Jumping to Wrong Conclusions


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Takes place post season (series) 4.

Morgana was livid, absolutely furious. As she yelled and set yet another tree on fire, it only made her feel a little better. The rage inside of her was near unbearable. She had thought she was so close. Camelot was within her grasp. Yet she'd been defeated. Again.

Defeated, by none other than her unworthy half brother, the "noble" Arthur, and his rag tag team of knights. Adding to her fury was that one man, no, that one boy, who was always there, always in the way. The servant with the silly grin, no, smirk on his face, taunting her, mocking her, sure that she could not win. That insolent and so hard to dispose of Merlin.

Perhaps, Morgana thought, I should have killed him instead of making him Arthur's assassin. By the gods, he must not have been any good at it if Arthur was still alive when Emrys had found taken her beloved pet and destroyed it!


Her destiny and her doom. Just the thought of his name filled her with hate and fear. Why was he fighting for the wrong side? Couldn't he see that he was helping Arthur to continue his father's ways? Camelot was not changing, they were all still blinded by prejudice and hatred of magic. She was the one who deserved to fix the kingdom. It was within her right!

But... how did Emrys always know when to get in the way? Her mind was calming down, allowing her to think. After all, Morgana was no fool. She was clever. Why hadn't she thought of it before? No matter how powerful, Emrys couldn't see everything all the time... could he?

No, no that was insane. Even Morgana, with all her power, had to use spies and find those willing to serve her. It was likely that Emrys was the same. But who would serve that old man? Who could be that close to everything that was happening? Who was close enough to King Arthur to know things that he himself did not see?

The answer hit Morgana like a slap in the face. Of course!

That clumsy idiot who was always too resourceful to make sense. Loyal to Arthur, and yet not always following the same moral codes. His mentor, Gaius, had been sympathetic to sorcerers in the past. Well, some sorcerers that is, the hypocritical bastard. He was probably the one who had arranged the whole thing.

Merlin was an informant for the sorcerer Emrys. Morgana was sure of it. And if she could corner Merlin, she could force him to bring Emrys to her on her own terms. Put Arthur's life in danger and the boy would run for help. Plus, Arthur would be forced to see the betrayal.

The only problem was how would she manage it? It wasn't the easiest thing in the world to just waltz right up into Camelot. She no longer had a whole army at her disposal, and that would give Emrys warning and time to prepare anyways. She wanted the element of surprise.

And she had just thought of the perfect spell to do it. She'd need practice and some time, it was very advanced, difficult magic. But she could do it. After all, she was the powerful Morgana Le Fay.

Revenge would be sweet.

Merlin hurried down the hall trying to keep up with Arthur's brisk pace. The king was in a foul mood, and Merlin decided right now wasn't the best time for teasing or even complaining and asking to slow down. Arthur was late for a council meeting he had requested, and it was all Merlin's fault. True, as the king, it didn't really matter if Arthur was late, but it made him quite irritable. Because of his own failure to rise out of bed early enough, Merlin had also gone to wake up Arthur late.

It's his own fault for calling a council meeting in the morning. Why couldn't he just be training like a normal day. Prat.

But despite his annoyance, Merlin knew that Arthur wanted to discuss something. There was something that had been bothering the king for a small number of weeks now. Perhaps not everyone had seen it, but Merlin noticed the small changes in his closest friend's mood.

They arrived in the council chambers to see everyone else was already gathered. Gaius was giving Merlin a very raised eyebrow for his tardiness. Gwen had informed Arthur she would not be attending, instead needing to focus her attention on a problem with several of the kitchen staff, which she had volunteered to go sort out as head of the household. The round table knights were just hearing the ending of one of Gwaine's jokes, resulting in some laughter while others merely groaned. The nobles who formed the rest of the council simply looked bored but rose to attention when they saw the king.

Arthur walked to the head of the table and waited until he had everyone's attention while Merlin walked off to a corner behind him.

"As you are all aware, I called this meeting even though it was not planned. Some of you may therefore be wondering the circumstances. I can assure you that it is not because of a need for immediate panic. However, I am concerned.

"Since Morgana's last attack, we have heard nothing of her location or plans. I have been worrying about a future strike she will probably take for some time now. Yesterday, I realized I was right to worry."

Merlin furrowed his brow. Since yesterday? What was Arthur talking about?

"A man from a village along Camelot's border arrived yesterday with alarming news. He had seen a sorceress appear in the middle of the village out of nowhere in a gust of wind, smile, and disappear once again. The sorceress was an exact match in description to Morgana. I fear she is working to transport herself within the city walls without needing to break past out defenses."

Well not all the defenses, Merlin thought to himself. Even if she gets past Camelot's shabby patrol of guards, I won't be allowing her to do any harm. But why haven't I learned that spell? For heaven's sake it would certainly be useful...

His thoughts were interrupted by a voice he definitely didn't want to hear.

"Well, well. Very good, brother. Figure that out all by yourself did you?"