"How can you wear that in public?"

Barnaby just blinks at the question, unfazed by Kotetsu's stare. It's hot, they're on vacation, and while he isn't exactly fond of the beach, Barnaby likes a pool well enough (clean and sanitized, god willing). It should be no surprised that he's dressed for it in a speedo that clings to him as tightly as anything.

"What are you talking about? I have a collection of these…"

But Kotetsu is just shaking his head and looking at Barnaby like he's something out of a creature feature. "Why did I even ask? You pose for magazines wearing this – "

"I've worn worse for that, you know."

A dark eyebrow twitches. "I know."

Barnaby just shrugs at him, and takes that moment to cannonball into the pool, hoping the splash of chlorine over Kotetsu's face will make him stop acting old and appreciate that he looked good in a speedo instead.