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While Draco found himself feeling more and more comfortable around Hermione and Ron- and sometimes Ginny- he was still amazed when Harry informed him of his invitation to the Weasley's home to celebrate the end of the school year. Lying in Harry's arms the night before they would leave Hogwarts, Draco admitted how nervous he was. Kissing his forehead, Harry told him there was nothing to worry about and Draco fell asleep with Harry's hand running through his hair.

The morning was a rush. Breakfast was full of students running from one end of the Great Hall to the other to bid goodbyes. Ginny and Seamus released sparkling, whizzing fireworks into the air above the Ravenclaw table, throwing their arms around Draco and claiming it was a tribute to the girl who'd bought Draco and Harry together. Draco didn't believe a word of it, assuming they had only wanted to annoy the polite, proper studentsof the house.

Somehow, Draco found himself in the largest cabin the train had. He looked around in wonder when he entered, from Ron, Hermione, Neville, Dean and Ginny on one side to Pansy, Aimee and Blaise who smiled innocently at Draco. Harry laughed at Draco's shock, kissing him on the cheek and sitting beside him with the other Slytherins.

The train ride was eventful, from Pansy telling a story of hearing noises coming from Draco's room while in the common room to Hermione explaining the arithmancy behind potion development to an intruiged Blaise. Harry leaned against Draco for most of the ride, running a hand along Draco's leg and whispering things here and there. Pansy took the time to describe them as 'sickening', which Neville meekly defended as them being 'sweet'.

On the train station, after fumbling with bags and finding all their property, there was a mixture of farewells. Draco gave Pansy and Blaise deep hugs, even giving one to Aimee to her surprise. The Gryffindors nodded and shook hands with the Slytherins as the three of them moved away to find their families.

Just as Draco turned back to Harry, he caught sight of Rosemary in the crowd. She was waving and supporting a little toddler boy on her hip that must have been her younger brother. Draco waved back and pointed her out to Harry.

Arthur Weasley was standing beside a muggle couple, chatting quite enthusiastically when the group approached. Neville waved goodbye and headed through the barrier to meet his grandmother outside.

Ginny gave her dad a hug. Arthur greeted everyone warmly, apart from the curt nod he gave Draco. Draco's hand found Harry's and squeezed tightly, feeling nauseated in his stomach. Harry held his hand the car ride back to the burrow where Draco was squished beside Ginny's boyfriend. Dean leaned over to whisper in Draco's ear.

"It'll be all right, really," Dean said reassuringly. "I'm in the same boat as you, mate."

Draco smiled at him, but didn't feel any better. Dean wasn't the son of a death eater, and he hadn't been on the wrong side of the war- a war that had killed one of their sons.

The car stopped at a house Draco couldn't have imagined. It wasn't pathetic or poor, as his younger self would have described, but homey and comforting. Harry gave a wide smile when he saw the small grin on his face.

Molly came running out the front door, kissing and hugging Ron and Ginny first, pulling them in despite their objections and moans. Next she hugged Hermione, asking a word or two about her parents and nodding and patting her back lovingly. She pecked Dean's cheek and hugged Harry like he was her own son.

"Teddy's staying with his grandmother tonight," she told him happily. "He's becoming quite smart; he can unlatch the door all by himself!"

When Harry had been released, Molly regarded Draco without a smile. She looked him up and down and hovered her gaze over his hand linked to Harry's. Draco swallowed thickly, feeling everyone's eyes on him. Molly shook her head as her mouth broke into a smile and she pulled Draco into a tight hug.

"It's all right dear," she whispered in his ear, only for him to hear. "That's all history." She pulled back and patted his shoulders before turning on everyone. "Now you all get your things upstairs right away," she told them. As she stepped through the front door she turned back and pointed right at Draco and gave Ron a stern look. "Now don't you leave him alone with Ginny or George tonight, Ronald!" She shot Ginny a look before disappearing into the house.

Ginny disappeared somewhere with Dean as Draco followed Harry, Hermione and Ron up the tight staircase. He had no idea where he was going to be sleeping that night, when Ron threw open a door on a landing and nodded everyone inside.

A double mattress was on the floor, and a single bed against the wall. Hermione continued upstairs to Ginny's bedroom and Draco looked at Harry with large eyes.

Harry grinned and nodded, dropping his bag at the end of the mattress. Draco took a moment to admire Ron's room, taking note of the large Chudley Cannons posters family photographs. Ron looked a little embarrassed as he watched Draco's wandering eyes, but Draco just turned to him and smiled. One thing the Gryffindors had discovered, Draco had a quite dazzling smile whenever he truly meant it, and Ron was able to grin back just as cheerfully.

"It's not much, but it's home," Ron put it simply. Draco couldn't agree more.

Draco was swept into work without any warning when he, Harry and Ron returned downstairs. Molly instructed Harry and him to peel several potatoes, which Draco had never done before. Harry showed him kindly, albeit chuckling at him and while Draco found himself quietly enjoying the work he was pathetically slow at it.

Ginny appeared, still dragging Dean behind her and poked her tongue at the boys. Dean was picked up by his mother a half hour later, and when Ginny's excuse vanished she was stuck at the sink and told to scrub out a large pot.

The afternoon grew later and more Weasley sons arrived. George arrived first, and Draco stayed back worriedly, watching as he embraced Harry and shared a cheerful word. George gave Draco a glance before dropping his eyes down and giving his mother a hug. He excused him to carry his trunk upstairs without speaking or looking at Draco again.

Harry just brushed his fingers through Draco's hair and kissed him on the side of the mouth when George disappeared.

Meeting the other Weasleys seemed a little easier. Percy arrived next, babbling about some Ministry of Magic report he had just been assigned with a great deal of pride. He shook Draco's hand rather warmly and even asked how his mother was faring.

"She's been staying with the Parkinsons'," Draco answered stiffly and Harry squeezed his shoulder. Percy nodded happily, moving past Draco to kiss Hermione on the cheek and ask her about her final exams.

Charlie arrived next, using Floo Powder to appear in the fireplace and scaring Crookshanks who had been asleep on the rug. Hermione's cat raced from the living room, through the kitchen and nearly knocked over George bringing in a fold-up table from outside.

The wild dragon-taming Weasley gave Draco a warm clap on the shoulder in greeting, announcing the endangered Hungarian Horntails mated successfully that morning. Harry made a strange face.

Fleur and Bill arrived last, pulling up in an old silver car. Fleur hugged everyone, pulling Draco in and kissing his cheek without any hesitation. She gushed rapidly in her accent and Draco didn't understand much of what she said but he warmly shook Bill's hand and helped take their bags to their rooms.

While dinner was stewing, boiling and roasting the Weasley children (excluding Percy) and adopted family members pulled out the broomsticks and flew into the twilight sky. George and Ginny wanted to play Weasleys against non-family, but Ron objected, and turned pink when they called him out for wanting to play on Hermione's side.

After ten minutes of bickering as they swayed in the air, the teams were settled and a game commenced. Their numbers were too small for a full game of Quidditch, so they all played as Chasers and attempted to score in the single hoops of either end. Draco played beside Harry, Fleur, Bill and Ginny and admired the youngest Weasley's skills as a teammate much more than he did as a rival. Despite Fleur's shakiness on a broom, his side won six to four (or only five to four according to George). Draco aiding Harry in scoring one; throwing the quaffle to him at the last moment so he could score when Ron and Charlie were distracted.

Later, George would declare that Hermione was a liability to their side, and Ron threw the quaffle at his head. Hermione slipped from her broom in laughter, clutching it like a sloth and needing Ron to help her up again.

The game ended when Bill and Fleur stopped and hovered side by side to enjoy the sunset. Draco and Ginny were taunting each other when Harry dropped beside him and whispered a familiar phrase in parseltongue and kissed him on the ear while Draco bathed in the beauty of the sunset.

"I love you too," Draco whispered and kissed Harry on the lips as the last rays of light vanished. They became lost in each other for a while, until Charlie and George were coughing loudly. Draco broke the kiss in a smile and had to concentrate to land on the ground without slipping off his broom. Once grounded, he stared into the green eyes he found so comforting and planting another kiss on those lips.

Molly called everyone into the house, ordering them all to wash up and set the table. Draco sat at the Weasley's dinner table between Hermione and Harry, extra chairs and tables added to make room for everyone. The large bowls were rotated around the table and the room was noise and laughter and chatter. Never had Draco had a family dinner such as this, and he loved every minute of it.

When the table was cleared, many of them gathered in the small living room and Ginny approached Draco with a bowl of lollies offered. He studied them cautiously.

Ginny laughed, "Don't worry Draco they're completely fine." To prove a point she grabbed one and popped it in her mouth. The lollies looked convincingly like red raspberry candy but he still waited a minute after Ginny had swallowed it. Nothing appeared to happen.

Everyone was watching when Ginny offered them again. "Come on, you're not scared right?"

Harry wrapped his arms around Draco's waist, laughing into his ear. Draco rolled his eyes. "Not scared, just cautious," he said, carefully picking one from the bowl and holding it to the light.

"I'm not having one til you do," Harry said with a grin.

Draco stared into Harry's eyes as he popped the lolly in his mouth. It tasted like raspberry, but as soon as he had swallowed it he felt a warm tingling sensation on his scalp. He looked at Harry, horrified, just as the sensation ended and the whole room erupted in laughter.

"What is it?" Draco asked, grabbing his face to make sure it was still normal. Unable to speak, Harry pulled him to his feet and pointed him towards the oval mirror on the wall.

Draco's features were untouched, but the roots to the tips of his hair where a blazing red colour. He stared at his reflection in shock, before snapping his attention to George.

"Here you go!" George cried out, throwing a clear raspberry shaped jelly his way, "this will turn you back to normal." He stood in front of everyone. "I'd like the present the first colour of Weasley's Wheezes' Colour Changing Candy Drops!"

Draco nearly swallowed the clear candy whole, watching his reflection as the red hair shimmered and disappeared. Harry was still laughing and had dropped to the ground.

Ginny caught Draco's eye, nodded at Harry, and held up another red lolly. Draco snatched it from her, slipped it in his mouth and grabbed the front of Harry's shirt and forced a kiss on his lips. Harry's laugh vanished, though Draco could hear the roaring laugher of the room. Draco slipped a tongue into Harry's mouth and then swiftly pushed in the red lolly. Harry leaned back in alarm but Draco continued to kiss him until Harry was against the ground and Draco was hovering over him, still met at the lips. Finally, Harry swallowed the candy and broke of the kiss with a scowl and pushed Draco up so he could jump before the mirror.

Draco watched Harry's lovely black hair shimmer and turn a brilliant shade of red which looked just ridiculous on him. The whole room seemed unable to pull together. Ginny was rolling on the floor, practically pink in the face while Bill, Charlie and Ron were quite shocked by Draco's display but found Harry's new hair colour hilarious.

Harry's red hair lasted half an hour because George refused to give him the clear lolly to change it back. Even when Harry tackled George to the ground, he couldn't find the packet of them to get one out. Draco pulled Harry onto his lap and allowed George to stand up again, but after a while Draco grew annoyed with the uncomplimentary look of red hair when he was used to lovely black locks around those green eyes and only needed to ask once for George to hand the candy to Harry.

Percy, Bill and Fleur departed when it became late, kissing, hugging and shaking hands as they left. With the party thinned, everyone remaining became a little more tired and worn out. As Ginny began to curl up with her head resting on Charlie's lap, Molly swept in and sent her to bed. Draco could see the sleepiness in Harry's eyes, and soon Molly sent Harry, him, Ron and Hermione to bed too.

After changing into sleepwear and brushing his teeth, Draco slipped under the mattress covers beside Harry, instinctually snuggling close and burying his face in Harry's hair with a contented sound. Ron entered the room after taking five minutes to say goodnight to Hermione and turned off the light for them.

In the dark, Draco traced lines and circles on Harry's chest before he leaned close to his ear.

"I want this," he whispered softly, placing his hand flat on Harry's chest to feel the rise and fall as he breathed.

"What exactly?" Harry whispered drowsily.

"Large family dinners," Draco whispered, "busy homely houses, lots of relatives to entertain, lots of hugging and kissing goodbye…" He trailed off. "If we sell Malfoy Manor, we could buy something small and have plenty of money left to give all the Weasley's a hand."

Harry made a small noise, moving to face Draco. "You can't give them money out of nowhere," he whispered gently.

"For their birthdays, then," Draco answered, "and I'm sure Ron and Hermione will appreciate some as a wedding present." They chuckled and Draco pressed his forehead to Harry's. "So when's Molly's birthday then?"

"It's in October," Ron's voiced said from his bed. Harry smothered his laughter into the pillow. "You really think 'Mione and I will be married?"

Draco sighed. "You're a fool if you don't propose to a girl that loves you like that, Ronald," he said gravely before leaning in and softly kissing Harry's lips. Harry kissed him back, once, before settling down with his arm on Draco's chest.

"I love you," Draco Malfoy whispered as he fell asleep, hands, arms and legs entwined with Harry Potter who murmured just as sweetly, "I love you too."

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