I know I should be working on my other stories, but I really wanted to write this one. I hope this story turns out good for you. But the thing is this a werewolf story it'll be a bit different from other stories, but not too different.

I groaned around my small and comfy bed. I fluttered my eyes open little by little as I let my vision get use to the light. I just lay there looking at the ceiling thinking about yesterday. My heart squeezed with pain. I starting to feel my eyes become watery. Damn him he had to reject me as his mate. Yes, I said mate let me explain. I am a werewolf as part wolf part human. Every werewolf as a mate like as humans say soul mate. They are the other part of you. The ones who make you feel loved, protected, and safe. There are ways you know they are your you touch you feel electric shots go through your body. Their sent will be the best thing you'll ever smell. Your wolf can sense them and tell you. Mates will be might be the best to ever happen to a wolf. The thing is your mate can be anyone. A witch,wolf, human,warlock,or even a vampire, but you accept them no matter what they are. And will my mate didn't accept me.

That may be the worst thing you can do to a mate. The pain is so unbearable. It feels like your heart burned slowly and goes to ashes and you can't do a thing about. You can't think right and try to ignore the bond between you, but you can't unless your mate marks or mates with another. And that is the most painful thing that can happen to any wolf. Some even go crazy and die or others just dies 'cause it was too much to handle. That is what happened to me, well except he didn't mate or mark someone else he just simply rejected me. The reason why was because I wasn't good enough for him. He is soon-to-be Alpha of the pack. The pack I am in is Platinum Light pack.

Everyone in my pack hates me. The reason is that when I shifted when I shifted my wolf turned out to be white fur. White fur wolfs are rare to have which means your special, but to me there's nothing special on my pack hating me. But the reason I'm saying this is that I got rejected by my wolf and the pain was to much for me to withstand I cried myself to sleep.

Flash back

I was walking through the halls called be names. This is my everyday school life not much different from home. As I was walking I felt something being poured on my head onto my clothes.

"That's what you get b***h." Saaya said as her group burst out laughing soon everyone did except soon humans who looked at me with pity, but what could they do to someone popular as Saaya. Nothing at all.

I ran to the washroom seeing nobody there. I looked at myself and saw this gooey red thing on me. I quickly washed off the gooey stuff and went to my locker. I took out extra clothes and went back to change in the stalls. I came out and had a good look at myself. I wasn't good-looking or had the perfect body either. But I knew I wasn't out of weight or too ugly. I had pink hair that fell right below my shoulders and my honey colored eyes made me stand out more.

I walked out of the washroom with my head down and walked into a wall with tingles and fell right on my butt. That's going to leave a bruise. I looked up to glare at the wall, but instead saw Tadase looking quite shocked but quickly left his face replaced with an angry expression.

He looked down and ordered me to get up and follow him. He walked into a closet and I walked in after him. He quickly pushed me against the wall and kissed me. The kiss was intense I felt the sparks go through out my body. He broke away not to long. By this time my wolf was screaming mate over and over again I couldn't help it but whisper mate.

"No I can't do this." Tadase said pacing back in forth.

"Can't do what?" I asked confused.

"You can't be my mate." He stopped pacing back and forth and looked at me.

"I am your mate." I said a bit sad since he said that.

"NO! Your not my mate. I Tadase Hotori reject you from my mate." He said with so many expressions on his face.

I cried this can't be happening to me. "Why I didn't do anything wrong."

"Why? Look at you. Your fat ugly girl you don't deserve to be my mate. Saaya should be my mate."

"But you kissed me." I said remembering what he did earlier to me.

"That wasn't me that was my wolf over control. Why would I ever kiss you." He spat at me.

"Fine I Amu Hinamori accept your rejection." I said with a black face. I walked out of the closet, but before I exited Tadase grabbed my arm I ignored the sparks and said, "Will you let go of my arm?"

In an instant he let go and went back to class as I left the other way leaving school. I went home walking for almost an hour. We lived pretty far and the pack won't give or buy me a car since they all hate. My parents died in rouge attack while trying to protect me. I missed them so much and I needed them the most right now, but I know they won't be home. I kept thinking about Tadase and his rejection. The pack house was coming to view and suddenly I got angry. I went to my room which was the basement small and cold. I felt tried so I went to bed and slept with pain.

End of flashback

In this pack everyone hated me, but needed me to cook and clean while they have fun. But not anymore I not going to take their crap. I gonna run away and never come back let's see how they'll need me now. I got paper and a pen and wrote them a letter. I'll doubt they'll read it though. I packed all the thing I going to need which is not much just my clothes which is not a lot and money I earned in my secret job. I left the pack house and shifted into my white wolf and ran in to the forest with my things in my mouth. I took one last glance and left.

That's all I hope you liked this plus I'm on spring break for one week and I'll write more. Also I got a puppy she is so cute, but I don't know what to name it. Anyway please review this story and tell me what you think about it.