A/N: Not my best fic I'll admit. But I decided that the Playboy Club fandom could use at least one more story since it got canned.

"Will you take my picture for the magazine cover for me? Everyone else is gone and Jaime can't stay tonight. Please?"

"Um…" She tried not to stare at the girl before her. The long legs, tight butt and the breasts that just peeked out of the bunny costume enough to cause…she took a deep breath. "Maureen, I—"

"Please Alice? I really want to be in the shoot."

"Well…" she took in the red outfit, the bright red lipstick. There was no way out. "Okay."

"Got the camera?"

"Yeah. It's-it's right here." She licked her lips, mouth suddenly dry.

"So how about this pose?" Maureen looked seductively over her shoulder, her plump lips pursed into a pout.

"Yeah, that's good." She held the camera to her face, thankful it covered her red cheeks.

"How about this pose?" Maureen had a hand on her hip, smiling.

"That's nice." She took a few more shots, all different poses. Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, Maureen tried one last pose. Flashing a little leg on the stairs. Good god, it about killed her. She could already feel her hardened nipples against her bra.

"Do you think that's enough?" Maureen asked, taking her leg off the stairs.

"Ye-yeah. That's enough."

"Do you think Hef will like it?"

"Definitely." She took a deep breath, holding out the camera. "Here."

"Alice, are you alright? You look a little flustered."

"I'm fine. I just need to get home. To Sean. My husband. Good luck on the photo shoot." She left before Maureen could say a word.

"Sean! Open up!"

"Okay okay. What's your hurr—"

She barged though the door, knocking him against a wall. "Cold shower! Now!"