When Kotetsu arrives home, the sight that greets him is a little ridiculous. A little nostalgic, actually, and if Barnaby had been a woman, he would have been asking if he was pregnant, what with how he was bundled up in a blanket – that strawberry print one, for good measure – hair mussed, and eating the sickeningly sweet mess of red velvet ice cream straight out of the tub with a veritable ladle.

"Bunny," he slowly begins, stopping to stare, "are you okay?"

"It's cold and my leg hurts and I wanted to eat ice cream so I'm doing it."

Kotetsu pauses, thinks about it, and then shrugs. "Well," he says, "that seems oka-"

"Of course, now I'm just colder and I'm almost out of ice cream and this is not acceptable."

Another moment pauses and Kotetsu slowly turns away, reaches for his keys again –

"Where are you going?"

Flinch. "… I was going to go get your more ice cream – "

"No." Barnaby's tone is huffy now.

Kotetsu sighs and looks back at him. "Then – "

"Sit with me. I'm cold."

Perhaps it was the thought that counted more than the actual ice cream, because Kotetsu manages to get the last spoonful of it, plus a spot underneath said strawberry print blanket. Maybe, he thinks, he is getting a little better at this after all.