Authors Note. Chapter two is here. This chapter is mainly just what happened after the first chapter. So please read and enjoy.

It was morning in Jasper Park, Garth had the night of his life because he had just mated with Lilly, and it was CRAZY. They had mated for probably forty five minutes to an hour, and he's still a little sore from it all. Garth was just waking up and the first thing he sees is his beautiful, most perfect girlfriend in the world with her head on his chest. Garth smiles when he sees the angel lying on top of him, but he just remembered that it's late and he should probably get up. Although he was upset that he couldn't just stare at that peace of heaven all day, he knew he should get up

"Lilly, hey Lilly", Garth said trying to wake her up. Lilly slowly opened her eyes, squinting from the sun getting in her eyes, but then she looked up at Garth's and noticed those hazel, green eyes looking back at her. She smiled and nuzzled Garth lovingly.

"Hey Garth. How did you sleep last night", Lilly asked.

"Best sleep ever", Garth replied. "How about you".

"Same. I don't think I've ever slept that good before", Lilly said getting up.

"from what we did, I don't blame you", Garth said chuckling.

"Garth, I'm, I'm sorry about how crazy I was last night. I feel like I used you", Lilly said as a few tears fell down her face.

"Lilly there's no reason to be sorry", Garth said as he hugged her.

"Yes there is", Lilly cried. "I'm just a dirty, little slut", Lilly said as she cried into Garth's chest. Garth gasped when she said that, surprised she would ever call herself something like that.

"Lilly", Garth said as he tried to make her look at him.

"No", Lilly cried



"Lilly look at me", Garth yelled as he held her shoulders. Lilly looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"You did not use me, and you are no slut of any kind, you are the most perfect, most beautiful, most caring, and innocent wolf that I have ever met. And what we did last night wasn't because your crazy, it's because we love each other, and we proved that we do. I love you Lilly, and I know that you would never use me, and I know that you are defiantly no slut. Lilly broke down into tears and hugged Garth as tight as she could, but they were tears of joy and happiness because she has never been complimented like that before.

"Thank you Garth. I love you so much", Lilly said sniffling a little.

"I love you too Lilly", Garth said as he patted her back. Lilly released from the hug and looked up at Garth and into his eyes with him looking straight back at her. Garth took his paw and moved Lilly's hair out of hers eye so he could look into both of them. Then they both leaned forward and connected their muzzles into a deep and passionate kiss, sticking their tongues into each others mouths and swapping saliva. They both fell to the ground with Garth on top, swirling their tongues in each others mouths and loving every second of what they were doing. Garth then pulled away and started licking the side of Lilly's muzzle, then he started kissing her neck and licking it lovingly. Lilly closed her eyes and moved her head up to allow Garth more access as he proceeded to glide his tongue down her body, licking and teasing each and every one of her nipples. When he got near her waist, lilly was already starting to get wet again, remembering all that happened from last night and how good of a job Garth did and how amazing he felt inside of her. Garth moved her legs out of the way, revealing her wet folds. Garth took in her beautiful scent as he was leaning his head forward to give her slit a lick, but then Hutch came running into the den, not knowing what was going on.

"Lilly, Garth. Eve said she", Hutch said, but stopped when he saw Garth's head right between Lilly's legs. Hutch immediately closed his eyes and covered his face with his paw from what he saw happening. Lilly and Garth stopped what they were doing and both got up on all fours, blushing madly from being seen at what they were about to do.

"Is it safe", Hutch asked still covering his eyes.

"Yeah, Hutch it's okay now", Garth said.

"Okay", Hutch said uncovering his eyes. "Sorry to interrupt you during your little session, but Eve said she wanted to talk to you guys, said it was important.", Hutch said.

"We'll be there in a few minutes", Garth said, Hutch nodded his head in confirmation and headed off to tend to his daily Alpha duties.

"So, Lilly what do you think your mom wants", Garth asked as he looked to his side, but didn't see Lilly there. He then looked in the back of the den and saw Lilly sobbing quietly to herself.

"Lilly, Lilly are you okay", Garth asked as he put his foreleg over Lilly's shoulder.

"Yeah, it's just that that was so embarrassing", Lilly sobbed as she looked away from Garth.

"Hey, hey it's okay. It was just Hutch, he's an understanding guy. Listen I know he walked in on us, but he's not going to tell anyone, and I bet in just a few hours he'll be so caught up in his Alpha duties that he will forget what ever he saw us doing. Now where going to head to your parents den and talk with Eve about whatever she needs us for. Okay", Garth said as he looked her in the eyes.

"Okay", Lilly said as she nuzzled him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then they both walked together over to Lilly's parents den, wondering what Eve had to say. As they walked up the slope and to the entrance of the cave, they weren't able to react fast enough as a large wolf tackled Garth to the ground and instantly started choking him. It was Eve and Garth couldn't find a way to get her off of him.

"Think you can just mate with my daughter do you", Eve said as she continued to choke Garth.

"Mom", Lilly shouted, but then noticed that her boyfriend, Garth was being chocked to death and she started crying, thinking that he might be killed by her own, psychotic mother.

"mom no, please stop", Lilly cried as she tried to push her mom off of Garth, but failed to do so.

"What's going on out here", Lilly's dad, Winston asked as he ran out of the den, not knowing what was happening until he saw Garth being chocked to death by his mate, Eve.

"Eve stop what your doing. Don't you see that your hurting your daughters boyfriend. I mean just look at her", Winston motioned towards Lilly crying and sobbing like crazy. Eve looked at her daughter and noticed all the tears and sadness coming from her and immediately felt bad about what she was doing and stopped chocking Garth and got off of him. Lilly ran up to him and hugged him, burring her head into his chest and crying deeply. Garth stroked her back to try and calm her down, repeatedly telling her it was going to be okay. Winston looked at his mate and was shocked at what he saw and wanted to know what the reason was.

"Eve, what's this all about. Why would you want to hurt Garth", Winston asked his mate.

"Because he mated with Lilly and I just couldn't control myself", Eve said with a few tears in her eyes, feeling ashamed that she attacked Lilly's boyfriend. Winston gave, Eve a hug, and told her to go wait in the den. Eve walked into the den and Winston was going to give Lilly and Garth a talk.

"So sorry about my wife", Winston apologized. "how are you guys doing this morning".

"Other than the fact that I almost died, we're fine", Garth replied. Winston gave him a little chuckle and proceeded with the conversation.

"So is it true. Did you two really mate", Winston asked in a calm voice.

"Ummm, well ahhhh", they both said trying to find a way to explain it.

"Don't worry you two I'm not mad", Winston said, reassuring that he doesn't mind if they did.

"Ahh, yes", Lilly said blushing. Winston just gave them a smile.

"just one more thing. Why did you two mate, mating season is in another few weeks", Winston asked, wondering what the reason was. They both blushed madly from his question, but quickly answered.

"I guess it was just the moment", Lilly said giggling.

"Ok that's all I wanted to know", Winston said as he headed back into his den. Then Eve came out with her head hanging low and walked up to Lilly and Garth.

"Garth I'm really sorry I tried to kill you. I just couldn't control myself, but I would never want to hurt Lilly and since you mean so much to her, I don't want to hurt you anymore.

"It's okay Eve, we all have our moments", Garth said as he gave Eve a hug.

"Thank you Garth", Eve said hugging him back.

"For what", Garth asked.

"For making my daughter happy", Eve said as she pulled away. "But if you take advantage of her, I'll rip off your ears so you can hear me tear your stomach open", Eve said with a smile. Garth gulped and put his paw over his heart.

"You have my word that I will never take advantage of your daughter, EVER", Garth said with a feared voice.

"That's a nice boy", Eve said as she patted Garth on his head with her paw. Then Eve walked away into her den, leaving the other two wolves to do as they please.

"Well that was interesting, and scary", Garth said as he looked at Lilly and chuckled.

"Yeah, I thought she was gonna kill you", Lilly said with a smile.

"What, kill me. I would have gotten her off of me eventually", Garth said trying to sound tough.

"Whatever you say Garth", Lilly said as she giggled.

"So now what", Garth asked, wondering what they could do.

"I don't care. As long as I'm with you I don't care", Lilly said nuzzling him. Garth started to lick Lilly's neck affectionately, causing Lilly to let out soft moans and giggles. Then they both heard a low growl coming from the den. They both turned their heads and saw Eve growling with anger in her eyes. Garth took a step away from Lilly before Eve teared him apart.

"Sorry", Garth said chuckling slightly. Eve stopped growling, gave a small smile, and walked back into her den.

"Man, that was close", Garth said letting out a sigh of relief. "Come on Lilly lets just go for a walk around the park".

"Okay", Lilly said as she followed Garth.

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