Last chapter: "Amu over here." No way in hell. Why out all the people is he in my class.


I looked at him for a while. Well more like glare at him for a while. Tadase must be crazy for ever thinking I would next to his groupie. I shook my head and walked up to the second row on a corner. I sat down thinking. I took out the things I would need. I grabbed my pencil about to draw when the teacher comes in.

"Everyone take out paper and something write with. Today we are at lesson 11." Before he could continue I stopped paying attention. Maybe I should change my schedule. Change p.e or something. I just sighed and started to draw on my paper. No later than 5 minutes later I felt something hit me at the back of head. But I paid no attention to it. But it didn't stop it just continued.

'Just keep calm and think about what your trying to draw.' I kept repeating that over and over in head until that balls stopped hitting me. I raised my hand for the teacher to see.

"May I go to the rest room?" What I need to pee. He nodded and handed me the hall pass. I walked around until I found the rest rooms. I walked in and almost pissed my pants.

"Well I didn't know you wanted to see me so bad." I blushing. How did I not see the boys sign.

"Look Kukai I didn't know. I'm sorry and please don't tell anyone about this. Or I will kill you and feed your body to the rouges." I threaten him, but all he did was laugh at me while messing up my hair.

"Look Amu I've been with you for quite a while I don't find you scary at all." I pouted no fair. "Just please don't tell anyone about this." I pleaded. His eyes soften at me. " I promise I won't unless I need to." He smiled.

"Alright bye Kukai see you later." I laughed and sped away. I sighed once I was at the hallway again. 'That was a close call' I thought. As I was walking I realized I still needed to use the restroom. I sighed and turned back around. When I entered I doubled check if I was stepping into the girl's restroom. People must think I have a bladder problem for taking this long. Yup I walked in already heard whispering and I kept getting weird looks.

"Well thank you for finally joining us after your 'break' Amu. Sure did take your time." He smirked and laughed at my face. I just walked away as quickly as possible feeling so embarrassed. Hey it's because I changed a bit doesn't mean I changed everything about me. Well whatever back to what I was doing. Alright I just sat down picked up my pencil about to continue drawing when I realized my notebook is missing. What the heck? One name popped into mind. God why is he so damn annoying? I'll get it back later I guess. I just took out a sheet of paper.

End of class finally. Through out this whole time I was so mad because of Tadase. I kept having to take pages out my binder. This class requires too much paper. I just waited until only Tadase and I were alone. I was slowing packing up. I stood up and walked up to Tadase.

"Alright hand it over." I stretched my arm and tried to grab it. But he moved it away.

"Not yet Amu. I just wanted to say sorry. Really I am."

"Ok I believe you now give back my notebook." I just really wanted my notebook right now.

"Here you go then just know I am sorry." I grabbed it and right when I was about to leave.

"Amu where the hell are you!" Oh no just perfect. Ikuto just had to show up.

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