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Last Chapter: After a while of them kissing it got awkward for me so I left. I was right everyone did have a story. I wonder Kairi and Yaya's story maybe their story was more loving. I sighed almost time for my date with Ikuto.

In this Chapter: Amu and Ikuto go on a date and the mark.


As I left I kept thinking about our date. I never went on a date before. I went to my room and checked the time. 5:30 pm good it only gives me one hour and thirty minutes. I took a shower for about twenty minutes. I looked in my closet and picked out a white shorts and a brown belt with little designs and a turquoise tank top. I looked at my jewelry box which was filled in every spot and chose a neck-less with rocks on brown string. (Outfit on profile.) I set it on my bed and decided to take it. I put on matching light blue undergarments with a bit of lace. Like my grandmother once said always match you never know what might happen. Oh granny she was the most understanding and best grandmother any one could of had. She was just like mother. I put on my outfit and realized I didn't put on shoes. I quickly ran and saw my brown and turquoise straps sandals. I put them on and sat in front of my mirror. I decided to curl it. As I waited for it to heat up I decided to do m make-up. I went for more of a natural choice.

I grabbed my mascara and put on two coats. It felt heavy but I think I'll get use to it. Next I lightly put on a light coat of foundation. I looked at my lips and decided to put on lip gloss. I checked my curler and it was hot. I still had 56 minutes to go. I put half my hair up in a bun so I could do the bottom easier. I had seen girls in my old pack do this for a date.

"Done with the first half of my hair." I sighed my arms were already feeling tried but I had to finish. I looked at the time and sighed only 34 minutes left. Finally done. I looked at clock 5 minutes left. I looked at my outfit, my make-up,and poses I should do. I heard a knock on my door and in came Ikuto himself looking extremely sexy. He was wearing a nice blue fitting shirt and slim pants that made his butt look very nice may I say.

"If you keep looking at me like that I might throw down on that bed and have my way with you." That made me snap out of checking him out. I looked down blushing from being caught checking him out.

"Come on let's go." He grabbed my hand gently and we walked downstairs hand in hand together. Everything was quiet. I wonder where everyone was. Outside was fresh and Ikuto walked me to his car. He opened my side of the door and closed it when I got in. When he got in and we started to get out the drive way. We made a circle and he parked the car in the drive way. I was confused why we were here at the house again. Maybe he forgot something. But I knew it wasn't that when he opened my side of the door. I was about to ask him but he just put his finger on my mouth.

"We have to walk to where we are going. If that's okay with you I can change the date plans if you don't wanna walk." I smiled at him.

"Nah I don't mind." He sighed in relief and smiled at me. He took my hand and gently pulled me into the forest. After 15 minutes of walking he stopped and I crashed right into him since I was walking behind him. I heard him chuckling sexily. I blushed again for the third time this afternoon.

"Here we are." Ikuto announced and I stepped away from him and looked at the scene. It was so beautiful. Right there was little candles on Lilly pads everywhere in the pond. Then there was the moon staring directly on a table with two trays of food. Along the way you walk to the table there was a row of roses of different colors. I just stood there shocked by what he did.

"Do you not like it. Does it look like I was trying so hard because I wasn't I mean I did but never mind. I should of went with movie and dinner. Would you like that? Maybe I did make you walk to much I can just ca-" I cut him off with a kiss.

"You talk too much for my liking. I wouldn't change a thing it's perfect. And that movie and dinner is way too over used as a first date." I told him the truth.

"Good 'cause I worked to hard on this date." He took my hand and we walked past the roses. He pulled out the chair and I sat on it when he pushed it back. And he sat himself.

"You sure are acting like gentlemen." I told him.

"Sorry if I'm a bit old style. That's how my parents taught me." He replied.

"It's fine I love it. Your parents did teach you well. And how did you do this?" I told him I have not seen my old pack men do this to their mates.

"That's a secret." He winked at me. I pouted at him.

That's how are date went. We talked about each other and goofed off at some points. it started to get cold and dark though. So we left everything there. When we walked back Ikuto picked me up saying I was walking to slow. But I knew better he heard me thinking I was tried of walking.

Along the way I heard clicks but didn't think much. He carried me home and set me down until we made it to my bedroom. He set me down and climbed in with me. He kissed me surprisingly. I kissed him back after the shock. He deepened the kiss by entering his tongue into my mouth. He broke the kiss and kissed me down the neck. He stopped where my neck and shoulder met. He licked me and I moaned a bit. He bit down at my neck. At first it hurt but it started to leave and felt good. He removed his mouth from my neck and I looked at him. He had blood on his mouth. My blood. He marked me. My body felt tired and my eyes closed before I could say anything.

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