When Kotetsu around, Barnaby was always inclined to give into temptation. Now was no different, when they were somewhat bruised and battered and still wanting – and thus, Barnaby had been the first to give in, dragging the man behind the nearest closed door… that just so happened to be a closet or some sorts.

Well, it could have been worse – and with Kotetsu flustered, hissing protests as Barnaby's teeth score down his throat, his hands roam to the other man's hips and drag around to knead his ass, there's something to be said about how enjoyable this is. Because Kotetsu's protests are half-hearted, more for the sake of his own sanity than anything, because he's grabbing at Barnaby, too, tugging his hair when the blond's teeth snap against his throat, grinding his hips upward to savor the hot, mindless friction between them.

(There is an unfortunate moment at the end, however, when they are a tangle of sticky limbs and rather undone at the seams, that a nurse sees fit to crack open the very unlocked door, catch a glimpse, and slam it hastily. Kotetsu doesn't notice as he's too busy panting towards the ceiling – Barnaby decides to just pretend it never happened).