Chris has been kicked out of the manor for three weeks now. Although Leo had the Charmed Ones work on vanquishing all the demons of his list of threats, he found more demons that could possibly be a threat. He's didn't want to risk Piper blowing him up, so he worked on vanquishing these demons himself.

He orbed into P3, after a series of vanquishes. His knees bent awkwardly and fell to the floor. He slowly pulled himself up with the support of the crappy sofa nearby and collapsed into it. He covered his eyes with his hand, and leaned his head of the wall behind him.

He heard the door fly open and slam into the wall on the side of it. Chris took his hands off his eyes slowly and asked, "Leo?"

But it wasn't Leo, his eyes widened with fear. He knew that the source would send Shax, his favorite assassin, to kill him, but he didn't expect him to do it this soon.

Shax smiled at Chris, and said with a low, evil voice, "Your brother said good bye, Christopher." Almost immediately he threw a tornado like attack at Chris.

Chris quickly threw himself on the floor, narrowly ducking the attack. His heart was pounding hard against his chest. Shax towered over him, as he tried to push himself off the floor. Suddenly somebody tackled Shax from behind, pushing him to the ground.


Chris saw his chance to escape, and tried to orb. Unfortunately, since he spent many days in the underworld vanquishing demons he did not have enough energy to orb, he fell back to the ground in thud.

"Dammit!" He cursed as he tried hard to get up again, then someone grab him by the shoulder, and shimmered him out.

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