Chris sat on the couch in the attic and opened the book. He quickly started looking through it.

Leo stared at Chris in amazement as the young man quickly started to go into working mode. He had a notepad and was writing everything down. The boy seemed to be working in some sort of a trance. "Chris?" He called softly. The boy didn't seem to hear him, his eyes still glued to the book. The boy was just too obsessed with demons. Leo sat next to him. Chris jumped, startled by Leo's action. "That exactly are you looking for?" Leo asked him.

"Any demon that could be a possible threat." Chris told him.

"Oh..." Leo said slowly, "So basically any demon...?"

"Yeah..." Chris sighed, sounding defeated. He slammed the book shut, making Leo jump. "This sucks!" He said angrily, "Time is running out, and i have nothing, repeat, nothing to go on!"

"Whoa Chris," Leo said, surprised from Chris's outburst. "Calm down." Then he realized what Chris said, "Wait, what do you mean running out of time?"

"Whatever happens to Wyatt happens before..." Chris started, but stopped, not knowing how to tell Leo that he was going to have a second son.

"Before what?" Leo asked anxiously. Chris didn't answer him, making him even more anxious. He grabbed Chris tightly, "Before what, Chris?"

"What ever happens to Wyatt happens before your second son is born!" Chris blurted out, quickly as he shook Leo off of him.

Leo looked shocked. "So, it's true..." He said softly.

"What's true?" Chris asked, curiously.

"What Phoebe said was true," Leo told him. "She told me that she saw that Wyatt had a little brother in the vision quest she had at Magic School."

"What?" Chris said, sounding kind of scared, "She saw that? Really?"

"How is he like?" Leo asked.

"What?" Chris asked, confused.

"My second son, how is he like?" Leo's eyes widened in fear, "Is he evil too?"

"No!" Chris answered quickly, "Of course not! Don't worry, he's not."

"Oh..." Leo said, sounding relief. Then his frown deepened, and he asked in a worried tone, "Is he dead?"

"What?"Chris asked, "No! Why would you think that?"

"Because why would he not..." Leo stopped, as he realized something. Chris was half whitelighter half witch too, just like his sons, and he was twenty something years from the future. His second son would probably be around the same age in the future. Could it be? His eyes widened as he met Chris's eyes. Green eyes..."Oh my god!" He gasped.

"What?"Chris asked.

" you...?"Leo stuttered, " eyes..."

Chris widened his eyes and jumped up from the couch, dropping the book and the notepad to the floor, "What?" he asked in shock.

"Chris...are son?" Leo asked slowly as he stood up. That would explain everything, why it was Chris that traveled back here and why Chris always calls him "dad"...

"No!" Chris lied quickly. He added a little laugh, trying to make himself sound more convincing.

"But...then..." Leo continued, not believing Chris, "If he's not dead, why would he not have came back to save Wyatt? Why would it be you? Unless..."

"No!" Chris repeated, "I'm not!"

But Leo didn't seem to hear him, "And called me Dad... more than once!" He grabbed the boy's arms. "How could I not have seen it before?" Everything just fit together so well now, Chris came back to save his brother.

"Get away from me." Chris said, pulling away from his father, "You're not my father!" He said loudly as he glared at Leo. Then he orbed out.

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