to the two but Riku stepped in front of Sora, trying to protect him.

"Step aside human. This is the last warning I am giving you." Leon said.

"I don't care. I'm not letting you take Sora." Riku yelled back.

Leon then made a movement with his hand and his gun blade appeared. He pointed the blade at Riku and rushed forward. Riku pushed Sora out of the way and did a flip over Leon, carefully avoiding the attack. However Leon staked his sword down onto the ground and did a spinning kick with it, hitting Riku in the chest.

"Riku!" Sora screamed out as he tried to run over to Riku but was stopped by Leon's hand grabbing his shoulder.

"Let's go Sora." Leon stated coldly.

"No I don't want to leave Riku!" Sora yelled as he tried to break free of Leon's grasp.

"I'm sorry I have to do this." Leon said as he held his hand out over Sora's head. A strange pink mist came out of his hand and covered Sora's face, causing him to slowly lose conscious.

Before Sora succumbed to the mist he said out. "T...ake t...his...Ri...ku." and threw the small marble shaped crystal at Riku.

"You bastard! What the fuck did you do to him!" Riku yelled out in anger. He tried getting up but the pain in his chest was getting the better of him.

"That doesn't concern you human." Leon said as he walked back into the sea with Sora. When they touched the water, both of their tails grew.

Riku went over and picked up the crystal and pondered on what Sora had just told him. He took his cellphone out and called Axel. He explained to Axel what had happened and within minutes he and Roxas arrived.

"Leon actually took Sora?" Roxas asked.

"Yeah." Riku said as he held his chest, wincing in pain.

"Riku what's wrong?" Axel asked.

"That bastard Leon kicked me before he left with Sora." Riku explained.

"Here let me help you." Roxas said as he went over to Riku. He raised his hand over Riku's chest and a faint green glow appeared. Riku could feel the warmth that the light was giving off. Slowly he felt the pain in his chest start to disappear.

"There, all better?" Roxas asked.

"Yeah. How did you do that?" Riku asked.

"It's a mermaid thing. Many merfolk can do it. It's just that ours are weaker than Sora's." Roxas explained.

"Speaking of Sora, how do we plan on getting him back?" Axel asked.

"Well he said something about this crystal before he was taken away." Riku said as he held his hand out, showing the two the crystal.

"Thats...a..." Roxas croaked out.

"It's a what?" Riku asked.

"It's a materia. A white materia to be exact. These crystals are extremely rare and contain powerful magic inside of them." Roxas expained. "Where did you get it?" He asked.

"Sora gave it to me. Before he was put to sleep by that Leon guy he said it had to do with mermaids or something." Riku said.

"He's right. These crystals give mermaid's human legs and if a human uses it, it can give them mermaid tails." Roxas said.

Riku's eyes lit up. "Really? So I can use this to become a mermaid to rescue Sora?" He asked.

"Yes. But that's the easy part. The hard part is when you go underwater and reach the palace you have to deal with all the guards and even Leon. And underwater Leon's power is twice as powerful." Roxas warned.

"I don't care, I just want Sora back!" Riku yelled.

"What about me?" Axel asked. "What am I suppose to do when the two of you are underwater and fighting and stuff?"

"You can come too." Roxas said.

Both Riku and Axel asked at the same time. "How?"

"With the white materia. White materias contain so much magical power that even when broken it can still give a human a tail." Roxas said.

Riku then took the crystal and snapped it in half. When the crystal broke it gave off a whitish glow that illuminated the entire area.

"So when you guys are in the water, close your eyes and concentrate on the crystal." Roxas said.

Riku gave Axel the other piece of the crystal and the three headed into the water. When Roxas reached the water his tail immediately grew. Both Axel and Riku closed their eyes and concentrated on the crystal. The crystal then gave off a slight humming noise and a white light enveloped both the boy's feet. Within moments their legs joined together and scales covered them. The white light then disappeared and the two boys where left with tails. Riku's feet had turned into a silver dolphin's tail and Axel's feet turned into a orange shark's tail.

The three of them dived underwater and headed towards the palace.

At the Abyss:

Xemnas watched as Leon swam with the unconscious Sora on his shoulder.

"Siax." He said, summoning the blue haired man.

"Yes master?" The man replied.

"It's time for our plans to come into action. Release the Hydra." Xemnas said.

"Yes sir!"

"Tell everyone we are headed for the Palace." Xemnas ordered.

Xemnas desummoned the orb he was watching Sora with and he created a portal of Darkness and left through it.

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